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Consumer Video: Russian Tesla

You must have already heard of Tesla cars; yet if you haven’t, these are those cars that run on ‘rechargeable batteries’. Yup, just like our cellphones, tablets and laptops — but of course, this time, we’re talking about ‘cars’. Right.

Well, let’s then see the Russian version of the Tesla..

So.. what are your main concerns with this? Speed? Was the car a bit too slow for you? It must be quite understandable since it’s battery operated but theory-wise, it gives up to around 100 kV power.

Still, there’s always something positive about this.

For one, it’s generally safer since it’s slower. Hey, they didn’t even put a seat belt on or show an ‘air bag’ inside the car — but nothing to worry though, this is still sort of a prototype. But obviously, it’s also low maintenance. You no longer have to spend on ‘expensive’ gasoline, not to mention it’s eco-friendly. Yet if only for speed and capability, surely it would be improved as time goes by — yes, just like our gadgets.

Besides, they were even driving on ‘rough’ terrain. Hah! Nice!

Interesting Ideas: Fast Acceleration Application

Speed and comfort are just some of the reasons why man continuously tries to invent, innovate or improve things or products to our benefit. In this case, we got a car’s acceleration being sped up..

Faster than normal, huh?

If only for regular cars, and even sports cars, faster acceleration would not really be necessary. Really. Just imagine every car on the road with such power. Some even driven by emotionally imbalanced people. Possible road accidents, right?

Thus, such acceleration should only be incorporated in race cars as well as ambulances and police cars. After all, it’s only on emergencies when it’ll prove invaluable.

Maybe you got something also, share with us..

Innovation Watch: Mercedes Benz F 015

While many of us imagine the car of the future as “flying” like drones, or one that’s like in Back To The Future – well, that’s actually not impossible. Then again, would that really be the next step?

How about something like a “smart” car first? You know what I mean. As Mercedes said, the interior would serve like a luxurious, digital living space. Here, have a look..

Hmm… Futuristic? Sorry to say this but from the outside, the car kinda looks like a “laundry scrub”! Hahh!

Then again, the design is obviously for 2 reasons among others: To create more space, and to fit sensors and stuff – like the LED displays at the front and rear, and the F-Cell Plug-In Hybrid drive system..

So, as we did see, the car runs on autonomous driving or simply said, it’s driverless. Guess if all of us are on such cars – we’d have much less to no accidents at all. For if programmed well, technology is much stable than human emotion especially on a bad day..

And being battery-powered, the F 015 is zero emission – meaning, environment-friendly and healthy.

Problem is – I don’t think all of us could afford such a car.

Innovation Watch: LG Audi Smartwatch

Our featured product for the day is quite an interesting one – the LG Audi Smartwatch. Well, it’s been part of the CES 2015 but little was really heard of it, why?

Anyway, let’s just check out its video..

Hmm… even in most write ups, the only thing known of this smartwatch is its James Bond-like feature of starting your car engine with a single tap..

Yes, as it utilizes LG’s Open WebOS platform with heavy customization by Audi – of course, packaging it with a security hardware is out of the question. lg-new-smartwatch-1

Nonetheless, in its app includes a phone dialer, SMS, calendar, voice recorder, music player, email, step tracker, and language translator among others. Still, it would only be released by 2016..

Oh, so now, surely this explains its mystery – the smartwatch is still under development.

Innovation Watch: Hot Seat

A teen from New Mexico recently came up with an alarm that alerts the guardian if there was a child left inside the car. And she calls it the Hot Seat.

Alissa Chavez says her mom manages a home daycare.. well, that probably led her to the invention, right?


Hot seat works by placing the pad under the child’s seat while attaching the fob to the guardian’s key chain.

If the guardian walks more than 10 meters away without the child, the device will trigger an alarm on: the fob, the smartphone via an app, and the car itself.

This means, even if the guardian doesn’t have the key fob or smartphone, the people around could still be alerted of the situation according to Chavez herself.


Hey, that’s good.

According to advocacy group Kids and Cars, every year an average of 38 children die in the United States due to heat stroke when children are left inside hot cars.

One of the questions here would just be.. While babies wear diapers, what if the device gets wet with spills from say the bottled milk – would it still work?


Hot Seat should be made waterproof and shockproof as well. In short, make it ready for any eventualities.

Currently, Chavez is trying to raise money to build a prototype that manufacturers could use for mass production.

Wanna help?

Electric Cars: The Future is Here

While we watched flying bikes and cars in films, we also know that battery-powered cars would soon outnumber the cars we see today. And for Nissan, this revolution has actually started several years ago.

Let’s take a look at some of their electric cars.

Nissan Pivo

Oh my, you might say, “I knew it!” after seeing the Pivo.. well, yea, what can we say but it looks like a bug with oversized eyes. Hmm… pretty embarrassing to many unless you’ll just use it within the neighborhood, or on a golf course.

Nissan Land Glider

Okay, this is more like it – the Land Glider. Quite similar to a sports car, the only obvious difference would be their comparable sizes.

1947 Nissan electric car

Still, without some vintage cars such as the 1947 Nissan, we somehow couldn’t truly appreciate the cars we have today.. what more the electric ones.

Nissan NV200

And with this electric van (Nissan NV200), traveling heavy would never be a problem. Yes, these cars are said to be of zero emission; however, the biggest concern of consumers is understandably the life of the car’s battery..

At a recharging station...

..and so, Nissan upgraded its Nissan Leaf of 2010 to 2013. The newer version is said to be even cheaper, travels bit further without the need to recharge, and would tell you how much battery life is left.

These features are especially important since there’s still not much recharging stations around.

Nissan Leaf 2013

Nonetheless, the upgrade is said to run 142 miles on one charging, that is 18 miles more compared to the previous 124 miles. And this is due to its lighter weight and improved battery system.. well, as long as you don’t use the aircon that is.

Oh, what? Ah, guess Nissan has some more tinkering to do, huh? But then, it’s still a great innovation.

Need For Speed: Cars and Review

Do you like cars? How about racing.. and chasing? Well, if you do, you’d surely like the movie Need For Speed.

But if you’re looking for something else, then better see something else. The movie as we know is based on the video game that EA Games created, where.. it’s yes all about racing.

However, the fact is.. the story is pretty predictable, like revenge, betting, chasing, and cops. And with less action or explosions, there’s not much to look forward to but.. oh, what were the cars used in the movie?

So, here are our Top 3 choices for the film’s coolest cars…

GTA Spano

Though the GTA Spano is not the fastest car in the movie at 217mph, its sleek design offsets its need for more speed.

McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 has become a bit too common pick for a great car, but then it really is and an expensive one at $1.5M each. And though it also has a top speed of 217 mph, it’d certainly be among the “classics” in generations to come.

Bugatti Veyron

If there’s one supercar that looks great even for executives then it must be the Bugatti.. seriously, it’s all about matching personalities. Say, Bill Gates would look cooler in this car than in a McLaren, which is more suitable to Ashton Kutcher. See?

Anyway, with a top speed of 255 mph, you’d surely get the kicks. Hmm… the movie is playing right now, if you want to take a ride.