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Innovation Watch: Lit Motors’ C1

Imagine the comfort of a car and the thrill of a motorbike put into one.. And what do we have? A car-bike?? No. Well, sort of. And it’s called the C1 or Concept 1 by Lit Motors.

As we can see in the featured image alone, it’s fully enclosed with thick, wide wheels especially on the rear. Oh, is that responsible for the vehicle’s balance then?

Let’s see..

So, it’s the gyroscopes (those 2 large top-like metals under the flooring) that creates stability. And it doesn’t run on gasoline but on an 8 kWh battery pack that’s said to be good for 220 miles per charge. Wow, can you believe that?!

And mind you, a charge just cost a dollar to fill. That’s like, what, a liter of gasoline good for at least 200 miles?? Can’t be, right? Got to try it somehow..

Anyway, what’s even nice about C1 is that it has answered our safety concerns. It’s got air bags, seatbelts, side impact protection and so on. That’s good.

Not only that, you could also take in an extra passenger, just like the regular motorbike. Cool! But since it’s enclosed, you could also bring instead your carry-on suitcase, your dog or 4 grocery bags.

Then again, nice as it is, looks like we need more than one person to position C1 for driving, right? Hmm… There must be some technique to do it on our own. Otherwise, imagine the trouble especially on rush hours..

Well at least, C1 could be our answer to traffic. Not bad for $19K but for $24K, why can’t they make up their mind? Just make sure to add a windscreen wiper in case of rains, and a roof attachment for the sun..