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Top Travel Tips: How to Travel in Crowded Places

Whether you are heading to a beach or a crowded cemetery on All Saints’ Day – or whenever – and especially if towards the weekend, how do you travel and still enjoy when you are where a thousand others are?

Worry not, we got some practical suggestions that you can count on.

  1. Leave early to avoid traffic and be early to have an available hotel room ready, well, unless you have them pre-booked.
  2. Schedule and synchronize your activities yet be flexible to adjust your itinerary. Not only will this save money but it would give you enough time to enjoy your activities.
    Planning makes things easier when traveling to where a thousand others are
  3. If you want to check out the sites, consider joining tours not just to save money but to help minimize congestion as it’s scheduled.
  4. Make sure you have properly instructed your kids (and don’t miss putting an identification tag in their clothing). Like, don’t go with strangers – or do not go too far or get mixed up with the crowd. And have a time schedule and a meeting place if any ‘old-enough’ member would want to have an ‘alone’ time.
  5. Bring water, otherwise, know where to get potable water. This is just a no-brainer, traveling or not, we need water. However, for a place with water issues especially at a peak time, this should be an essential reminder for everyone.
    Potable water is an issue in some places, how much more when it’s crowded?
  6. Don’t forget your accessories (including fan, cap, scarf, sunblock, sunglasses, ointments and power bank) given that you did already bring your necessary clothing as it could be hot and even hard to charge your phone since the place is just filled.
  7. Wear shorts or jeans with a deep enough pocket for your wallet or money. And make sure your handbag or shoulder bag is always zipped and checked regularly, know how sneaky pickpockets are.
  8. Prepare the right amount of coins and bills at the outset and don’t forget to bring extra cash and some credit cards. Just imagine the wait (or hassle when paying for something) especially if the line is long while you are still trying to get those bills changed.
    And sometimes you are charged more simply because you don’t have smaller bills
  9. If you brought your own car, know where the gasoline stations are especially if you didn’t bring some gas with you. Else, if you just commuted then know the bus schedules; for with hundreds of people leaving your vacation spot (or wherever) daily, you could get delayed or even stranded.
  10. Secure your car (including making sure you have a spare tire, tools and flashlight) not just in getting a good parking spot but against possible carnappers, gas thieves and vandals.
  11. Do not leave your belongings unattended. If your group wants to look around or something, make sure one of you stays, otherwise, just try to bring your stuff with you.
    Take turns when you swim, else, leave your belongings in your hotel room
  12. Avoid swimming (or going to places) where it’s overcrowded, chances are the area is already a bit diluted (or even dangerous) that you’d have to wait a while if you want things (or the water) to clear up. Not to mention having a tight swimming or ‘selfie’ space.
  13. As always, it wouldn’t hurt to know where the lifeguard, police, information and health centers are – you will never know if you or someone nearby might need help.
    Crowded or not, be friendly, it’s good to know you could call for help when you need one
  14. Respect ‘culture’ and tradition. Not just custom but ‘everything’. Okay, you may have gone to a certain place for vacationing but then especially if you’re a tourist, it is important to be aware of the time you visited as there might be practices you need to observe. You could tell by the crowd.

Happy and safe travels!

Top Travel Tips: Where to Go during your Break

Okay, what if your semestral break (or vacation leave) is just around the corner, where would you actually have your next adventure?

Well, more than making sure you got the funds for traveling, your travel destination would largely depend on whom you are actually going with – or if you would just be doing some solo travel. And so, before we give you some suggestions, try to answer these to help you decide on where to go next.

