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2015 NBA Weekly: RFA Tristan Thompson

There hasn’t been much fanfare these days in the NBA as basketball has shifted to preparations for the 2016 Olympics or FIBA games around the world. Otherwise, many of the stars are just about to wrap up their vacation, and this time get ready for training camp.

Oh, training camp?! And Tristan Thompson has yet to be renewed by the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, what are they waiting for? Their taxes won’t really go down by just passing time, you know; besides, they already spent so much during the initial stages of free agency.

So why not open up talks again or just let Tristan go?

Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert (Photo: Unsportsmanlike Conduct)
Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert (Photo: Unsportsmanlike Conduct)

See, with what’s happening now, the Cavs are like just holding Tristan hostage since he’s an RFA or restricted free agent.

Hey, we all know that Tristan has been one of those bright spots for the Cavs especially in last season’s PlayOffs — and this is not how you treat your players especially one with that kind of talent.

But if owner Dan Gilbert is just worried of luxury taxes then, at least, just extend a qualifying offer to Tristan — get over this and unshackle his chains for next year.

The thing here is that the Cavs failed to plan things out and just got lost in trying to please LeBron James — err, Kevin Love. And so, they signed him to a max deal and gave Iman Shumpert a huge contract without thinking of what’d happen next.

Yet what did Kevin Love actually do?

Cleveland made the Finals without him. Still, if the Cavs believe Love is more valuable than Tristan — then let Tristan go since they can’t give him his max contract anyway.

Agent Rich Paul, Tristan Thompson and LeBron James (Photo: NY Post)
Agent Rich Paul, Tristan and LeBron (Photo: NY Post)

Delaying things would only create a bigger gap between the Cavs and Tristan — even a grudge. And obviously, agent Rich Paul isn’t doing his job to bridge things.

Now, if Dan Gilbert was just mainly concerned of pleasing LeBron in his signing of players then he should have asked LeBron to sit with him in every negotiation with the Cavs. Surely Dan knows LeBron likes Tristan. So?

Oh well..

Don’t you think this is just getting kinda sick? Let’s just then wait for the last minute. Tristan is going nowhere. And Dan Gilbert knows it.