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Instagram: ‘Live’ Fashion Shots 10

Hmm… Last time we had our ‘live’ fashion shots was around Valentine’s day, well, we’re now just into March and yeah — Fashion just never stops. Sooo, here we go again, yey!

Notice? While there may be supposedly ‘new arrivals’, the cuts, the pleats, the designs, well, they just keep evolving — or simply moving — like, either the fabric’s getting shorter (or longer), or the style’s just having a revival.






Here, nothing’s really new to floral except that the colors are more vibrant and stuff. And if not worn, jackets or sweaters are either tied above the shoulders or on the waistline. Yep, just like yeeears ago!

Still and among others, there’s just so many things to print, see?? And so, street styling has simply become a never-ending way of life. As they say, just do it!

Till then.. Ciao!

Instagram: ‘Live’ Fashion Shots 9

So, what did you wear this Valentine’s day? Hope t’was cool and sexy, uh! Hey, fashion is not really about following ‘every’ trend, like in this instance, the color ‘red’ since it’s the day of lovers..

Fashion is about carrying yourself in style.

If you’re cool with red, then go red; if not, ahhh, there’s just so many other colors.. And of course, designs!





See, in our latest batch of some of our most-liked street stylish clothes at Instagram, none of ’em is really ‘red’. Notice? But all of ’em have cuts that could bring out the best in ya’. Yeah!

So, if you got style — dare to express! Ciao!

Street Style 2017: January 26 to February 1

Ready for another round of street styling? Well, since fashion is more than just a pretty face but a pretty ‘shirt’ (or what have you), do check us out.

Here now are our Chinese New Year beauties, oh hehe.


Obviously, the most noticeable here is Gigi’s olive coat.. Don’t you just love it?!


With everything else black, Elle’s cool boots stood out even more. Wow!


The only star in a dress that’s featured among this week’s fashionistas — Karlie Kloss! And why not, just look how gorgeous she is in jade?!


Lucy’s top combination somehow did the trick for her — it just blended well with her jeans! Don’t quite like her shoes though.


Ey, great shot! Must be the snow, eh? But more than Gigi’s sweater, her shirt is just beautiful. Oh, this must be the Gigi Hadid fashion show!

If you got style — CLICK HERE — And dare to express!

Fashion Watch: Stylish Couples

As most of us have been out lately, we’ve noticed a growing number of couples wearing ‘couple shirts’ — hey, that’s cute! Yet for those who wants somethin’ different, how ’bout checkin’ some of the most stylish couples for this week..

Err, perhaps amusing more than stylish on a couple of ’em. Yeah!

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder

Hmm… They may not be wearing ‘couple shirts’ but Nikki and Ian certainly looks like a couple from head to foot.

Viola Davis and Denzel Washington in NYC

Simple. Simple. Yet nice. That’s what Viola and Denzel brought to the streets.. Oh, the town hall.

Jake Gyllenhaal with a friend in New York

Cool? Cold? Well, both of ’em. Jake and his friend just all-wrapped-up and ready for your ‘shutters’. Follow Us!

Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne in Miami

Well, well.. T’is one case when ya’ partner just got the best of ya’. Bella definitely ‘puth’ Charlie on her fashion back, eh!

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas in New York City

So, who are we actually takin’ a shot of guys?

Well, thanks to their feathered friend, Kevin and Danielle now looked great. Haha.

Instagram: ‘Live’ Fashion Shots 8

It’s the holidays and naturally, we are all looking for something cool. Yep, cool clothing to go with our cool style. And so, here’s the latest trend on this part of the eastern hemisphere.






Hmm… Notice soft, of course, and ruffle-like cuts seem to be ‘in’ these days. Yeah, especially on ’em sleeves! Not to mention they are quite lengthy, too. Oh, must be more than just the weather?!

Well, obviously, plain colors always rock!

So, have you found somethin’ cool? Ciao!

Street Style: From Leather to Simple to Stylish

This week was just one of those times when we had to actually scrape the streets for ‘better’ street styling celebrities.

Yep, one of the few occasions where stars were caught ‘napping’ that only a few of ’em survived..

Bella Hadid in New York City

An all black attire and some leopard jacket with a tightly ‘knit’ hair and a cool shades — and what have you got? A stylish Bella Hadid!

Bella Thorne in LA

Hmm… One of the first things that came to mind was ‘yellow submarine’. Haha! It maybe mostly black though but Bella Thorne’s hat and shades somehow just echoed the song. Cute!

Lady Gaga in NYC

Wow, Lady Gaga has been getting a little more stylish these days, huh?! And her bell bottoms sure did help.