Would you be traveling alone or ..?
  1. Would you be traveling alone, else, who would you be with? As we have said earlier, your destination would ultimately be decided according to who your companion is. Like, you can’t just go to the mountains if you’d travel with old, otherwise, grumpy people. All the walking and stuff could just irk them. Meanwhile, being near cliffs or rocky terrain could be dangerous for kids as well.
  2. How long is your break (as well as your companion’s)? Obviously, you can’t just go wherever if you only got a few days off. You got to consider the distance as part of travel time, so if it is far then you would be shaving off valuable vacation time on your itinerary. Too little time might not be worth the expenses – and energy.
    When traveling, time is of the essence
  3. Given that your companion’s availability has been considered, what about budget? Would it be shared or would either of you be shouldering everything? How much is the allotment? If one of you would be paying for everything then be a little sensitive, do not go overboard. Instead, suggest things as if it’s your money that’s being spent while still being able to enjoy the adventure.
  4. Now in deciding where to go, consider what places are in each other’s bucket list. Go for the one that has the most similarities, again given that the budget has been accounted for. Still, to make your trip more secure, enjoyable and cost-efficient consider the season, promos, current situation, reviews and recommendations from all your research. Yeah, do not just hop into the bus with no advanced knowledge at all unless you’re ready for the “what ifs”, whatever they may be. Well, just hope they’re not that bad and with more pluses than minuses, of course.
    Consider the season or where you have not been to yet
  5. Lastly, make sure the weather forecast for the whole vacation is just what you hoped for. Certainly, for while the weather may be unpredictable, any changes would more often than not be just mild unless there was a stormy forecast beforehand – so if you’re in season, that’s no problem. Just don’t forget your kits.
Some Suggested Destinations

While some ideas may be familiar, our suggestions have emotional depth and so, definitely worth the while – so here’s to more fun!

  1. Friend’s hometown. Especially if your friend has not been home in a long time, accompanying him to his hometown would not only be exciting but it would strengthen your friendship as well.
    It would be blast to visit far-away relatives every now and then
  2. Visit ‘long lost’ relatives. While this is similar to number one, what makes it different is that the first one is your friend’s family – while this one are your relatives that you haven’t seen like since grade school! So, wouldn’t it be a pleasant surprise for everybody then? This is like a reunion that doesn’t often happen, so imagine the fun and all those hurriedly put up stories.
  3. Location setting of a movie or drama. Now this is like bringing the big screen to life. Wouldn’t it be awesome to visit the place where your favorite movie was shot? It’s like experiencing déjà vu! Have those selfies at the exact spots, that’d be something.
    Lord of the Rings: Tongariro National Park (New Zealand) – The land of Mordor
  4. Favorite travel destination. While many travels to a certain place because of its renown tourist spot, wouldn’t it be cooler to go to a place with several tourist attractions? Say a beach, a mountain, an eco park and what have you all in one state or province. Like, five birds in one stone! Now, that’s what you call ‘va-ca-tion’.
  5. Popular, otherwise, remote beach. If it’s one of the top beaches in the world or at least the country then that would be great. Still, it would be equally if not more relaxing to be in a ‘remote’ beach, don’t you think? It’s like having your own private island! Just don’t worry if the signal is spotty, after all, you are there for a vacation.
  6. Historical or cultural site. In some ways, this is like suggestion number three yet although the site may not have been used in a movie, it doesn’t mean that the place is so-so. After all, there’s just so many beautiful sites around the world that governments and locals even need to promote them for all of us to know!
    World famous Boracay (Philippines) is about to formally reopen in two weeks time
  7. Trending attractions. These are the newly opened or renovated tourist attractions. Obviously, because it’s new or renovated, a lot of promoting would be done that it would end up #trending. The thing with this one though is that you would be with a thousand other people who could be there, too. Now, that could spoil the fun – so timing is important here.

Happy and safe travels!

Top Travel Tips: Traveling with Kids (before and during the trip)

Family trips are always fun, however, if your kids are still very young, traveling could also be just as stressful. Yet worry not, this could certainly be manageable of course if you have planned and prepared for this adventure in advance.

With that, let’s go through some kid facts, essentials and yes, what to bring and do during (and even before) traveling.

The importance of orientation (Photo: Can Stock Photo Inc. / 4774344sean)

First. Once the ‘vacation’ has been officially confirmed, go brief your children about it – not just the fun part but also the actual travel, the do’s and don’ts. Give them basic pointers and reminders upon finalization and repeat on the night before hitting the road.

While tablets and skin lotions could help, taking shots would give you more security

Second and especially if your kids are still like of kindergarten age, more so, going to a place with a different climate – make sure to have your kids vaccinated. A child’s immune system could be compromised in sudden temperature changes, humidity and all, than the one he’s used to – not to mention the health risk of being pestered by insects.

