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Fashion Watch: 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet Best Dressed

Red carpets are normally abound with long hems and plunging necklines; and the Golden Globes is no different. Still, more than showing ’em assets, know that the really ‘best dressed’ are those who carries themselves well..

Yep, should be as cool as their cuts and designs. And here are our choices for this edition’s Golden Globes Red Carpet.

Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren
Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren
Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams
Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell
Natalie Portman in Prada
Natalie Portman in Prada
Blake Lively in Atelier Versace
Blake Lively in Atelier Versace

Well, you must be wondering what Natalie Portman is doing on this list. And you guess it right, we chose her to tell ya’ what not to wear — especially on events like the Golden Globes!

You may be wearing a Prada yet if the cut is terrible, sad to say but everything would just be ruined; and accessories could only do so much. So, don’t just fall for brands but cuts!

Best Boho, or Stylish Designs for the Week

Now, how about some Boho, or stylish designs from our celebrities for this week? Yeah, whether at the Coachella or not! And our choices are..

Drew Barrymore at the ASPCA 19th Annual Bergh Ball in NYC
Drew Barrymore at the ASPCA 19th Annual Bergh Ball in NYC

Drew just looks great in such a pretty dress.. and how lovely her dog!

Alessandra Ambrosio at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif.
Alessandra Ambrosio at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif.

Talk about Boho-chic.. Alessandra just says it all!

Olivia Wilde strutting out in NYC
Olivia Wilde strutting her stuff in NYC

Wow, it’s just like Olivia’s got so much hair! And the see-through effect matched with ’em ‘polka-dots’ — simply eye-catching!

Paris Hilton at the Coachella in Indio, Calif.
Paris Hilton at the Coachella in Indio, Calif.

While Paris’ Boho style is okay, the prints just look a little ordinary on her that the lady on her back looks much better. Ooops!

Julia Roberts in Malibu
Julia Roberts in Malibu

Julia’s famous smile only made her getup even cooler. Just a really wonderful design! And don’t you just love her aviator shades!?

My Home: Simple Tiny House Design

Yes, we’ve already seen a number of compact houses but still, the perspectives are different. Like clothing, technology or just about anything — other than price, things do boil down to design and features.

So, let’s have a look at this ‘Simple Tiny House Design’ by Alex Pino..

Cute? Hah, and cost efficient! Hmm… But did we hear of adding a patio? That would be nice but we’d need more than 150 square feet of land then. If ever there’s home improvements or something like that — here, we just have to do it within the limits of what we have.

While fixing a spot for a TV or sound system could be considered, it’s not really necessary for simple living, so don’t worry so much about it. On the other hand, a fridge (even a small one) and making sure there’s enough storage for kitchen items and clothes is a ‘must’.

As for the dining, it should be able to be folded just like the ladder for the loft. Meanwhile, the sofa in the living area would be cooler if it could turn into a sleeping place as well — like having a ‘sofa bed’ instead of a regular sofa. Makes sense?

One last thing, how about another door other than the entrance?

TV Set Design: Rooftop Prince (Korean 2012)

Living on a higher ground has always been fascinating to many that even hotels and condos recognize this — that’s why the high prices; yet for some, what is it really like to live in an attic? And so we now feature a wonderful 2012 Korean drama, mainly set in a cool attic..

Rooftop Prince. It is about  a Joseon crown prince who, after his wife’s mysterious death, time travels to the future facing unheralded challenges but inevitably understanding the events and eventually finding his fated love. Let’s check out this rooftop ‘design’..

a3 stairs
Yong Tae Yong (Crown Prince Lee Gak) getting down the rooftop stairs
a4 stairs road
Entrance is by the road.. with Park Ha (Bu Yong) climbing up

Well, obviously made for the city. And just the ‘right entrance’ to the rooftop — the side stairs. Otherwise, there’d be no privacy.

a6 roof set
Especially charming at night.. Good lighting and color combination.
a8 entrance
After the main door is a sliding door
a9 living
Love the balcony, notice it?
a10 living
Could there have been a better way to fix the TV?
a11 living
To the right of the stairs is a small dining and kitchen

The design is somewhat ‘box type’ but cool just the same.

a13 dining kitchen
The kitchen-dining area

The dining area normally speaks of how big the ‘family’ is.. Cute, eh?!

a14 entertainment guest room
Entertainment or hangout area
a15 lee gak room
Yong Tae Yong’s bedroom
Yong Tae Yong's bed
Yong Tae Yong’s bed

Beautiful sheets and lighting but could have added a little table..

a18 park ha room 2
Park Ha’s bedroom
Park Ha's dresser
Park Ha’s dresser

Don’t you just love the ceiling?! The ambiance is just refreshing!

If there’s anything to fix, it could only be the living room’s curtain — it’s just a little too green with the yellow beside it. In all, just lovely!

My Home: A Home Makeover from Houzz & Ellen DeGeneres

What happens when Ellen DeGeneres and Houzz, an application that could help you in your home renovation needs, join hands?

Fun! And a better home design, let’s see..

Like what Ellen said, Houzz, does 3 things: aids you in browsing design images that would inspire you, helps you shop for the things you want, and assists you in hiring the best professionals who could install those things you bought for your house.

Clearly, the key here in this redecorating are the photos that gives you those ideas on what’s needed and how it’d probably look like. Otherwise, without those photos, you could just buy whatever your impulse suggests and end up in a bad mix of furnishing.

Consider the size, space and shape of your house then look over those designs. See which ones comes near, or what you could tinker to be unique yet still have a beautiful interior design..

And don’t forget to work on your budget!

Set Design: The Vow (2012)

One of the more romantic dramas of recent times is The Vow which was released some 3 years ago. The film stars Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, a couple engaged in the arts – Channing as a recording studio owner while Rachel being into sculpting. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the set where artists breathe? Let’s have a look..

The outside
The outside
The living room
The living room

While the outside looks like a normal place, once you go in, the first thing you’d notice is space. Yup, though the place is not really wanting, it really got space with a touch of an artist’s mess..

The closet
The closet

Oh, interesting closet. Open and uses some kind of interlink.

The study
The study

Indeed, there are advantages of having a big table at the study..

The bedroom.. err, bed only, no room
The bedroom.. err, bed only, no room

The bedroom is sort of open, just like their closet. Well, you’d feel kinda “free” with this setup as supposedly one of the most private sections of the house is.. open.

The dining area
The dining area
The kitchen area
The kitchen area

Obviously, their kitchen’s work table is also their dining table – with some kitchen and dining stuff underneath. Pretty cool actually, the lighting blending well with the color of food and everything else.

Channing's recording studio
Channing’s recording studio
Rachel's art studio
Rachel’s art studio

The couple’s vocations as seen above. So, an artist will always be an artist.. at work even at how they go about at home. Nice.

Home Makeover: Bathroom

What, or where’s your favorite spot in your house? Your bedroom? Kitchen? How about the ‘bathroom’?

Tell you, that’s one nice place to relax. Soaking in the tub, drinking your favorite wine while listening to some cool music..

But what if you’ve “outgrown” it or something? Oh, then let’s just check out this Bathroom Makeover video by House & Home..

Hmm… Plants. That’s nice to have really but sometimes, it’s just overlooked by many. And wow, what doesn’t IKEA have? Pretty cabinets.. And that sink is just great with those drawers – nice idea, very useful!

Anyway, while the floor tiles look anti-slip, it also seems a bit hard to clean – it’s just compact.

Still, it’s good that space had been addressed; while the choice and repositioning of the mirrors was just fantastic.

The shower curtains? Neat. A good reflection of the bathroom indeed.