Jennifer Meyer in Los Angeles

May not be the best of the fashion world, but.. Pretty eye-catching with a simple red dress and ’em blue sneakers! That’s Jennifer Meyer for you!

Rebecca Romijn in New York

Just love the cut of Rebecca Romijn’s outfit. While the design and color combination were just strong yet sexy — reminds us of her days as Mystique. Yeah!

From leather boots to leather shorts to leather jacket.. To a simple dress with sneakers to a stylish dress. These are what we bring you..

From LA to New York City. Ciao!

Street Style: More Skirts Less Jeans

Our best street stylish celebrities for the week have been more of the dress or skirt type, and less of the jeans. Let’s have a look.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski in Los Angeles

Not that polka dots has just been introduced but Emily just looks vibrant in her deep blue dress!

Jenna Dewan Tatum
Jenna Dewan Tatum in West Hollywood

What’s with polka dots these days? But oh, Jenna simply looks red hot in her ruffled, sexy red dress!

Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff in L.A.

Simple? Well, if you only think it’s just sweatshirt and jeans; but not so with Hilary. Those wide ‘hems’ looks real good on her!

Megan Fox
Megan Fox in Santa Monica

More than those loose laces, couldn’t help but notice her bag?! Just really enhancing her top-to-bottom combination!

Ciara in Miami

Wow, look at ’em heels! All of Ciara’s pieces just blends perfectly!

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in West Hollywood

And Taylor? Indeed, one of her best single-color outfits! Yep, even her bag was well-chosen!

Fashion Watch: The Best ‘Dressed’ for the Week

Have you been busy lately? Well, our celebrities have been as we bring them to you in their different ‘gigs’.. with their different styles.

Time now for our choices for this week’s Best ‘Dressed’ stars..

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Tatum
Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Tatum attending the premiere of his new movie

Yes. Especially as a celebrity, going to an event is a chance to dress ‘stylishly’ not just for producers or fashionistas but especially for the fans. Jenna here has indeed caught everyone’s eye.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid in NYC

Speaking of ‘eye’.. Here’s another ‘eye-catcher’, Gigi Hadid! Ah, the legs are no big deal. What’s ‘bigger’ though is — her style! Yeah!

Notice the color? From head to toe, yup even her hair and legs, the color’s just about the same and blending very well with the sunlight. Gigi doesn’t even look like she’s wearing heels. Whoa!

In London: Emma Watson on her way to the screening of The True Cost
In London: Emma Watson on her way to the screening of The True Cost

Emma Watson. What can ya say? Just sleek.. with her cute bag. *Sigh

Halle Berry also in NYC
Halle Berry also in NYC

Hmm… This is cool. I tell ya, this.. is.. cool! Just love those boots, and tops! Yup, and those pants are just ‘hot’! Halle’s arm is overloaded though, how ’bout letting her right hand carry that bottle?? Hah!

Drew Barrymore in New York
Drew Barrymore in New Jersey

Coming off a charity event at the ICAP Headquarters, Drew now a mother of two still looks gorgeous. Yes, even with her weight gain..

So who says a proud ‘plus size’ lady can’t turn heads??!


The Clothing Fat Ladies should not Wear

Sure, everybody wants to look good, even the not so physically gifted; but then, many times in their desire to keep pace with society’s standards, they forget their limitations..

Brooklyn Decker in skin tights..

Unless you’re something but not necessarily like Brooklyn Decker.

For this feature on fashion watch, let’s take a look at what bigger ladies or those who are in fact obese should avoid wearing the most..

See those bulges?

And that is the skin tight dress.

Hey, even Kim Kardashian doesn’t always look good in it. Yeah, while many may find her alluring.. don’t you think Kim is actually bordering the lines between sexy and fat?

Kim Kardashian

So, before going downtown in those tight dresses, check out those bulges and creases.. your belly or even your whole body might be revolting against your style.

Fashion Watch: Elegant Braless Stars

For this week’s fashion watch, let’s give a rundown on some of the most elegant braless stars..

Jennifer Lawrence in a sexy cut Lanvin dress..

Jennifer Lawrence has simply inspired many wrap-around loving girls with her attire here.

Chrissy Teigen..

Simple yet well-thought of.. That’s what Chrissy Teige brought to the table with her dress.

Rebecca Hall..

Those trousers and deep V is a given, but for Rebecca Hall, her heels was simply a gorgeous match.

Jennifer Lawrence..

Another of Jennifer Lawrence’s sultry entry..

Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child..

Kelly Rowland actually looks fantastic in her “shredded-like” gown.

Michelle Dockery of "Downton Abbey"..

In all, while Jennifer Lawrence got two entries here.. Michelle Dockery should be one of the most elegant in her black, glossy gown.

So, would you dare walk braless?