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Music Review: The Hills (The Weeknd)

Wow, the first two spots on this week’s Billboard charts are actually occupied by The Weeknd’s songs! And for today, we feature The Hills, sitting at number 2..

So, do you like the video? Creepy? Well, the video, the lyrics.. kinda weird, huh?! Does it even blend? Noticed something though, he just likes fire.  Sure you’ve seen Can’t Feel My Face where he was in flames.. well, same goes with this one. Intriguing tune though.

But oh my, the house just makes you run for the hills..

Music Review: Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd)

Just number 1 last week, our featured song is one spot down this week at the Billboard’s Hot 100; and that is the hit single Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd..

Wow! What a hairstyle! Well, obviously that’s what most would notice first than the song itself.. and perhaps, it’s also why the views over at YouTube just mushroomed to 69M in curiosity. Can’t be the hairstyle why he can’t feel his face though.. What about the flames?

Hah! Ow, must be.. must be..

Nice tune though. Perfect for the bar, that’s why the setting. Though the video could have improved if they were even more creative.. Still, it wouldn’t make number 1 or 2 if the music wasn’t good, right? Right.

Music Review: Cheerleader (OMI)

Was Cheerleader ever down in the charts? Number 1 last week, number 1 this week at the Billboard’s Hot 100! Well, it could stay there as long as we like – and why not, it just got that breezy tune, typical of those wonderful island music we know..

Cool, right?! And the lyrics are just great! Uplifting to couples who are looking for more than just fun but some kind of commitment.

Indeed, a great rendition by OMI and a wonderful Felix Jaehn remix – just worthy of their over 135M YouTube views, and counting..

Music Review: Bad Blood (Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Ahoy! We got a new occupant at numero uno on Billboard’s Hot 100 Hits as Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood knocks off Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again.

Well, that’s not really surprising. We are all aware of the huge excitement most every fan has in anticipation of Taylor’s Bad Blood; and so, let’s see why..

Wow, action characters and hero fighting! Oh, the video was probably inspired by films like X-Men, Resident Evil and the Matrix. Cool! Really..

And though the music is kinda loud, Kendrick’s rapping did blend perfectly with Taylor’s vocals providing a good backdrop to the slow motion as well.

No wonder the hit single already reached over 100M YouTube views even before 2 weeks after uploading! Now, the only question is “Can Bad Blood stay longer than Uptown Funk at number one?”

Music Review: Honey, I’m Good (Andy Grammer)

Here’s another hit single on the rise – Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammer – up 6 spots to number 12 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 Hits.

Oh, in case you just heard of Andy Grammer – well, that’s because he’s basically new to the industry where he debuted barely 4 years ago with his self-titled album. And as his songs depicts – he’s just a happy person..

Wow, what a happy song?!!

And it’s got pretty good lyrics too; as it shows one’s faithfulness to his partner by turning down another. Hmm… We can even picture how happy couples can be by just sticking through thick and thin, through the years..

Yes. There can be a forever if only you both just really work on it.

2015 Billboard Music Awards: Best Performances

Enough of the charts for now. Of the tallying. Of the countdowns.

The 2015 Billboard Music Awards just took stage Sunday night in Las Vegas; and here are some of the best performers of the night…

Just love the visuals of Ed Sheeran’s performance really yet that doesn’t take anything away from his guitar tapping and stage presence..

Oh, here’s one act that doesn’t really need some Matrix-like lightings as Wiz Khalifa’s presence alone just lit them up!

We know Meghan Trainor as that butt-shakin’ hitmaker but then, what do you know? She sounds good in a slow tune as well. Yup, nice pairing with John Legend..

Wow, don’t you think Fall Out Boy fell off the charts with the dancers’ choreography?! Nice looking wrigglers! Certainly, brought more life to the performance..

Hmm… just what’s with girls who strums the guitar, eh? Well, Tori Kelly just made it much better than going to a bar..

If there’s a revival song that was given a great live rendition then it must be this performance by the Simple Minds..

Hope you enjoyed our feature!

Music Review: Nasty Freestyle (T-Wayne)

Now, time for another music review; and for this week, let’s hear T-Wayne’s Nasty Freestyle – up from number 17 to number 9 at the Billboard’s Hot 100 Hits, let’s check this out..

Oh.. Trembling? The audio that is. A shivering rap song. Yea, it’s got some “pull” but the video is kinda boring..

All alone, just rapping with a less than appealing background.

Hmm… Solo videos are becoming more common lately and obviously, only few really looks good..

The lyrics though is a liiiittle vulgar as there’s at least a line that even mentions a female’s private part.. Not really a welcome trend.