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Online Opportunity: Top Deals

So, who needs money? Oh, is that a question? Most everyone needs money unless you’re in seclusion or something like that. But kidding aside, wouldn’t it be nice if you could even earn while at home.. or while in your spare time? This is in fact applicable whether you’re employed, unemployed, an OFW, a student, an entrepreneur or simply an opportunity seeker — all this needs is 2-3 hours of your daily free time and you get that chance to earn P2K – P4K a week.

That’s right.

Top Deals: Membership Form
Top Deals: Membership Form

Hmm… Is it too good to be true? Hey, we’re in the ‘information age’ you know. And while many scams abound, there are also many opportunities where we could earn that extra income — just got to be open-minded and really investigate. So, lend me your ears.. err, eyes too for this opportunity we’re talking about is especially for Filipinos who wants to get out of the rut while maximizing their time using the ‘net’.. Or Facebook in particular.

Like earning while using your Facebook account? Yup. All you need to do is ‘like’ pages and eventually ‘duplicate’ yourself. And that so happen to be called ‘online advertising’ — which is how companies who got online presence not only promotes their products, services or events but also gets more customers. All these through a Naga City-based company named Top Online Pro Deals. Just CLICK HERE and the video will pretty much explain everything to you..

Top Deals: Live Presentation
Top Deals: Live Presentation

Ooops! Just want to inform you though that the video maybe a liiiittle long but it would certainly be worth your time as it concerns you and how to give you more leverage in securing your future. That is if you really want to earn — and that if you also want to help your family, if ever, not just make ends meet.

As a reminder, upon clicking here, don’t forget to enter your name and email address so a code would be sent to you in starting the video. Listen carefully to the video presentation and really finish it.

Nevertheless, if you wish for a ‘live presentation’ instead or just for further details, please contact 09435247120.

Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You

Yes, it’s May 4, and a day of unity among Star Wars fans. Well, although the first Star Wars film was shown on the 25th of May 1977 – this fans day was established to celebrate the movie and to coincide with the movie’s popular line, “May the force be with you”.. Then rephrased to May the 4th be with you.

Oh, what can you do today as a Star Wars fan? Well, you could invite your friends to come over and watch these movies particularly the trilogy to remind you how the film became a classic.. to even wearing Star Wars attires or memorabilia.. And especially participating in social media about your admiration for the film.

So, if you’re in Twitter, try #HappyStarWarsDay or #MayTheFourthBeWithYou.. And you’ll see how many friends you’ll make just because of this special day.

After all, these practices has been a tradition for several years now by fans all over the world – yea, from a movie that has inspired and indeed changed our lives one way or another.

Hmm… if only we could extend this movement to also bring real peace around the world then Star Wars would have really been a Force beyond the stars. Can we do it? Just be true. And start by connecting with people and making friends.. Now.

HABU music app on App Review

Music is the international language that we can’t imagine of anyone who doesn’t like even one song. Oh my, that person must really be antisocial to hate music. But for many of us, we even try to make our own playlists of our current and all-time favorites.. and listening to them over and over again.

And so, Gravity Mobile recognized this and came up with the HABU music app.. An application that organizes your music library according to mood which number 25 categories, and about 100 assumed moods.

How does it go about?


First, it is to load your library. Then it’d analyze and differentiate the songs through their emotion tags which would then take the form of yellow-green bubbles.

The size of the bubbles would depend, obviously, on the number of songs in that particular mood category. And to play the songs, simply click on the bubble.. though unfortunately, you couldn’t really select the type of mood you want to play, or even know it until you click that bubble.

Then again, music is the international language where we could all express ourselves, and so through HABU, we could also share and compare our moods at Facebook.


Hmm… it would have been more interesting if not only for that bubble information issue, eh?

In the end, though the app seems too simple, like, it’s just basically about filing.. this app would prove to be significant what with all the information.. and songs we try to store these days.

Great entrepren…

Great entrepreneurs are often great listeners and they can spot patterns and pick up on small details in customer stories. – Alexander Osterwalder

True. That’s what entrepreneurs and leaders are – Opportunity Makers. And that’s why these individuals are into social media especially Facebook and Twitter.

So obviously.. if a “great” entrepreneur, an ambitious beginner, or even a struggling one has noticed our site then he would try to get in touch or at least Like and Follow Us.. as many do. See? We have been sharing experiences all along!

While each one of us are consumers, some of us could be or are entrepreneurs one way or another.. Just continue your journey.

Surfing with SUN Cellular…

Yesterday 8:19am, I was notified that I successfully loaded FB50 valid for 7 days by SUN Cellular Mobile Internet; and was texted to just visit m.facebook.com.

It’s been 30h since and I have not been able to access what I paid for. Instead, what happens is that.. after typing m.facebook.com, SUN directs me to its web page – SUN Wap. Try it again, it just goes circles.

Worse, FB Zero as well as Twitter Mobile has also been inaccessible.

I noticed that these things happened when i100 was loaded several days ago, which incidentally gave some problems as well. I could not use SUN’s mobile internet on its first and last days of subscription. Oh boy!

For one, I think SUN Cellular’s system got mixed up and could not handle different purchases (though on different occasions) by a single user.


Now, SUN’s sim card is practically useless (except for its free texts that accompanied the i100 & FB50 loads).. well, maybe until i100 is loaded again.

Oh, what the heck?!

Page cannot be displayed??

This post should have at least appeared yesterday, but due to technical problems, you see us only now.. again.

Well, from slow networks to inaccessible websites – that’s what happened even the other day. If only on a daily basis, that was in fact the third time around that Consumer Live has missed on posting on its site.

First was because of the URL spams. Second was just a couple of days ago, and ’twas because of a slowing network just like the other day, November 14.

Accessing problems abound whatever the search engine...
Accessing problems abound whatever the search engine…

The third could be because of either the search engines, WordPress, or network problems. And these are not to make excuses but to disseminate a truthful statement especially for our loyal followers who deserves nothing but Our Best.

At any rate, we are not sure if this is because of the recent super typhoon Haiyan – or its after effects.

But one things is for sure though – Consumer Live is Alive and Kicking. We’re resourceful enough to find ways to keep you posted.

And if we ourselves are having trouble accessing our site for postings and updates, or would be affected in some way – at least until technicalities or the “power supply” normalizes then at the very least our Facebook and Twitter pages through our mobiles would breathe you life – just Like and Follow Us.

Thus, keep your dials on and stay tuned! Thank you.

The subtleties of #socialmedia

The subtleties of #socialmedia

Just last Monday, Facebook went down for a while. And some of you who were trying to post on Facebook may have noticed this error message:  “There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.”

Sounds like just a little technical problem, huh? But it was experienced in many places (as in several IPs all over) that #facebookdown trended in Twitter.

This was experienced even after 3 hours since the problem was reported. Well, of course, Facebook was able to eventually fix the issue.


Meanwhile, just yesterday, LinkedIn also had a share of its problems. Click here to see an example posted at Xperlink.

Good customer relations is like treating one as family – you listen, you help. Like, if at times your family says or acts unfavorably in your eyes; but since you really know the person is principled, those unfavorable words or actions may just simply be a “misunderstanding.” All you need to do is clear things up as necessary. See, a truly good person will always be good.

At any rate, this thing with the internet or social media – there are times when it would break down just like having a car or a TV set. Since you use it, it goes through wear and tear. Maintenance is key in products. However on services like the internet – “immediate attention” is crucial to great customer service.

If you do that time and again, you would have built a good reputation that customers would be more understanding once it happens – especially if it’s just once in a while.