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Consumer Video: The Top 10 Footwear Brands?

So what brand of shoes do you prefer? Like, the shoes you usually wear, you know — what brand is it? Well, that should be the basis of a ‘top footwear brand’.

Yeah, more than just prominence, popularity, profitability, and influence on competitors — ‘customer satisfaction’ or preference should be the ‘real’ basis for a top brand. After all, products are not meant to be displayed but ‘used’. And, and you can’t categorize sales merely on dollars — but should be on a per pair of shoe thing.

Anyway, here was last year or 2015’s Top Footwear Brands..

See? Being a top brand can’t just be about gross sales, or shoe price and stuff. Remember, there are pricing differences, so the totals would be misleading. And in this case, how many of these shoe brands do you actually recognize? Seriously.

In this part of the world, numbers 7 to 9 are not really known by the majority. Steve Madden. Dr. Martens. Aldo. On the other hand, New Balance seems to always be on sale here. Really. Like it subtly says that the company is struggling or something, huh!

And while Puma SE is kinda limited to our soccer audience.. Okay, and some running, too; Vans is actually gaining ground.

Vans: Slowly threatening Converse niche
Vans: Slowly threatening Converse niche

But as for the Top 4 brands, well, that’s more or less accurate. This is a basketball-loving country so, the top brands would certainly have something to do with the sport. Otherwise, the footwear should be easy on the feet as well as on the pocket.

Interesting though is the exclusion of Timberland and local brands like Accel from the honorable mention. Oh well, the survey is not about the Philippines, however, we’re givin’ you some idea ’bout it.


Gift Ideas: Brandy Melville

One of the most sought after clothing brands by teenagers today is the Italian line Brandy Melville, and because of that, it’s certainly a good gift idea for.. well, teens.

Brandy Melville's John Galt Estelle button-in-cream
Brandy Melville’s John Galt Estelle button-in-cream

And although there have obviously been talks that the brand is too discriminating as in – the clothing line is basically for skinny girls – it has lived up to its fine standards of bringing good clothing to not only teenagers but the young-at-heart as well.

The item in our photo is Brandy Melville’s John Galt Estelle button-in-cream which is sold for $54 at Couture Candy. Oh, it’s kinda out of stock at the moment though, and with no other Brandy Melville products; means, you could check other stores, of course. But for this one..

It’s soft. Loosely fit with a collared V-neckline and got a tie at the waist. Oh yes, for Brandy Melville, there’s only one size – small. It’s a “one-size-fits-most” kinda thing. Yet, this is just one of those cool designs that girls would really look nice on at any time of the year.


You want to mak…

You want to make sure this particular car is going to please the customer and then you’re going to be rewarded with something that is going to please the shareholder. – Carlos Ghosn

Well, that is why the “Customer is King.”

Please the customer and you would have successfully promoted your brand, enriched your coffers, and launched your career to orbit.

How much do you…

How much do you as a consumer value a positive experience with a brand or its customer service department? How willing are you to share that with your friends? How inclined are you to let that person know that you’re interaction with them was positive? – Simon Mainwaring

The quote sounds something like a survey, eh? But in his words, Mainwaring is obviously trying to understand the consumer which is certainly good. And that to what extent would the customer’s experience manifest itself.

Well, this approach is okay if an executive just asks these questions to his people – for them to make up the best service possible. But if he asks his customers these things – it’s like, the company is “not sincere” with what it’s doing.

Sincerity is essential in customer service, you have to “truly be absorbed in dealing with your customers.” This way you build a good relationship that’s not easily penetrable by competition. If you sound like a parrot just trying to memorize lines, then one mistake and your brand is crossed out.

Apple is the MVB

Apple is the MVB

Well, what do you know? Apple has overtaken Coca-Cola in the rankings – after having a tug-of-war with Samsung on being the world’s most valuable brand. No, we’re not questioning Apple’s position, certainly not. It’s a quality brand. Just curious.


Incidentally, Coca-Cola who was number 1 last year dropped to number 3 this year; while Apple who was number 2 last year, is now number 1, Google is second.

What’s interesting in these rankings is the metrics that was used, like financial performance. If it means revenue, then certainly the more expensive (yet necessary) product would come out on top. This then makes it a bit questionable. How many units were sold anyway? Right, we should speak in terms of units sold and a “cut off” amount for ranking inclusion.

Let’s say, after tabulation a car brand costing no lower than $100k sold 100 units. Then a pen priced at $5 each sold 1.8 million pieces. Who gets the “best brand” title? The car which raked in $10 million, or the pen at $9 million? The car?? It only sold 100 units! So, it must be the pen! Besides, the pen made the “cut off” in terms of revenue… as say qualification for ranking should be sales of no lower than $8 million. With this, $9 million made the “cut off” and it’s not too far off from $10 million. So..

Criterias should be clarified.

Buying is a pro…

Buying is a profound pleasure. – Simone de Beauvoir

This quote is especially true for clothing and accessories where one could just stockpile their stuff and change outfits on a daily basis – while for other products, well, turn-over takes a little longer.

But then, what really makes consumers “enter” a store?

A renown brand. A good location. An attractive window display.

For “whys” and “what ifs”, hmm… we could talk about it.

Consumer Photos 20

The grocer at a distance ...
Grocery shoppers at a distance…

Is there a difference between men and women at the grocery? Not much really. Truth is, since we are humans, we all basically eat eggs, drink water, use soap, and things like that. Necessities, you know. What probably makes the difference is the brand preference and of course, there are a few products that are really gender-focused. That’s where sellers try to do their magic.

Ice cream - an all-time favorite
Ice cream – an all-time favorite

And unless, you are allergic, sick or under medication – obviously, there are things you can’t do and stuff you can’t eat. So, don’t waste your health care, make sure you get a regular check-up. When you are good to go, you know that ice cream is always a treat.