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Fashion Watch: Stylish Couples

As most of us have been out lately, we’ve noticed a growing number of couples wearing ‘couple shirts’ — hey, that’s cute! Yet for those who wants somethin’ different, how ’bout checkin’ some of the most stylish couples for this week..

Err, perhaps amusing more than stylish on a couple of ’em. Yeah!

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder

Hmm… They may not be wearing ‘couple shirts’ but Nikki and Ian certainly looks like a couple from head to foot.

Viola Davis and Denzel Washington in NYC

Simple. Simple. Yet nice. That’s what Viola and Denzel brought to the streets.. Oh, the town hall.

Jake Gyllenhaal with a friend in New York

Cool? Cold? Well, both of ’em. Jake and his friend just all-wrapped-up and ready for your ‘shutters’. Follow Us!

Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne in Miami

Well, well.. T’is one case when ya’ partner just got the best of ya’. Bella definitely ‘puth’ Charlie on her fashion back, eh!

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas in New York City

So, who are we actually takin’ a shot of guys?

Well, thanks to their feathered friend, Kevin and Danielle now looked great. Haha.

Fashion Breakup: Celebs Who Looked Good Together

Many celebrity couples that looked good together did break up, we know that. Such things just happen. Still, these looks go by the complimenting of not only style but even appearances as well..

Here are some of our chosen celebrity couples and with photos courtesy of E!

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult broke up for the second time, July 2014

Jennifer and Nicholas in jacket and denims – even their facial features are perfectly matched!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk ended their 5-year relationship, January 2015

Cristiano and Irina looks great in their formal attire. Notice even their mouths and cheekbones blend into their air of toughness?!

Giada de Laurentiis and Todd Thompson ended their 11-year marriage, 2014

Giada and Todd made good tandem clothing choices especially when it comes to color. No wonder, they just got the noses (..even chins) for it!

Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper ended 2 years of dating, March 2014

Suki and Bradley is the epitome of “gender match” – the very feminine Suki in loose clothing while the very masculine Bradley in a kinda tight outfit.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr broke up mid-2013, but still hangs out together with their son, Flynn

Orlando and Miranda – simply a sexy couple. Elegant and stylish in their choices. They even almost look alike! See ’em nose, mouth and chin?!

Flynn is just one lucky kid!