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Music Review: 24K Magic (Bruno Mars)

It’s been two years since Bruno Mars was into Uptown Funk, now he’s back with another hit song in 24K Magic! Still, the question remains..

Could this new single surpass, or even just come close to that 2014 musical success?

Okay, 24K Magic is currently at number four in Billboard’s Hot 100 through January 7. Okay, 24K Magic has over 293 million views at YouTube and growing. Okay, 24K Magic has got that typical upbeat melody.

But hey, somethin’ seems to be missin’ here.

The lyrics? Nahh. In dance hits, lyrics hardly matter — unless there’s somethin’ sooo not good. The dance scenes? Right. It’s quite lacking. Guess, they emphasized ‘luxury’ a little more, yeah, because of the title. In Uptown Funk, there were a lot of ’em dance scenes with ’em cool steps! As they say, ‘ala Michael Jackson’.. And so, the hit!

Anyway, we like the private jet though — and those fountains. The cap? Good.

See y’all!

Music Review: Cheap Thrills (Sia ft. Sean Paul and Maggie Ziegler)

After seeing the controversial team-up of Australian singer Sia and American dancer Maggie Ziegler in Elastic Heart, and then Chandelier — we thought, hey, Maggie is for real! She was then just what 11, 12 but what wonderful acting?!!

And so, the team-up continues.. Sia’s song. Maggie’s expressiveness. Unbelievable combination! No wonder Sia’s Cheap Thrills has now climbed up to number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for this week — so, let’s check out their masterpiece.

Hmm… Very Sia-Maggie. Great melody. And the lyrics? It’s even just about the ‘cheap thrills’ of dancing — yep, the wordings are simply repetitive and almost like nonsense. Then again, with the fantastic dancing of Maggie coupled with a cool setting — the lyrics don’t really matter anymore, only the melody.

And that’s worth over 134 million YouTube views, and counting..

Music Review: Fifth Harmony v K-Pop

The fact that Fifth Harmony’s hit single Work From Home is trending on this part of the world made us dig the Billboard charts anew. Ow, it’s actually at 5th spot in the Hot 100 Rankings as of press time! And.. with close to 600 million YouTube views! Wow!

This made us think. Is Fifth Harmony a challenge to K-Pop?

First, the group is composed of 5 girls in Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Ally Brooke — products of X Factor and formed in 2012. The time when K-Pop was at its peak. Still, this isn’t the first American girl group — there were those that came even before K-Pop — thus, time here is just incidental.

Then again, if there’s something similar between K-Pop groups and girl bands like Fifth Harmony — it must be their sexy outfits and well-choreographed numbers. Even so, culture ‘divides’. Western artists are just way too provoking in their dance steps — and even uses the opposite sex to arouse viewers in their videos.

Meanwhile, K-Pop is girlish and innocent yet subtly sexy. This is why they still thrive to this date especially in Asia. Yup, they have already built a loyal following. On the other hand, the West simply controls media which is why you see what you see. Even YouTube views.

So yes, if only for YouTube views and air time, K-Pop is just no match — regardless if PSY got a billion views. Besides, many of these artists hardly speak English (language barrier is why some groups fail) and basically relies on story, setting, melody and choreography — while their Western counterparts are just about tickling the imagination.

And that speaks about the views! Know what I mean?

Music Review: Time Of Our Lives (Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo)

Another dance song has made it high onto Billboard’s Top 100 Hits, and this time it’s Pitbull’s Time of Our Lives also featuring Ne-Yo..

Tell you what, more than just its huge rise from number 21 last week to number 11 this week – this song is definitely one of those hits that would keep your legs movin’ and your body swayin’!

Notice how dancing has been rockin’ the charts? After all, what’s Billboard’s number One song the past weeks? See, from the Michael Jackson era to Dirty Dancing – “disco” is the name of the game these days! And come to think of it, Pitbull’s lyrics are not that bad as well..

Just a single lusty word that got buried in some butt shakin’ hotties who’re more than willing to donate for your cause – or rent, for that matter – just to be in your party..

Yup, Pitbull simply got us hooked on this one!

YouTube Review: I Won’t Let You Down (OK Go)

Upon seeing the video, we certainly wasted no time in featuring it for this week’s YouTube review, and this is OK Go’s I won’t let you down.

Just take a look..

Now that’s what you call “creative”!

So, how did they do this? Obviously, the video was shot in half the time to get everything in unison. The sequence was continuously shot, at least about 50 times to get things right. And of course, enormous speakers were also placed around the warehouse for the shoot.

What about the camera shots? They used drones. And from above, the dancers looked like birds and at times like paper planes huh?! The use of those umbrellas and uniformed Japanese school girls were just amazing.

In all, their choreography was something like that of a high school musical, but harder to do considering the number of girls.

Just great..

We almost forgot about OK Go and how cool they were in their motorized scooter chairs.

YouTube Review: New Zealand’s Haka vs USA – FIBA 2014

It was something to behold of before the basketball game between the US and New Zealand in this year’s FIBA Worlds.

Check out the video and see why..

Funny for some, but amazing for many, huh?

Hmm… the Kiwis performing their haka before the US squad sort of startled the Americans but at the same time entertained the world..

After all, they were like provoking a fight!

Well, you guessed it right. Haka as Wikipedia states it is an ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Maoris of New Zealand.

It’s a good energizer indeed, eh?! How about trying it out in Boy Scout activities?