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Income Opportunities: Basic Needs. Health. Online Jobs.

Many misfortunes actually happen due to lack of cooperation. Due to wrong competition. Due to lack of faith, therefore, due to lack of foresight as well as understanding. And so, if only people open their minds to what really happened in their lives, to how things could unfold — then surely, they wouldn’t even blame especially their partner for whatever situation they are in. That’s life.

Good thing even in your deepest needs, we got you covered. To be debt-free and prospering, you just got to change your mentality.

Simply put, getting out of your hole is a matter of accepting that ‘we are all in this together’ — therefore, helping each other which is also known as ‘networking’ is the key to financial independence. Hmm… Ready for all the opportunities now?


The most common business in the country has been a ‘sari-sari’ store. It’s good. You get some extra income; but what if there’s just too many sari-sari stores, how long could you exist? And if you do, it must be on an almost break-even scenario. Result? You would have to close down, or continue and hope that more people would buy instead of going to your store for credit.

Here now is an opportunity for you to get out of that rut. How about joining a ‘networking grocery business’?? Here, you get a discount on products (which you use daily and could sell if you wish) and as how Planet Mobile is structured — ‘get paid whenever you refer loyal customers to earn with us and earn more whenever they buy these products or services’! Sounds good?

If you believe groceries is a necessity — Contact 0943 5247120.


Indeed, there’s just too many supplements and health products around — then again, the difference is really in the contents. That’s what you are actually paying for. And that’s what it says about its healing properties. Now, depending on your body’s needs — that should be your basis in choosing what supplement to take. Thus, many as they are, they are still different in many ways.

So, if only not to be confused, if only to maximize its health benefits — it’d certainly be better to choose organic with the most powerful antioxidants there is. In this case, not only would you be healthy but you’d earn handsomely, too. Click Here for more!


Seriously, what is new with needing a job? After all, we do need some form of income generating activity — may it be through business or employment — to survive and do things we like. But still, how many are in fact ‘open-minded’ enough to grab such opportunities?

See?? There’s no something for nothing unless you’re family. To be able to thrive, you need to do something about it — whether give time, money or effort. Everything has a price.

If you shy away even at the first challenge of any activity then how could you climb your mountain? If you turn your back upon hearing things that are not to your liking — then how could you even attain anything worthwhile? Makes sense??

Opportunities could only be understood when you learn to weigh what’s at stake — with all your negative perceptions. And so, you’d only know its real value if you are patient enough to dig until you reach the bottom of things. A window of opportunity has opened..

Click Here if you’re ready!

Consumer Video: Lottery Winner Failings

Many has dreamt of winning in the lottery, but obviously, only few were ‘lucky’ enough to win. And even fewer were ‘prepared’ to win..

While many would say, ‘I’d do this and that.. just buy this and that.. invest on this and that..’ yet when good fortune arrives, they are actually ‘caught by surprise’ and just bungle their winnings.

People wants a good life, that’s natural. Enjoy. But ‘enduring’ success is mainly about character. And so for those who really deserves it, you would clearly notice their conviction. They just stick to the plan. And should anything come up other than real emergencies, they’re just guided by their checklist; otherwise, you just saw what could happen if you’re not wise and disciplined..

So, what would you do if you won the lottery?

Consumer Video: Unclog Your Sink Without Chemicals

Here’s something many of us must have experienced.. A clogged sink. And what do you do? Prick it with a long stick? Or what, call a plumber? How about unclogging your sink without utilizing either?

Let’s then see what Rare Life has in store for us..

Hmm… just vinegar, baking soda and boiling water – and your sink is unclogged. Well, it pays to be attentive in school! Just don’t forget the 15 minute waiting period..


Consumer Video: Careful of Dirty Business

Here now are a couple of videos submitted to us over the week; oh, and what you are about to see are some dirty tricks by some businesses that just happens to be in.. Russia. Yup, for it could happen and could also be anywhere in the world – so consumers, beware!

Oh! An old mattress turned new by just replacing the covering. Well, while we know this could be possible, guess it would be pretty tough for buyers to determine the fraud unless we tear off the mattress itself. But, would any buyer who spent hard-earned money even dare think of tearing their “brand new” mattresses?

There must be a way but for now, all we could hope for is a conscientious seller..

This video is said to be about increasing revenue and what buyers will never know..

Hmm… Do you have an idea of what’s exactly happening? At least a hunch? It’s a fruit stand, yes. But whether the vendor is cheating on her scale or including some bad fruit – don’t you think she’d be caught one day? No? Then why the video?

The power of technology is in our hands now, it’s just a matter of using it not just for selfies..

YouTube Review: 25 Biggest Rip Offs in Buying

Every one of us are consumers, and it’d certainly help if we know the truth behind the products and services – for better buying decisions.

So, here’s an eye opener of a video, and it’s called the 25 Biggest Rip Offs That You’ve Probably Been Tricked Into Buying..

While we may not exactly use all of the listed products and services in our featured YouTube video, understanding what these cutthroat companies are scheming on is definitely welcome for us all..

Still, as we have seen – some of these products and services – we just simply can’t live without; thus, it’d be good for us to consider alternatives if only to spend wisely.

Bottom line is.. Think before buying.

You want to mak…

You want to make sure this particular car is going to please the customer and then you’re going to be rewarded with something that is going to please the shareholder. – Carlos Ghosn

Well, that is why the “Customer is King.”

Please the customer and you would have successfully promoted your brand, enriched your coffers, and launched your career to orbit.

Consumer Photos 34

Choco spreads
Choco spreads

Chocolate spreads have invaded supermarkets. Indeed, chocolate is tempting but personally, it’s much enjoyable to eat it plainly something like dessert – say, even half-a-spoon after lunch and dinner?

Sausages, hotdogs, burger patties.. the list just goes on and on...
Sausages, hotdogs, burger patties.. the list just goes on and on…

Though there’re many sandwich spreads to choose from, those in jars have always faced stiff competition from hams, bacons and alike. After all, many really loves the taste of meat. Just not too much of processed food, okay?

How much do you…

How much do you as a consumer value a positive experience with a brand or its customer service department? How willing are you to share that with your friends? How inclined are you to let that person know that you’re interaction with them was positive? – Simon Mainwaring

The quote sounds something like a survey, eh? But in his words, Mainwaring is obviously trying to understand the consumer which is certainly good. And that to what extent would the customer’s experience manifest itself.

Well, this approach is okay if an executive just asks these questions to his people – for them to make up the best service possible. But if he asks his customers these things – it’s like, the company is “not sincere” with what it’s doing.

Sincerity is essential in customer service, you have to “truly be absorbed in dealing with your customers.” This way you build a good relationship that’s not easily penetrable by competition. If you sound like a parrot just trying to memorize lines, then one mistake and your brand is crossed out.