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Consumer Video: How To Rip Your Jeans

Wanna go with the continuing trend of ripped jeans? Well now, you don’t really have to buy a new one but could in fact make one on your own! Yeah, using your own old pair of jeans!

The idea may sound simple as in just tearing it off but hey, you gotta do it with care — otherwise, you could end up with a ‘ruined’ denim instead of a hot, distressed pair of jeans!

Okay, in this video, altho Giannyl used sandpaper to sort of ‘design’ her distressed jeans — you could also use a pair of ‘tweezers’ for that ripped effect. Just do not overdo it to get the style you want.

Ripping your jeans with a 'tweezer'
Ripping your jeans with a ‘tweezer’

And yes, don’t forget to put a cardboard underneath your denims! For after this tutorial, there would be no need to buy ’em expensive jeans but only choose which one to rip off. Hah!

Consumer Video: Building a Wooden Cottage.. Yourself!

Today, we would like to give you another practical way to build your own house.. Or a wooden cottage for that matter. So, sit back and first watch how this could be completed, well, in just 4 hours!

Okay, many may not like the idea of just living in some kinda ‘box’ as how this cottage was just built. Then again, interior decorating is all on you. You hold the key on how a finished ‘box’ could be beautified. So, don’t worry. If you build it — it will come. Hah!

Hmm… More than anything else, presentations such as this gives us ‘ideas’ on how we could go about things in, say, a limited budget — in as little time. Therefore, take note of some keys.

One. Notice, wall panels are already in place beforehand. So, the thing here is accurate measurements so you could just prepare those walls and everything else — then assemble them like blocks.

Next. Simplicity. Since the house is like an ‘all-in-one’ room, you don’t really have to over-decorate it. A simple divider instead of designs of differing lengths will do. What matters is to simply stick with the basics, or what’s really needed to live and survive!

Consumer Video: How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using a Bottle

How important is a ‘vacuum cleaner’ really? If a feather duster is not enough or would just mess things up; if you want your place to be basically dust free; if you don’t want to feel uneasy or itchy when you get into contact with those little particles that we never really noticed — then it must be time to have a ‘vacuum cleaner’.

But how when buying one could just wreck your budget?? Answer, ‘make your own’ vacuum cleaner!

Hmm… while the materials are common or cheap, there are those who could find this as ‘troublesome’; you know, just too much work that one isn’t even sure if it’s worth it. Hah! Then go back to those IFs we mentioned earlier.

The thing here is if you can’t find the exact material then look for alternatives. If the battery is just too heavy to bring around the house while cleaning — then lengthen the wires. There’s always a way to those who really wants productivity.

Okay, the ‘improvised’ vacuum cleaner could be a little light, making it ‘unsteady’ when left on the floor for one — but then, isn’t carrying something light better when we do house chores? Less strain. Speedier completion. Besides, would you retire your vacuum cleaner in the middle of the house? Or beside the heat? So..

This is cool stuff! Very helpful.

My Home: 5 Cheap DIY Home Repairs

Especially if your house has been up for years, eventually, there would be something to repair — it’s wear and tear. And so, it’s better to understand how things work around your ‘castle’ before they crack your walls and really puncture your pockets. Let’s see..

For those that doesn’t have airconditioners, better to regularly clean your coolers and fans. That would not only ‘blow’ you more air but ‘reduce’ the energy needed to make it work. Less energy, less costs.

Now, leaking faucets and running toilets is a gimme. Leaks only lead to more water needed for whatever your use and that’s more money going to the water supplier than water going to you!

Obviously, it’d be more cost efficient to patch your ‘tub walls’ than to put up a new ‘fixture’ — just like patching your roof instead of buying a new GI sheet. Thus, always check them before the rainy season.

Hmm… While using a candle to run through cracks and leaks is good, just be careful that nothing would burn while inspecting.

As for electrical outlets, try not to procrastinate on them — a short circuit could cause you problems especially during the summer..


My Home: Cool DIY Home Improvements

Well, we’ve seen many ideas on home improvements but mostly it only talks about, you know, using containers of various sizes to keep your house more organized. That’s it. Now, here’s some real cool DIY ideas for a better home. Yup, more than just containers..

Wow! Just wonderful ideas, huh?!

Still, we don’t think all of it would be good to apply. Why? More than just doing some extra work which is okay, guess it wouldn’t last; like, it would either backfire or your house could need some ‘remodeling’. Something like that. Think of the ‘stools on hinges’ for one. How long do you think could it constantly hold up a 200 pound weight? Or even a 150 pound guy that regularly dines on one spot?

Also, adding a window seat towards your staircase. If your house is not structured to accommodate such revisions then your abode would need some real remodeling. And while replacing your regular door with a Dutch door wouldn’t really alter your house’s structure, adding a ‘sun tunnel’ could change things albeit being a cool idea.

Then again, there are some things that’s worth the trouble though — like adding a little door to make unloading groceries easier, or even something as simple as putting a sign on your bathroom so guests know where it is. That’s neat! And worth the try.

Gift Ideas: Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts 2016

Okay, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but are you ready? What are you thinkin’ of buyin’ for your special someone? Flowers? Chocolates, cologne, underwear, gadget? Hmm… Well, it’s getting pretty common you know, like year in, year out you see ’em..

So, how ’bout getting creative? Like a ‘do-it-yourself’ gift this time?

0127 clothes pin
Clothespin (Pinterest)

Instead of giving out an underwear — how about a ‘clothespin’? Yep, a wooden clothespin with a loving message..

Cutting board
Cutting board (nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com)

Or a ‘cutting board’ with an etching of their favorite recipe instead of a cold gadget? Sounds cool, right?!

Complimentary Jar
Complimentary Jar (thewowstyle.com)

While a cologne makes one smell good, why not a ‘complimentary jar’ with short messages or memories of you both that would make ’em feel good — good idea, don’t you think?

Bananas (gloryboonblog.com)

Even gifting something as simple as a couple of bananas — but with a heart-warming message written across its skin. Yeah! That would be cute rather than the traditional chocolate.

Bacon Rose Bouquet
Bacon Rose Bouquet (Popsugar)

Otherwise, give ’em a ‘bacon rose bouquet’ in place of flowers! Most everyone loves bacon, surely, this would also be appreciated! Right..

Obviously cheaper yet wonderfully unique gifts that you should try!

Consumer Video: DIY Weird Christmas Presents

Gift ideas all over! We just can’t help it.. And we just love it! After all, it’s a time of giving, bonding and sharing. Now, how about a some ‘weird’ DIY Christmas presents this time around? You know, just to make the holidays more fun.

Who knows, your folks might love ’em, too! Let’s see..

So, which one did you like most? Hmm… the ‘microphone sponge’ was a little impractical. Oh my, you just made your bathing sponge smaller! Hah! Same goes with the ‘phone hologram’ — it may be interesting but it needs more improvement.

The ‘iPhone battery transferer’? Well.. do you still have lots of usable phones and no charger nor a ‘powerbank’??

Tell ya what, the nice thing ’bout these DIYs though is that materials are cheaper and easier to secure — making it really worth trying.

Yup. And the ‘hoodie pillow’ was a good one especially if you can’t live without your hoodie. Hah! But the cutest and most useful is the drink dispensing purse. Makes bottle-carrying a thing of the past.. Just be careful with that beverage plastic though, or everything inside your bag could have a drink as well. Great!