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2016 NBA Finals: G5 – The Field Day

With Draymond Green out and Andrew Bogut suffering a knee injury in Game 5, it was just too much to ask of the Warriors. Yes, though Golden State did keep in step with Cleveland in the first half — without Green, the Warriors’ spacing has clearly gone missing, too. Add to it the in-game injury to Andrew Bogut, suddenly, the Cavaliers had a field day in Oakland — CLE 112, GSW 97.

That’s really all there is.

Cavs field day (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
Cavs field day (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

Everything was actually pretty even including the assists, rebounding and even turnovers. However, the field goals and of course, the 3s — these were where the Warriors got slayed. CLE 44-83. GSW 32-88. While on threes.. CLE 10-24, GSW 14-42. Free throws? Not much difference really.

But just look at the huge disparity in the 2 areas mentioned! Okay, the Warriors had more 3-point conversions but hey, look how many attempts they took anyway?! In short, the champs just shot poorly in the second half; and this allowed the Cavs to extend the series.

You say deee-fense?? Again, it’s really about ‘spacing’.

Steph Curry (Photo: Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)
Steph Curry (Photo: Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Game 6 would be back in Ohio. What can we expect? A battle of nerves. That is, whoever could handle the pressure would win. In this case, it’s basically Draymond Green against the Quicken Loans Arena crowd. Would he be up to it? Ask the Splash Brothers.

If it’d rain threes, confetti should follow.

2016 NBA Finals: G4 – Warriors 108, Cavaliers 97

After 3 blow out games, as expected Game 4 was gonna be a tight battle. And not until midway through the final canto that the Warriors gained firm control, leading 93-84; before finishing Cleveland at 108-97. Yeah, it wasn’t really another blow out but who expects it to be this time around?

And so, the Warriors are now up 3-1 in this year’s Finals. Thanks to the big games, this time, of Klay Thompson and reigning MVP Steph Curry. Yeah, better emphasize ‘reigning MVP’ ’cause what’s the use if you can’t show ’em what made you MVP anyways?

Splash Brothers: On to the clincher in Oakland?
Splash Brothers: On to the clincher in Oakland?

Aside from the Splash Brothers, other crucial stats in this telling win by the Warriors were — the assists (23-15) and the rebounding. Yes, rebounding. This time around, it was tight at 43-40 in favor of the Warriors. Also, the free throw conversions was so poor for the Cavs, missing 11 of their 26 attempts. Hmm… And don’t ask about the 3s! Smith and the rest were just awful! Well, told yah, Smith is more of a flash-in-the-pan especially when facing stronger Western teams.

With this.. It’s just about coronation come Game 5 at the Oracle. Of course, closing would be tough and the Cavaliers could still pull off a win if the Warriors don’t watch out. Thus, it would now boil down to maintaining that intensity, yep, or even increasing it — then all those confetti and streamers will come falling down for Golden State.

2016 NBA Finals MVP: Draymond Green earned our nod this time around
2016 NBA Finals MVP: Draymond Green earned our nod this time around

The question now — who’d be Finals MVP? Livingston? Barnes? Iguodala? We believe Draymond Green earned it this time. While he may not have consistently scored in double-figures — his intensity, his mere presence gave ‘that lift’ to Golden State — most every time.

2016 NBA Finals: G2 – Warriors 110, Cavaliers 77

It’s now 2-0 as Golden State routed Cleveland by 33 points. Even worse. Again, Golden State dominated Cleveland, from field goals to rebounds to assists. What, Smith didn’t shoot much? Err, Love didn’t play the second half? What else? Well, what can we really say? Oh don’t panic, it’s just the second game? Hoho! Sure that would be the sentiment over in Ohio, but..

But know what, we believe the Cavaliers would most likely win Game 3. Nah, not only because it’s their home court but because the NBA is an entertainment business. While a 4-0 demolition by the Warriors could still fill the bank, having the Cavs win a game or two would bring in more moolahs. Just like the Raptors v Cavs series. The Cavaliers could have easily swept the Raptors but still they lost 2 games to our — ‘surprise’? Hah!

It's not the East, LeBron (D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group)
It’s no longer the East, LeBron (D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group)

Oh, simply said against Western teams, this is more than just what LeBron said of him having to play better — it’s just that the East is too weak. And the only teams that could actually give the Cavaliers a real fight are with issues — the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls. See. If all 30 NBA teams were healthy and NOT divided into East and West, then the highest this Cavaliers’ team could go would probably be number 5..

After Golden State. San Antonio. Oklahoma and Los Angeles. And. And that is if New Orleans, Houston and Dallas hasn’t gotten used to either playing with a ‘complete and healthy’ line-up, or the Rockets’ James Harden still hasn’t learned to play WITH a team.

