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Top Travel Tips: How To Travel as a Migrant

We all know what has been going on at the US border for the past several weeks or so; from a migrant ‘caravan’ that started in Honduras to the struggles that they had to deal with along the way to the issues and reality they had to face upon reaching the US-Mexican border.

Yet well, the most common reasons why migrants leave their home countries are: 1) To escape persecution or violence, and 2) To have better opportunities. While many who are part of the caravan (or migrant crossers) are asylum seekers and therefore are looking to immigrate, it is actually the lowly contract workers who temporarily leaves their families for overseas work that faces a greater risk of being exploited or discriminated.

With that, let’s go through the basics on how to travel as a migrant.

We’re all travelers in this world, whether to live or work – give everyone the opportunity they seek.
Overseas Workers
  1. Make sure your employment agency is legally recognized. Thus, check out the government offices responsible for the listing of recognized employment agencies.
  2. Do not just pay fees, give away your documents or sign anything if you have not thoroughly verified the agency and the job offer. Make sure you understand ‘everything’ there is.
  3. Secure your passport and other travel documents only from the Department of Foreign Affairs, or government agencies and authorized offices that is responsible for such. Avoid fixers.
  4. Do not bring anything or agree to bring something that you do not really know of or is, otherwise, prohibited.
  5. Try to familiarize yourself with the language and culture of your destination beforehand. Likewise, be sure to know where your country’s consulate office is and make them know you’re there.
  6. Contact whoever you know who lives or works in your country of destination in advance if possible. More than having someone to keep you from being lonely, this would ease your transition to your new environment – from knowing where the market, hospital and everything is to digesting the cost of living.
  7. Live and work in peace. Follow the laws. Respect the culture. Be friendly and build good, healthy relationships.
    Never harass migrants, they have rights; besides, they could be valuable nation-builders, too.
Migrant Caravan
  1. Make sure you brought all your proper identification papers and pertinent documents – and be sure to keep them safe and ready.
  2. Be responsible for the person(s) and things you brought with you, as well as the people you are with (remind them to be respectful).
  3. Do not vandalize, destroy properties, abuse the environment or leave trash on wherever you may transit.
  4. Do not just barge in or illegally enter your country of destination but follow their asylum process and laws.
  5. Be productive and do everything necessary to positively adapt to the place you are in. Be that model citizen.

We are all citizens of this world. Never exploit anyone or anything, but do what it takes to make travel and migration safe and orderly.

Real Estate: Grand Residences Cebu

When looking for a place to stay that is both ‘grand’ and strategically located — yet most of the land has been commercially used or residentially occupied, what would be left are hotels and inns. So, what are the first things that would come to mind when the issue is actually a basic need itself? Rent??

One. Buy a ‘house-for-sale’ wherein you would really need to scour especially in the city — and who knows if you would indeed like the place, more so, if the price is worth it?!

Two. Check out those high rise structures you see in the place you want, and of course, need to be — for if they’re not hotels or offices, they’re condominiums..

Like, the Grand Residences Cebu.

And as we know, another nice thing about condos is that — even foreigners could acquire such property in the Philippines. Located at the heart of Cebu City (just 10 minutes from Cebu Business Park and Ayala Center) — the country’s 2nd most progressive area — this place would be ideal for expats and working professionals going about their business with some sort of permanency in this region.

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Travel Time: Expat Life in Indonesia

Have you been to Indonesia? Bali, does it ring a bell? Well, it’s a very popular tourist destination, just a wonderful beach. How about working and living in Indonesia? Oh, whether working or visiting, if you are white or blonde..

You must then be a “bule”.. an Indonesian term basically referred to non-Southeast Asian looking people; and that could be good for you, let’s check out our hilarious travel time video for today..

Wow, pretty expensive, huh?! I mean, the goods. Then again, the video is actually relevant to Jakarta, Bali, and other Indonesian cities but not the whole of Indonesia..

The same goes with house rents which in cities you have to pay for the whole year, but outside cities, you do pay monthly rents. Hmm…

Yet come to think of these items, they are mostly expensive only in supermarkets and not in regular markets and local stands – that is if you just try to do a little searching. Quite obvious.

Lastly, what makes Indonesians pretty admirable is their high moral standards.. and their sense of cooperation. Like, the neighborhood cleanup they regularly organize.. and being a “bule” only means you got to fit in as well.