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Food & How To: Leche Flan (Filipino)

Probably one of the more popular desserts in the Philippines is the Leche Flan (creme caramel); and it’s not simply because it tastes so good but it’s so easy to prepare as well, and with the most basics of ingredients — that you could even turn making Leche Flans into a thriving home business!

Notice the ingredients? The preparation? It’s really just about the separation of egg yolks, mixing of the ‘liquids’ and the caramelizing of the sugar that speaks for this delicacy.

Now, for those wondering why some Leche Flan caramel is browner compared to others — it’s obviously because of the amount of sugar used in caramelizing. Some though would add a little water so as not to let the ‘caramel’ stick to the sides of the aluminum pan. While Bulacan natives would even add ‘dayap’ (lime) rind to the mixture.

Some patience though is needed as not only does caramelizing takes longer (??) but the cooking or steaming of the Leche Flan mixture takes at least half an hour. But when it’s done, it’s all worth it.

Oh, let it get cold in the fridge — and satisfy your sweet tooth!


Food Review: Chocolate (Mexican)

Here’s one food that could have placed higher in the list of the world’s most delicious food – Mexico’s chocolate, ranked 25th.

Oh, everybody just loves chocolate. But what makes the Mexican version extra special then? Ingredients. And yes, the way it’s made.

Well, while the American chocolate we know is kinda milky, and some bittersweet.. Mexican chocolate is sweeter and rough what with its ground almonds and cinnamon. Of course, not to mention the toasted cacao beans and regular sugar.

Hmm… still one of the better ways to enjoy Mexican chocolate is by making it into a beverage as in hot chocolate.

Here, locals call it sik-wa-te wherein you crush the cocoa tablets and mix it with hot water and some sugar – using what Mexicans refer to as a molinillo. Truly addicting.

Some Mexican chocolate legacy.

Hong Kong’s Egg Tart Reviewed

Desserts is one food category that is tough to rank. Well, for one, most everything concocted is simply a battle of sweetness or how you play with sugar and alike.

In this week’s Food Review, let’s look into the world’s 22nd most delicious food – Hong Kong’s Egg Tart.

The Ingredients..

The basic ingredients include: confectioners’ sugar, all-purpose flour, white sugar, butter, evaporated milk, beaten eggs, and a dash of vanilla extract.

Hmm.. seems the only sweetener here would be the sugar; as vanilla extract would just be a dash while the eggs contribute to tastiness.

Still, Hong Kong’s egg tart wouldn’t make the list for nothing. From the oldest of bakeries to Hong Kong’s finest hotels – you will find egg tarts.

And it’s even one of the easiest to prepare. Just remember the following tips..

The Procedure..

Evaporated milk could be substituted with, like, fresh milk. You could also use cake flour instead of the regular flour to make it more fluffy. However, do not substitute butter with margarine as the tarts could become bland.

More so, add flour if the dough seems greasy. Also, more butter if it’s just too dry..

Lastly, don’t make the oven temperature too high as you would just turn the tart’s crust to brown. As in most pastry, egg tarts are best when fresh from the oven.

So, enjoy!

Food Review: Ice Cream (American)

At number 15 on the world’s most delicious food is the United States’ first entry, the Ice Cream. And yet with the many flavors that has evolved, vanilla and chocolate continue to remain at the top of the surveys.

Hmm… In all our previous food reviews, we at least showed you how to go about with the recipe, but then..

Strawberry has always blended well with chocolate

Here, it is ice cream. And unless one is actually in the business of manufacturing and selling ice cream, nobody would really be that interested in making ice cream than buying it.

Banana split, one of the all-time favorites

For one, it’s not just like the Philippine halo-halo or the Vietnamese che where you basically mix your ingredients with crushed ice..

It’s ice cream done from liquefied nitrogen. So?

Just buy one and enjoy!