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Sale! Sale!! Sale!!!

Known brands going on sale ...
Known brands going on sale…

Wherever it may be — there always seem to be a SALE!

Whether in big cities or remote places or even highways, and of course, in garages — items just keep teasing your pocket.

But what if your favorite brand goes on sale and you don’t have the cash? Or credit card? Are you just gonna wait for the next sale, or would you try borrow from whoever?

How, what you gonna do?

Rule #1, the cu…

Rule #1, the customer is always right. Rule #2, if the customer is wrong, refer to rule #1.

Funny but we hear this slogan time and time again… and many times, it is either abused by “not so good” customers themselves, or misinterpreted by organizations who lost its true meaning amidst a sea of competitors.

Yet, if only both buyer and the seller comes to truly understand both the product and the need, then a connection would be formed… and troubles would be eliminated if not minimized for good.