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Health & Wealth Opportunity: Buah Merah Mix

We all know that health is wealth; yeah, ‘without good health, riches is in fact useless’ — for how can you enjoy life then? Think about it. Your money would just only be used to buy medicine and if ever, for hiring a nurse, too. Right.

Still, more than just enjoying life, good health is needed for us to be fully functional — either at home, work or school, or in our very own communities as a whole. See?

burah merah pouring
Just 1-2 bottle caps of Buah Merah Mix a day

Unfortunately, many has either one or the other, I mean good health or a good bank account. Otherwise, some may have both but not really on an optimum level, so this makes them prone to even the slightest nudge of life. That’s a fact. So, is that still good?

But then, what if there’s an opportunity to have ‘better’ health while building your wealth? Hmm… Now, that sounds real good! Yes, and that’s when Buah Merah Mix comes in.


Buah Merah literally means ‘red fruit’; and it was first discovered to contain beta-cryptoxanthin (one of the carotenoids in Buah Merah) by a Japanese doctor named Nishigaki in Papua New Guinea. From then on, it was found out that the fruit could help people with even the most ‘scary’ of ailments, such as AIDS, cancer and diabetes.

Wait. Mind you, this powerful red juice is not just for the sick but for those who wants optimum health. It’s for those wants more out of life. For those who wants to enjoy their families and friends longer..

The Synergy of 6 Natural Super Anti-Oxidants

And with Buah Merah’s synergy with 5 other natural super antioxidants in Mangosteen, Barley, Moringa, Guyabano (Soursop or Custard Apple) and Wheatgrass — this organic and non-toxic mix now serves as our primary booster to our body’s natural healing ability.

Among its health benefits..

  • Gives extra energy and improves stamina
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Fights cancer cells
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Normalizes blood sugar levels
  • Detoxifies your body of toxins


Okay, how much is a bottle of a Buah Merah Mix again? P350? But that 30 gram bottle should last for at least a week, you know.

Expensive? If it’s effective, it’s worth it. Besides, how much are the medicines of the ill? How about the vitamins and supplements of the ‘healthy’? They’re at least worth thousands on a monthly basis!

Proof of being safe and effective

So, if you would consume 2-4 bottles a month then you would still get value for your money at P1,400 max. Right.

However, you could get a 46% discount on every repeat purchase if you’d avail of the Dealer Promo Package worth P8,480. Included in this package are: 30 bottles of Buah Merah Mix, 5 Red Mint All Natural Pain Reliever Cream, a Marketing Brochure and Flyer among others.

Now, if we are to compute these products, it’d amount to P12,250 then less the initial investment of P8,480 — you get P3,770 in earnings, that’s if you do sell them all. Not bad. And not to mention the ‘perpetual passive income’ you could get through referrals and binary commissions. And that’s just the start.. As investors are also welcome to the Buah Merah Mix family.

The road to health and wealth is now open. For Orders, Inquiries or other Investor details — Please Contact 0943-5247120.

Gift Ideas: Armani Tie Gray Herringbone Logo

How many should, or would actually buy a designers necktie? Better yet, how many could in fact afford it?

Armani Tie Gray Herringbone
Armani Tie with Gray Herringbone Logo

Many would shy away from such ties (if only for ties) considering the price, obviously. But what if it’s offered on a discount? Much more, at a time when it’s the holiday season?

Then many would have a chance to have one, or gift someone special..

Armani is one of those revered brands that’s giving men a chance to own some of their valued products; in this case, the Armani Tie with Gray Herringbone Logoarmani-tie-141280gyl_1024x1024

These ties are handmade in Italy and 100% silk; comes in gray color with a width of 2.9 inches. It used to be priced at $195 a tie..

But now, it’s down to $103.96 each at Tie Deals.

Certainly, a nice gift idea for men. After all, it’s an Armani Collezioni.