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Airline Review: TigerAir

After learning that Singapore budget airline TigerAir sold it’s 40% stake with the losing TigerAir Philippines to Cebu Pacific, I recalled my experience with the said airline sometime last year 2013.

tigerair-planes-sit-onFrom the moment you try to secure a plane ticket, it was not so good.

First, they only got limited flight routes and schedules. And it’s either too early or too late, or you need to take connecting flights to reach your final destination. In short, not so business or customer friendly. Oh, perhaps they could not afford to expand it – management inefficiency. Okay.

Second, after making a reservation online, your next move is to pick up your ticket on flight day, right? Well, you’d be surprised then. Why? Because you would still have to pay for the printout of “your flight confirmation.” Wow, it’s like being robbed! Geez, I thought everything has been taken cared of?!wpid-tigerair1_Edited.JPG

Third, upon boarding the plane, it’s like you’re in a military plane. Imagine the ambiance inside. Probably because of the combination of tight seating spaces, lighting.. yes, lighting.. and the attendants uniforms. Not to mention, the attendants were less accommodating.

Well, these were probably signs that the airline was indeed losing money – in effect, low morale. Such a pity.

Since then, I never booked with that airline again.

Hmm… hopefully, with the Cebu Pacific deal, things would improve.

By providing me…

By providing memorable social media customer service, companies not only create deeper connections with consumers, but they glean valuable insights on how to improve their products or services. – Amy Jo Martin


As we see, technology has made the world smaller. Then why not take advantage of this great opportunity and connect with people – regardless of background or interests?

As previously said, we are all consumers… so? The least yet most important thing that could happen to entrepreneurs and companies is learning how to “sincerely” communicate with customers.

Developing this “trait”, this empathy, is the key to improving products and services…

…and that would certainly be a good start for this New Year.

When you stop t…

When you stop talking, you’ve lost your customer. When you turn your back, you’ve lost her. – Estee Lauder

For Estee Lauder, this is all about attention. Just like personal relationships, a girl just wants someone who could make her smile. And if companies could do that “regularly” then you could keep your customer.

For how long? Until someone else talks more??

Nah, while you could continuously reinvent yourself, your product … while keeping ’em happy.

The customer is…

The customer is not always right and we let them know it from time to time. – Alan Sugar

Say this to a customer, and more often than not, you’ll hear ’em burn up.

Still, what Alan Sugar says is true. We are human.. and to err is human. Thus, whether customer or provider, we make mistakes. The thing is … “not to add salt to injury.” Meaning, don’t “punish” your customer just because they were misinformed.

Okay, there are those who are just plain unreasonable, still, try to hold your horses. If you have to let them know then do it without ridicule.

Respect. Patience. Tolerance.

Otherwise, you could lose them forever… that counting potential ones.

A social contra…

A social contract is the way out of this dilemma for corporations that want to lead in the 21st century by showing consumers how seriously they take customer loyalty and goodwill. – Simon Mainwaring

Forget the “social contract” thing even for 2 seconds so you would not be confused; instead, focus on “showing consumers how seriously YOU take customer loyalty and goodwill.”

That is what builds “Trust”, the key to a healthy relationship … and it could only prosper if the corporate culture lives by it – as in, well, the said social “contract” of goodwill.

Consumer Photos 41

Interesting policies from the Top 2 fastfood chains in the country. Anyway, what would you prefer?

McDonald's BQ branch
McDonald’s BQ branch

A 3-hour lunch break on free WI-FI usage at McDonald’s (at least for its BQ branch, a ploy to seat more customers to their store), or…

Inside of Jollibee Marcela branch
Inside of Jollibee Marcela branch

No break on free WI-FI but customers would have to pay for use of electrical outlets..? This is true for their Alturas branch as well. But for this photo, notice that lamp “shell”? Well… that’s just one of those outlets.

Obviously, both are revenue generating policies; however, the latter’s regulation just “seems uncaring.”

You want to mak…

You want to make sure this particular car is going to please the customer and then you’re going to be rewarded with something that is going to please the shareholder. – Carlos Ghosn

Well, that is why the “Customer is King.”

Please the customer and you would have successfully promoted your brand, enriched your coffers, and launched your career to orbit.

I’ve been a cus…

I’ve been a customer of the top venture capital firms, so I know exactly what they do and don’t do. – Marc Andreessen

So you see, most customers do know what they are getting into. They know what to expect. Yes, some maybe unreasonable but then they know what is … and what is not.

Nonetheless, the real essence of customer service lies in sincerely serving those who does not “exactly” know what they are looking for – these are those who just purchases according to what they have overheard.

Lest mind you, sincerity means you inform to educate “of all alternatives” and not to sell your product as a priority. The customers’ choice is their choice according to their real needs.

How much do you…

How much do you as a consumer value a positive experience with a brand or its customer service department? How willing are you to share that with your friends? How inclined are you to let that person know that you’re interaction with them was positive? – Simon Mainwaring

The quote sounds something like a survey, eh? But in his words, Mainwaring is obviously trying to understand the consumer which is certainly good. And that to what extent would the customer’s experience manifest itself.

Well, this approach is okay if an executive just asks these questions to his people – for them to make up the best service possible. But if he asks his customers these things – it’s like, the company is “not sincere” with what it’s doing.

Sincerity is essential in customer service, you have to “truly be absorbed in dealing with your customers.” This way you build a good relationship that’s not easily penetrable by competition. If you sound like a parrot just trying to memorize lines, then one mistake and your brand is crossed out.

One afternoon with pizza…

A couple of days ago, I had this snack with a known pizza chain in Greenwich.. and what can I say?

Well, do you want the good or the “not so good”?

Okay, the good first. One, customer service is okay, the staff maintains cleanliness and attends to your needs.. even gives you water before you ask for it. Two, the place got electrical outlets for customers who intend to charge their phones or plug the laptops they’d use.

Since customer service could be improved in any business, this area would not be noticed much – unless the service is too bad or truly unique. But for the “outlets”, how many restaurants actually have electrical outlets just under their table? Having such ready convenience is a great plus – it’s also customer service!


Now for the “not so good.” Hmm… sad to say, but the pizza was “old.” Ugh! I mean, it’s obviously not fresh from the pan anymore. No crispiness and all! Whoa, are they trying to save using customers??

This is actually the second time I experienced this; however, each time on different branches, in Luzon and the Visayas – so, there must be something fishy with their system, huh? Hey, this could ruin Greenwich if they continue and fail to address it accordingly.. and fast.

Just like service, your product is your lifeblood. Quality is a must.