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My Home: How to Have a Home with No House Payments and No Monthly Utility Bills!

Okay, many of us dreams of that grandeur.. well, not necessarily that grandeur but some sort of ‘dream’ house that we could have a life and build a family perhaps. Yeah, that’s understandable, a nice home where we could grow old. Still, if this home would only enslave us to all those house payments, would having one be really worth it?

Sure. No choice. Where would we live then? Right. But what if there was a way for us to really have a home that is free from mortgages and monthly utility bills? That would be great, huh?! So, let’s see where LaMar Alexander¬†takes us..

Hmm… know what? At first, this idea may sound just about the same. Really! Hey, you may be free from mortgages but you’d still look for money to acquire land and build this house of yours.

Yet, looking carefully..

You could actually¬†save a lot since your expenses would be one-time and at a minimal compared to also being stressed out for, say, 25 years just to fully acquire that ‘dream’ house. More so, you may not even be totally satisfied with those materials used in building your ‘acquired’ home.

The only thing here would then be — would you willing to live in such a ‘basic’ house? Yes? Oh, with the rising cost of living, this should be a no-brainer.

Besides, with solar power and propane to power your bank account — you could eventually afford to build or buy a more luxurious house in the future. Makes sense.