Pelicans' Davis and Rockets' Harden
Pelicans’ Davis and Rockets’ Harden

My, what are we talking about here — the 2016 NBA Finals? Of course. And the would have been cast, too. ‘Cause after 2 games and.. And a ‘complete and healthy’ line-up, how come the Cavaliers are still groping?? Again what, Kevin Love’s concussion? My, he’s just the third wheel in the ‘Big 3’ and the most expendable — the Cavs could have used Frye?! Or maybe we should just wait for Love to heal before continuing with the Finals, anyway, nothing follows. Ah yes, Rio. Hah!

Well this only confirms that their line-up, that having their supposed ‘Big 3’ doesn’t really have anything to do with last year’s results. It’s a matter of system, of utilizing the bench. And oh, before we forget — again, it’s just been 2 games.

Anything could still happen. Right. But. Nothing much the Cavs could do at this point except get real physical and scare GSW away..

Draymond Green: This year's Finals MVP? (Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images/AFP)
Draymond Green: This year’s Finals MVP? (Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images/AFP)

As there’s not much really to analyze for in this kind of dominance that the Warriors have shown, the Xs and Os are really all about the team’s system. Yep, more than their supposed line-ups. Nothing against Jerry West but if he is defending LeBron, that is because he’s got an even worse Finals’ record at 1-8. Right?

So, a 1-2 series standing after Game 3? Or perhaps it’s Draymond Green’s turn to claim the NBA Finals MVP. Anything goes.

2015 NBA Weekly: Lessons from the Stars

More than just basketball, NBA players are human too. They get sick, get duped, get in trouble and share their blessings as well. Such are the cases of our featured NBA stalwarts..

Chris Bosh in white (Photo: Bleacher Report)
Chris Bosh in white (Photo: Bleacher Report)

CHRIS BOSH. After missing out the latter part of last season due to blood clots in his lungs, Chris Bosh is finally A-OK as he displayed more than just skills but ‘endurance’ against, well, the entire staff of ‘The Late Late Show’. Hmm… they’re not professional players. Precisely! That’s why, it’s more of ‘endurance’ rather than skills for Bosh that time.

Just imagine how Miami would have fared if only Bosh was healthy last season, huh? Hey, they got the ‘dragon’ in Dragic and a real good talent in Whiteside!

So, more than the Bulls, Miami could have given the Cavs a run for their money. Yeah, except that we don’t know how their chemistry was at that time. Yet again, this season looks to be a 3-cornered fight in the East.

Mike Miller (Photo: Reuters)
Mike Miller (Photo: Reuters)

MIKE MILLER. A former Heat player himself is now in a different battle as he filed a lawsuit to recover his lost money in the Ponzi scheme. Well, this is why athletes for one should understand the ins and outs of the business before investing. If you don’t really understand it, regardless if your friend convinced you, just hold your horses..

After all, this is not like shooting 3’s that when you feel hot – you just keep throwing the ball up. Hey, you could be throwing a lot of money if you don’t watch out.

Interesting though is why does Miller keep following LeBron James when he would just be ‘thrown’ out of the team? First with Miami then with Cleveland. Money again??!

Well Mike, try the Bulls, your talents would probably be more appreciated.

Thabo (R) and Pero Antic (L) (Photo: iFreePress)
Thabo (R) and Pero Antic (L) (Photo: iFreePress)

THABO SEFOLOSHA. You must have heard that brawl in New York sometime April involving some NBA players. Well, Thabo was said to have ignored orders to step away from the crime scene and even became combative. He was then charged with obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest – but recently, Thabo has declined a plea deal that would have wiped away those criminal charges and instead wants a trial to clear his name. Wow!

Is this good? Before anything else, first, stay away from trouble. Life is precious, not to mention a good career that still holds. While teamwork is important in basketball, in confrontations especially outside the court, joining a fracas would only hurt you and your team more than it would help clear things up.

Still while the Hawks may have missed Thabo in last season’s PlayOffs, the team should also be glad to have him in the fold. Why? His ‘desire’ to clear his name only shows he may be more upright than we think – and that only gives us an idea of his good work ethics.

Draymond Green (Photo: wxyz Detroit)
Draymond Green (Photo: wxyz Detroit)

DRAYMOND GREEN. Giving back to your roots is one noble thing to do; and that’s what Draymond just did after signing his max contract with the Golden State Warriors. He donated $3.1M to his alma mater. Yes, just one of those stories we’d love to hear. Still, wouldn’t it have been better if he made it as private as he could? Like just passing an envelop to your intended beneficiary if possible? That would have been a real good heart.

See, donating is not like basketball where everyone has to know the good you did. Many may not realize that basketball needs more than just stats to prove one’s skills; likewise, donating also doesn’t need media to show the Samaritan in you.

Then again, ‘blowing your horn’ is still better than doing nothing when you could actually do something. Hmm… well, we got a good Warrior here. Kudos!