Bring only the essentials even for first aid kits

Third and as always, bring your first aid kit. It’s even more important now than it was in your solo travels. So don’t forget to include a pack of chewable ascorbic acid, paracetamol, an antiseptic solution, band aids, alcohol, bandages and some cotton. Obviously, they’d be useful for bruises, flu symptoms or even just for general cleansing.

Fourth. Wear comfortable clothes, you and the kids. You’re not going to a fashion show or a board meeting, so just try to wear something clean and comfy. But make sure your kids wear shoes or something with straps as very young kids could lose flip flops while traveling.

Wearing strapped footwear and having an ID – make sure your kids got them

Fifth. If your children are just too young for cellphone use then it becomes even more necessary for them to know their full names, their parents’ names, address, phone numbers and stuff. But wait, if they’re too young then how could they memorize these data? They don’t need to, at least not all of it. What you need to do though as a parent is to subtly ‘slip in’ some kind of ID into whatever clothing they’re wearing. And notify them beforehand not to play with it or throw them away in case they find it. Terminals can be crowded, so this is for their safety and your peace of mind.

The adventure begins when you get to see things

Sixth, try to seat them near the window. With this, the view could then entertain them at the same time reduce their discomfort that could lead to nausea or vomiting. However, make sure you also have a waste bag ready, just in case.

Seventh, who could miss bringing their gadgets? While planes, ships, buses and trains have movie showings on board, gadgets are still the preferred entertainment tool for traveling kids (even for many adults) of today. Especially helpful in keeping the spirits up during the trip.

Eating healthy starts with you, the parents

Eighth, chips, crackers and fruits. Hey, even before gadgets popped up in our lives and whether traveling or not, munching chips has always been a favorite – what more for kids?! But especially if you are in a long trip, make sure you got healthier choices, too!

Ninth, did we just overlook the ‘hand towel’? Yep, can’t just let your kids wipe on their clothes, spend a lot on napkins or waste too much alcohol, you see. Besides, hand towels would be even more valuable when traveling to hot or humid regions.

If only for motion sickness, chewing gum could help reduce it

Tenth, we almost forgot our fluids. Yeah, do not just bring any juice or water which could even trigger acid reflux, instead, bring lemon water or coconut water. These would help minimize the occurrence of nausea. See, while soda (this is carbonated!) and cold water works for some, it may not always have the same effect on every human.

Eleventh, talk to your children. Jeez, you can’t just let them be with a bag of chips and a tablet. Got to talk to them, too. Like, they might be bearing some discomfort or say even holding their pee or something. Let them know you’re there for them. Hence, don’t just sit still – talk about the views, tell stories or even play some games with them.

Sleeping reduces the discomforts of traveling

Twelfth. Neck pillow or some comfortable position to rest and sleep. How long would your trip take anyway? Thus at some point, you and your kids could feel tired and sleepy from excitement, yes, counting from the night before. By all means, let your kids rest and you, too.

Happy and safe travels!

Movie Review: The BFG (2016)

It’s been months since The BFG was shown in theaters yet we really only watched it now, so the review. Perhaps more than the feedbacks, the film’s poster had something to do with our interest. Weeeell, t’was kinda outdated (like, it even looked like E.T. of the 80’s) that made us lose interest right off. Besides, the 3D wasn’t really that convincing too, you know. And most everything’s just sort of dark, especially the setting.

But guess the acronym BFG did the trick; and t’was a holiday and so we watched..

Oh by the way, since we have not really read nor researched Roald Dahl’s novel, at first we thought BFG must have meant ‘best friend goblin’, right? Haha! After all, BFG looked more like a goblin than a ‘big friendly giant’. Yeah, that’s what we meant by an unconvincing 3D.

So indeed, being a first-timer of the story, we could then give you a more unbiased feedback. Makes sense? So..

The Synopsis. Ten-year-old Sophie is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she meets the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance). Naturally scared at first, the young girl soon realizes that the 24-foot behemoth is actually quite gentle and charming. As their friendship grows, Sophie’s presence attracts the unwanted attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and the other giants. After traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG must convince Queen Victoria to help them get rid of all the bad giants once and for all.

