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When you stop t…

When you stop talking, you’ve lost your customer. When you turn your back, you’ve lost her. – Estee Lauder

For Estee Lauder, this is all about attention. Just like personal relationships, a girl just wants someone who could make her smile. And if companies could do that “regularly” then you could keep your customer.

For how long? Until someone else talks more??

Nah, while you could continuously reinvent yourself, your product … while keeping ’em happy.

Consumer Photos 25

Before there were these bottles of beauty products, people then used flowers or at least its “juices” to cleanse and provide that fragrant and youthful feeling.

Mostly water? Plain alcohol? Nah!
Mostly water and acid? Plain alcohol? Nah!

Sometimes, they look like just water.. but what’s amazing is how they “last” on your body. The pheromonal effects. The benefits. No wonder they sell. And now see how you’ll sell!

Beauty enhancers ...
Beauty enhancers …

With all of these hmm.. beauty “pastes”.. it’s a wonder women don’t get allergies. If you feel your skin is sensitive, choose something that is “hypoallergenic” or better yet, consult your doctor as necessary.