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Food & How To: Marzipan (German)

Marzipan, many may not have tasted it, or even heard of it; but for those who have, it must have left you longing for more of this German invention.

Oh, German “invention”?! After all, it wouldn’t be the 40th most delicious food in the world for nothing..

Wow, so easy to do!

Just an equal amount of almond and sugar plus egg whites – mix them and it’s done!

Things to take note though..

You could use food coloring if only you want another color. And remember, it would always be better to use natural ingredients as in real almonds instead of artificial ones, obviously.

Hmm… Guess the only drawback here would be the wait you need to do as it would still need refrigeration before consumption..


Home Ideas: Small Japanese House

This small Japanese house has been featured before at CNN, still, wouldn’t it be nice for us to digest it from a different perspective?

Okay then, let’s have a look at its every corner..

Hmm… so, this is how it feels like inside a “Toblerone” candy bar – compact yet so enticing! Hah!

Just love its triangular dimension!

But as the great debate goes, “Can you live inside a house this small?”

Why, certainly!

It’s not only a matter of keeping things simple but it shows one’s disciplined lifestyle; otherwise, it encourages one to be disciplined and focused – just a few keys to achieving “bigger” things in life.

Anderson Cooper’s Westhampton House on My Home

For this week, let’s get into Anderson Cooper’s one of three properties in the Hamptons – an English-country style cottage..

Anderson-Coopers-Westhampton-House-20-St-George-1And Anderson is actually selling this for $3.199 million..


More than the built-in bookshelves, I love the high, wood ceiling. It’s just like you’re in an ark. Wow!



And why not, after all, you’re beside the waters – even while sleeping.. and this one actually has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.



And even when you’re dining or in the kitchen, the atmosphere is just relaxing..

Anderson-Coopers-Westhampton-House-20-St-George-15At the end of the day, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place like this?


Korea’s Bulgogi Reviewed

Oftentimes whether you have tried the food or not, you would have an idea on how it tastes based on its ingredients.

And for the world’s 23rd most delicious food, Korea’s Bulgogi is basically marinated beef strips and vegetables which are barbecued or broiled..

Obviously, the marination here is the key. Now, let’s check out the dish’s primary ingredients: beef, thinly sliced. Scallions. Small onion, also thinly sliced.

The Ingredients...

For the marinade.. Rice wine or mirin. Honey. Sugar. Water. Soy sauce. Pepper. Asian pear, grated. Sesame seeds. Sesame oil. Garlic.

And for the sauce.. Beef broth. Soy sauce. Sugar.

Notice the rice wine among the ingredients? How about the honey? What do think would happen if you remove those? See?

Nonetheless, marination is simply the mixing of ingredients.. and fridge storage, at least 30 minutes. Yet there are simple tips to take note of..

Before cutting your beef, freeze it for about an hour to make slicing easier. And if you want a tastier and tougher beef, marinate it overnight.

Lastly, try not to fill your skillet when cooking the dish, instead do it in batches – this way, you could cook it better.

Bulgogi is best eaten with rice and side dishes like vegetables. Try it, and enjoy!

Hong Kong’s Egg Tart Reviewed

Desserts is one food category that is tough to rank. Well, for one, most everything concocted is simply a battle of sweetness or how you play with sugar and alike.

In this week’s Food Review, let’s look into the world’s 22nd most delicious food – Hong Kong’s Egg Tart.

The Ingredients..

The basic ingredients include: confectioners’ sugar, all-purpose flour, white sugar, butter, evaporated milk, beaten eggs, and a dash of vanilla extract.

Hmm.. seems the only sweetener here would be the sugar; as vanilla extract would just be a dash while the eggs contribute to tastiness.

Still, Hong Kong’s egg tart wouldn’t make the list for nothing. From the oldest of bakeries to Hong Kong’s finest hotels – you will find egg tarts.

And it’s even one of the easiest to prepare. Just remember the following tips..

The Procedure..

Evaporated milk could be substituted with, like, fresh milk. You could also use cake flour instead of the regular flour to make it more fluffy. However, do not substitute butter with margarine as the tarts could become bland.

More so, add flour if the dough seems greasy. Also, more butter if it’s just too dry..

Lastly, don’t make the oven temperature too high as you would just turn the tart’s crust to brown. As in most pastry, egg tarts are best when fresh from the oven.

So, enjoy!

Consumer Info: Air Cleaning Skyscrapers

Science and technology is indeed advancing.. Now, we could even hear of skyscrapers being able to clean the air.

Yes. Eliminating if not minimizing air pollution that is.

How does it work? Basically, by building a “thermal chimney” at the center of the taller tower.. that when heated by the sun, it draws air from across the lakes and uses it to cool the buildings. (CNN)

The air will then be filtered and churned back into the environment cleaner than before.

At any rate, this project is still said to start within two years.. So, let’s just wait and see.

Food Review: Green Curry (Thai)

Here’s another one of those Thai masterpieces for you – Green Curry, the world’s 19th most delicious food.

Well, if you notice, Thai food is either spicy or coconut milk flavored – or both. And today’s feature, the green curry is no different.

Hmm… while many of us loves the chicken curry we know, Thailand’s green curry paste provides that distinctive flavor.

Here’s its basic ingredients..

The Ingredients...

1 pound chicken breast cut into cubes, remember it should be skinless and boneless. 2 cups coconut milk. 1 tbsp all-purpose flour. 2 tbsp green curry paste. 1 tbsp white sugar. 2 tbsp cooking oil. 2 green onions. 3 cloves chopped garlic. 1 tbsp fish sauce. 1 tsp fresh, chopped ginger. And for garnishing, 1/2 cup cilantro leaves.


Coat the chicken with flour while heating the oil in a large pan over medium to high heat. Then cook and stir the chicken for about 5 minutes or until brown. Set aside.

Now, reduce the heat to medium and stir the green curry paste. Cook for a minute or until fragrant. Then put the garlic, ginger, and green onions and cook for 2 more minutes.

Afterwards, place the chicken back into the pan and stir to coat with the curry mixture. When done, add the coconut milk, fish sauce, and sugar into the chicken-curry mixture – and stir.


Let it now simmer for around 20 minutes til the chicken is tender. Finally, you could garnish it with cilantro leaves before serving.

Tips: If you include soy sauce to stir with the chicken-curry mixture, you could get a brown curry instead of a green one. More so, doubling your sugar obviously reduces the spiciness which is key to Thai cooking.

Lastly, use high-fat coconut milk to better the flavor of a drier chicken breast. Enjoy!