The Cast

Okay, to continue.. Notice the steps of the BFG? It hardly touches the ground, so there’s some error in there. Also, whenever any of the giants (including BFG) walk or move for that matter — shouldn’t the ground tremble, even a little?

And why didn’t Sophie even suggest a name for the BFG? Calling by the acronym is okay when they first met as that’s what the giant wanted of his name; but later on, Sophie could have suggested something else even for friendship’s sake. Right? Hey, they sound like they’re in a corporate environment by referring through acronyms!

The story line is quite light. Perhaps too ‘friendly’ for your own good, and so ending up a little dull for that matter. There should have been some scene or narration as to why giants exist — not just saying ‘giant country’. ‘Cause why are there even bigger giants than BFG? This is like two species. See?


Well, it’s indeed tough being an orphan. With no family behind you, life’s no adventure but a jungle where if you get mixed with the ‘wrong crowd’ — things become a ‘dog-eat-dog’ kinda world. And so, yes with no family, this is an area where Sophie’s friendship with the BFG should have been more emphasized — like, regular visits. That’d be encouraging especially for those with no families.

Dream. With a good heart and patience, one day you’ll see it through.

Movie Review: Storks (2016)

Notice that 3D or animated films has been hitting the theatres more often than not these days?! Well, here’s another one that was shown just recently..

Yes, Storks!

Uh-huh, it’s a story about ’em birds who delivers those babies to couples wishing for that ‘bundle of joy’. But this time, there’s a twist. Of course. So, first watch the trailer to see them in action..

Oh, being able to actually write a stork in request for a baby is cute. And it comes via airmail, too! Haha! Anyway, since it’s a story that many of us are familiar with, watching Storks became something like aligning, or misaligning the tale from the film — but surely with a lot of laughs! Oh my, even birds are now techies with cornerstore.com!


One. Here, you got to appreciate how a child’s ‘innocence’ was taken into consideration when the Gardner family discussed about, err, how the baby came to be with couples. Nice one!

Two. While the 3D of humans were cool, we didn’t really like how the wolves were created. Like other recent 3D’s, they’re just a bit square and somehow looks like bears. Really. The birds were okay though — save for the ‘peanut-like’, green little birdie.


Three. Having a baby and taking care of it is a big responsibility, it’s no joke; and surely Nate and even Tulip did show characteristics worthy to be emulated by movie-goers — yup, children and adults alike — from hard work to caring to sacrifice. Good lesson.

Four. The value of family was once again on display — and that is being together, no matter what! Yet exactly how many of us even realizes this?? See, with all the divorce and separations going on, ‘family’ has become like just a word we refer to — for ‘origins’ sake, you know.

Yeah, just to have a ‘blood’ relative — to be able to say that we didn’t just come from some ‘baby factory’ delivered by a stork to our said parents. That’s it.

Okay, ‘parents and guardians’, they do take care of their kids even after separating — but look at how those kids would be when they grow up? They’d most likely end up divorcing as well; and never truly learning how to value family. Some even becoming delinquents!

In other cultures, even ‘whole’ families has become confusing, too. Wow, what has happened to ‘family’?!

Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

The title may not be appealing to some as it sounds a little ‘sickly’ — probably because of the word ‘home’ — then again, Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children has even been compared to films like Harry Potter among others. Interesting. But for us, it’s really in fact more like The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The X-Men..

You know, entities with extra-ordinary powers shunned by society and like ‘trapped in a time loop’! Well, t’is actually about a boy who after his family’s tragedy follows clues from his grandfather’s old photos that leads him to an abandoned orphanage on a Welsh island.. And so, the adventure begins.

This novel is just somethin’, eh!

A girl lighter than air. An invisible boy. A girl who could grow plants and trees in a jippy. A child who is as strong as an ox. A boy who spits out bees. Another boy having the ability to extend another’s life by borrowing another creature’s heart. And more. Wow! No wonder it’s been a best seller off the shelves!

Hey, one would even think that he might have already seen all the ‘power’ there is in ‘group’ super beings, but no, there’s more in this. And to think that they’re not even superheroes!

