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In Pictures: Kawasan Falls (Badian, Cebu)

Another of the more frequented tourist attractions in Cebu is the Kawasan Falls in Badian — some 110 kilometers south of Cebu City. Well, there are those who says that there’s really nothing special about this falls as it’s just a regular one. Then again, what makes a falls special anyway?

Height? Hmm… Don’t really think so. As long as it’s not too low, that’s okay. Water color? Ahh, know what? If the falls is a ‘real’ one then it should darken when it rains — as in brownish — due to the soil that gets mixed up when it pours real hard. So again, what makes a falls special, huh?

A good mix of just about everything. Especially the location or environment, yeah..


Like it? Well, to get here: Get to the Librando Bus Terminal first, that’s just on the opposite side of the South Bus Terminal. Most of their buses here, in fact, has that Badian signboard. So just ask to make sure and hop in the first one that’s scheduled to leave.

Hey, it takes 3-4 hours of travel time, so you wouldn’t want to waste time, eh?! Oh, fare is at P130 per head by the way.


Once you get past the bridge and see the church to your left, that’s where you get off.

Then walk a little further and you’ll see the path to Kawasan Falls. And that’s about a 1.5 kilometer hike — with the earliest sights you’ll see from the pictures below.


Entrance fee costs P20 per head
Souvenir items just at the entrance

You’d actually be passing by a number of bridges and wonderful sights on your way to the falls. So get your cameras ready!




Hmm, just saw the little bridges, now here are some of the views..



Know what? There’s two things we could say about the Kawasan adventure really..


The Good. More than the rafting, it’s the 1.5 kilometer walk that sets this adventure apart.

Accommodation just in front of the falls

The Not So Good. We don’t really like the idea that structures are so near the falls — it just reduces its appeal, and so making the place look like a hotel pool instead of a waterfall. See?

Till next time.. Ciao!

In Pictures: Mantayupan Falls (Barili, Cebu)

Here is one of the more than 90 falls you could find in Cebu province.. the Mantayupan Falls in Campangga, Barili — some 60 kilometers southwest of the city.

Oh, did you know that it’s just about 300 meters away from another wonderful adventure? Well then, let’s see these pics first..

0 1

Hmm… Can you see ’em clearly? I mean the print on the signboard. If not, here goes. There are actually 2 falls here, one is 14 meters high and the ‘main’ falls is about 98 meters high..



This is the 14-meter high falls; and it’s the first falls you’d see.



Now, t’is the ‘main’ waterfalls at 98 meters.. A lot really gathers here to have picnics, you know. The ‘wind’ is pretty cool off the falls, yeah!


For the curious, here’s what that small sign says — check it out!



And yes, in case you wish to spend a night or two, they got rooms.


So, what can you say? Okay, the water is not blue nor green; well, it just rained before we got there. Still, it’s bathable. After all, it’s running water, remember?! Just be careful.


In Pictures: Getting to Igotan Cave (Talisay City, Cebu)

Many times, pictures do help in choosing the places we would want to visit. Yet for secluded, or sites we have never even heard of, pictures not only rubs our ‘travel bug’ but gives us that safe feeling — knowing the ‘terrain’ we have to go through in advance.

Let’s now see and feel the ‘actual’ terrain in getting to Igotan Cave.

Your landmark in taking the 'habal-habal' to Igotan Cave
Your landmark in taking the ‘habal-habal’ to Igotan Cave

In your last ride to Igotan Cave, the above photo is the landmark where motorbikes wait to bring you to the area — Brgy. Jaclupan.



The road to Igotan Cave takes around 15 minutes of scenic views..

Where you'll get off the motorbike and start your hike
T’is where you’ll get off the motorbike and start your hike

pic10 pic11 pic12

Upon getting off your ride, you just have to walk straight till you see a basketball court and a mango tree where you’d be going down to cross a dry river and onto the hill — which isn’t really that far.


Yeah, until you see this house, or the entrance to the cave’s vicinity.pic20

Since the cave isn’t that wide, spelunkers usually get in the cave on a first come, first serve basis — meaning, just gotta wait for your turn.pic22


They used to allow visitors down those rocks where the ‘outer’ falls is, but since they’re fixing the place, it’s temporarily disallowed. pic24

Finally, as a parting shot.. Read that poster before entering the cave, prepare to get your feet wet, hold your cameras well, and watch your step and head. Oh yes, you could shower in the falls inside but just secure your other stuff so it won’t slip or get wet as well.

pic14 pic15

Hmm… In case you wanna go for another short adventure, feel free to explore the dry river and its surroundings especially that bridge.

Click Here to see the cave’s inside and for more directions. Ciao!