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My Home: Decorating Ideas for Renters

Ah, if you are still renting.. Well, one of those tough things to do when in this situation is how do you actually decorate a place that’s not yours — hey, you can’t really move or remodel something significantly without express permission, right?

More so, if you’d finally be having a house of your own, how are you gonna remove those ‘sentimental’ things you may have ‘firmly’ attached to the walls or any part of the apartment?

Okay, here now are a bunch of decor ideas for renters out there..

Hmm… did you get them all? Oh, just too many. Hah! But you know what, obviously decors should be movable if big and removable if small. Then, if wheels could be integrated to whatever stuff or storage ‘fixture’ you have then so much the better.

Next. If you could creatively use color, unconventional things or used materials to beautify your place — well and good. That would not only save you money buying new items, but would also lessen the burden of actually bringing everything with you in case you transfer.

In the end, it pays to always be reminded that you would still be moving to a better place. Your own place.

Ready? Then CLICK HERE.. Or Here!

Movie Set: A Perfect Murder (1998)

If you have seen the movie A Perfect Murder which was released back in 1998, then you must be familiar with its set design..


From the hallway all the way to the bedroom, the set looks, well, morbid..

Living Room

Dining Room

And why wouldn’t it be – it’s a film about a scheme to murder a cheating wife..



The set was made up by Patricia Woodbridge and Debra Schutt; with photos sourced from PMD..


And the film starred Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Viggo Mortensen..


For many, the interiors may not be perfect for their own house, but it’s certainly perfect for this movie.

Happy viewing!