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Food & How To: Durian Mousse Cake (Bánh mousse sầu riêng)

Since the Philippines is actually no stranger to durian as it’s abundantly grown particularly in Davao, the challenge now is creating something delicious aside from the usual by-products we know such as candy, pie, ice cream and float.

And we found this. A durian mousse cake.

Well, though you could substitute durian with mango or strawberry as in Helen’s recipe, we better stick with durian since this is what the feature is all about. Anyway, while the ingredients are actually easy to find, the different sets of ingredients makes it look complicated — as the durian mousse itself is even like a recipe within a recipe. Still, take heart, surely this cake is worth it.

Durian mousse being mixed and prepared

BATTER. 4 fresh eggs. 2 tbsp vegetable oil. 1 tbsp water. 1 tsp vanilla extract. 1 tsp salt. 1/2 tsp cream of tartar. 100 grams of sugar. 100 grams of flour.

DURIAN MOUSSE. 400 grams durian flesh. 200 ml milk. 1-2 tbsp of sugar. Gelatin liquid (15 grams gelatin powder and 3 tbsp water). 50 ml of whipping cream.

TOPPINGS. Your choice, however, Helen suggests it be caramelized dry coconut or coconut flakes. Key is to top your cake with a flavor that would enhance or blend well with durian.

Did you know that there are several varieties of durian?

The end product or the finished cake itself looks good so, if you have not tried one, just imagine its taste — what with the egg yolks, vanilla extract and durian all mixed together??


M&M has a Birthday Cake flavor?

M&M has a Birthday Cake flavor?

birthday cake m&m
It’s not about candy toppings but cake-flavored candy…

It may long have been reported but there’s still a long way to go before it’s finally realized.

Well, I’m talking about none other than the planned birthday cake flavored M&M. Yes, you heard me right – that’s “cake in a candy” coming this May 2014. Whew, still a long time, huh? But I guess, M&M is using publicity as some additional survey – whether if it would be a seasonal thing or a permanent one.

Now, the answer lies in you, in us.

Anyway, can you imagine it, do you like the thought? I mean, we’ve heard of such flavor in yogurts, popcorns and even tea among others … and this perhaps gave the candy-maker the idea to venture into such, which I’m sure they really studied.

Then okay, so how’s the sales doing in those products? Inspiring? Thinking further, M&M is different from them. It has already established its brand as a fine chocolate bite-sized candy. And for it to go into birthday cake flavor is quite interesting.

Yes, we want things to be special, we wish everyday was our birthday if only for the good things that go with it – but the candy should not simply smell like waxed candle, or just taste like icing for that matter. Otherwise, what’s the use? The venture would just be a one-time kind of thing, or seasonal at most. Still, as long as there’s that good ol’ flavored chocolate – it could be something worth waiting for.

Let’s see.