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Top 10 Beach Activities in the Philippines

Know what, there are actually many things we could do in beaches — yeah, not just swimming, eating and chitchatting. We could do yoga, read a book, fly a kite and more! Unfortunately, many of us just leaves such activities at home. Hmm…

And so, what do we normally see in Philippine beaches?

Singing (Music): The universal language

VIDEOKE. In almost any beach you go to, and even from afar, you could already hear this thunderous sound — Singing!!

Selfie: The way of life

SELFIE OR PHOTOGRAPHING VIEWS. What is having fun without having memories of it? Besides, picture-taking has simply become part of our lifestyle already!

Playing Cards: The national past time??

PLAYING CARDS OR MAHJONG. Especially for those who does not want to swim yet, playing cards or mahjong is one past time many just could not live without. Really.

Drinking: The amnesiatic solution??

DRINKING. Though you could see people ‘drinking’ even without playing cards, in most cases, these two activities go hand-in-hand.

Sand Games: The path to re-energizing

SAND CASTLES OR BURYING A FRIEND. Even for many adults, playing with sand is a sure thing especially when it’s white sand where one could also bury a friend.

Beach Volleyball: Bonding and exercise in one

BALL GAMES. Beach volleyball and soccer, these are the most popular ball games one could see on beaches. And oh, incidentally, athleticism is reduced dramatically when on sand making almost everybody equal — thus, more fun and excitement!

Playing Frisbee: Fun and personal training in one

FRISBEE OR PLAYING CATCH. For those who doesn’t have a Frisbee, one could see beach goers playing catch instead that is by using a beach ball — however, only few moves on to play dodgeball since it requires more energy and athleticism to play it.

Relaxing or Taking a Nap: Just ‘enjoying’ the moment

TAKING A NAP. Yeah, we could see more than a handful actually taking a nap or relaxing on beaches — what with the time they spent in preparing food or even just talking onto the wee hours of the night in excitement of going to the beach!

Playing Tag: A simple way of making friends

PLAYING TAG. Either on sand or at sea, there are still those who plays tag or even race — then again, the numbers has fallen since this requires energy; and these days, energy has become a commodity that they’d rather swim leisurely than try to tag someone else.

Boating: Enjoying while exploring the sea

BOATING. While many would want to go boating, only a few would actually go for it. Ey, you have to spend to do so! Good if their group is just about 6-8 people, that with some extra cash, they would most likely rent and take the paddle. Thus, if the majority could not ride then the minority would not force it. So, jetskiing, parasailing, and alike — obviously, they’re not for the majority.

Banana Boat Ride: Adding excitement to a wonderful summer

As for playing musical instruments, most would rather sing at the videoke bar. Board games? Most would rather play cards. Dance the limbo or learning new sports? Most would rather roam around for ‘selfies’. Watching movies on a portable CD player? Most would rather, well, sleep; of course, watching movies among others is sedentary as well but the point is — many have become idle!?

Collect seashells or play tug-of-war? My, it’s almost a forgotten art!

Interesting Ideas: Kids’ Toys & Entertainment

How about some variety in children’s toys? Like lesser gadgets and something more that they could “physically get into”..

Hmm… the pocket bike’s cool and something kids would truly love – but how about safety? You may make them wear all those helmets and stuff, still, don’t forget those reminders..

And mind you, it’s not safe for very young children.

Wow! With just plain AAA battery, a small magnet and a bended wire – your kids would surely be entertained! And perhaps be able to think of other positive things they could do with it.

Very clever!

Oh, don’t you think babies would get kinda dizzy? Or what, cross-eyed?? Hah! Yup, it’s hypnotic but too much of such things could harm the baby, don’t you think so?

It’s good for the guardians though – they get their breaks.



Fashion Watch: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad may not be as popular as other celebrities globally, but this TV personality and fashion designer has also proven to us that she got what it takes to make heads turn.

Courtesy of E!
Courtesy of E!


Even the colored edges of her sunglasses matched her long-sleeved shirt and “bag” at that. She’s a designer after all, of course.

But what’s striking really is her shirt, the color is just cooling to the eyes, while the print – though simple – is appealing. Obviously, made of good fabric, huh?

And not to mention how Lauren half-tucked her shirt into her fitting jeans.. where “beltlessness” only adds to its attractiveness.

Well, if you got style – dare to express!

World Order, the New “Gangnam Style”?!?

Two weeks ago, we talked about Jackie Chan’s boy band JJCC; today, we feature Japan’s answer to the blown out popularity of K-pop and boy bands..


..and so, we now present to you World Order, a Japanese male group made up of 7 tuxedo clad members led by its founder Genki Sudo who formed the dance-pop band right after he retired from mixed martial arts.

Oh, in case you’ve only heard of them now, this group has in fact been active since 2009. And though they got a couple of hits under their sleeves in their native Japan, they still got to make a real breakthrough in the international scene.


Well, finally their amusing robotic dance in a suit (which is actually the group’s regular outfit) has been noticed.. through their latest song “Have a Nice Day”, the group is now predicted to break the ice ceiling – and be the next “Gangnam Style” hit. Really?

See what martial arts can do? Aww!

Consumer Photos 43

While local drama is popular anywhere in the country, there are some disparities when it comes to movie going… or so.

CenterMall Cinema
CentreMall Cinema

Natives of Luzon loves to watch Tagalog films in cinemas…

DVD discs with an average of 10 movies in 1
DVD discs with an average of 10 movies in 1

On the other hand, more Visayans would rather watch DVD films at home; okay, although the screen is smaller, it’s cheaper and more convenient. Makes sense.

Consumer Photos 16

Where would you rather go, what would you rather choose to do, to engage yourself with? Movies.. Or music?

Feast for your eyes ...
Feast for your eyes…

Cinemas offer not just entertainment but “education” — depending on the type of movie you’re watching. It challenges your imagination while giving you that sense of satisfaction when you leave the movie theatre.

Peace with your soul ...
Peace with your soul…

Music is music. While you don’t “really see” anything – unless you are watching a music video; music brings that relaxing feeling and sets the mood for your day ahead. More so, it bonds people from all walks of life. Yup, music is indeed the ‘international language’.