The Peculiars
The Peculiars

Certainly, very entertaining for kids and adults alike. Perks up the imagination — more so that these ‘peculiars’ live in a time loop (created by Miss Peregrine) where they have to relive the same day forever. Plus a cave that’s like a time worm between 1943 and 2016!


If you even need a rope to control your flight or destination, then it makes less of a superhero — and that’s okay.

Anyway, when there is power, there’s an opposing power to it. Dr. Golan, a wight trying to gain more power. This then adds purpose to the ‘Peculiars’ which showcases their abilities in trying to stop the ‘bad supernaturals’. Yeah, while their abilities are unique, guess too much fantasy made some of the effects a little poor; and we’re talking about the battle at the carnival between the invisible monsters and the skeletons. In that instance, the 3D wasn’t that good anymore.

Also, there’s this scene that makes things close to, if not, boring. Really. Since you could practically control everything. Like when the ‘Peculiars’ were like watching some film at the yard — in where just before the bomb could blow up, all Miss Peregrine did was to use her ‘stopwatch’ and so causing the bomb and the planes to return. T’was like just being a show-off. Haha! No real purpose in that.

The invisible Peculiar playing with the ‘bee spitting’ boy

And yes, just curious. Why can’t Jacob see the invisible Peculiar? Yet, he could see hollowgasts! If his ability is limited to the ‘bad’ guys, then at least the producers should have made a scene where the invisible Peculiar shows himself to the group. Makes sense?!

Still, all because t’is a fantasy especially made for kids, most movie-goers don’t really mind a purposeful story line (unless it’s too bad) save for being entertained by special powers. Yup, we like Emma’s clearing of the underwater for breathing space, and the ‘pulling out of the sunken ship’ to the surface for sail though. Those were cool!

So surely, get ready for a sequel!

Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Nothing is more traumatic than losing one’s parents; and that’s what happened to Pete, when as a 5-year-old kid he was orphaned in a car accident — and so he ended up growing in the woods.

Yeah, after losing both parents, you could just imagine how scared Pete was, that he would cling to just about anyone or anything that could save him or give him hope!

In comes, Elliot, the dragon. And so our journey begins.

Having been raised by a dragon, and without any ‘sight’ of humans — Pete must have forgotten how to speak or to get along with people. Ah well, this is fantasy. The dragon alone says it. Still, this is like a mix of Tarzan, The Jungle Book and.. the controversial thing. Loch Ness.

In this world, there would always be an angel(s) for you

While Tarzan and The Jungle Book are basically stories made into movies, Loch Ness is ‘reality’. A controversial one though and an unproven one for that matter. Anyway, we are not here to discuss about the Loch Ness monster, although we could slightly go through Tarzan and The Jungle Book since this movie is a fantasy one in the first place.

Then again, why is it always about a boy being orphaned in the woods — and being raised by animals? This just tells us somethin’, huh? That animals are ‘better’ than humans?? Makes sense.

Just look at the souls of Tarzan and Mowgli. Pure. Just like Pete.

Sometimes ‘running away’  is the best and only way to escape human cruelty

Now look when the said ‘civilized’ people intrudes into their world. Things just messes up. Right? Why is this? Greed and selfishness more than curiosity. And this is when ‘pure souls’ like Pete would not really be able to understand humans. They’d just end up getting exploited and hurt.

While the movie is heart-warming, there’s one big question though..

How come Pete could still speak ‘human’ language when it’s been six years since he was ‘removed’ from civilization — and at a very young age of 5?! He’d just be speaking ‘dragon’ language, at least, right?

This dragon is square and furry

And uhm, do you like how the dragon has been ‘digitalized’? I mean, Elliot is real ‘square’ and furry. Like Norm of the North. Look at the jaw. And he almost looks like a cow. Oh! Of course, Norm’s a bear — while Elliot is a dragon. Bears are definitely not square. Dragons? They could be just about anything you could imagine with wings and breathes fire — but not that green. At least that’s how we grew up with. Haha! But Elliot’s sweet. And that’s what matters here.


In the end, no matter how cruel the world could become — only good relationships remain. And that’s the only thing worth keeping.