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Food Review: Cheeseburger (American)

The world’s 30th most delicious food has actually become so common around the globe that one may even be surprised that it’s where it is ranked. Yeah, and like what our title suggests, it’s the American


Well, obviously, the burger patty has a lot to do with the sandwich; and adding cheese only added more flavor to it. Meat lovers are just about anywhere, see?

Then again, we all know how unhealthy it could be; as yet another study, this time from the researchers of the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology finding cheeseburgers as bad as smoking..

As a diet high in animal protein could increase one’s risk of cancer or diabetes-related illnesses leading to death. Thus, it would be good to know one’s BMI to understand how much protein can his body actually take.

Adults should have around 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight – allowing a 130 pound adult a daily animal protein intake of 45-50 grams.

And although the good side of eating cheeseburgers¬†include no sugar, high in iron, high in vitamin B6 and B12 – the bad side also includes it’s high content of saturated fat and sodium.

Oh yes, regular, single-patty cheeseburgers have about 22 grams of protein. So if you crave for it, once in a while is okay, but a regular intake would hurt you.

Your choice.

YouTube Review: Tipping Fast Food Workers $100

With this video now all over the planet, many of our fast food workers and even those in other service-related establishments must have been doubling their efforts..

Good for customers.

We have to commend the efforts of the fundraisers, though, for reaching out through Tipping Fast Food Workers $100 and making our fast food workers smile..

Then again, was there scheming you say? Or was this just an act, like, those people are just characters of a play?

Well, at least we viewers came to understand that life has been real tough for many.. And if we could help in any way, then why not? We’re now at least 2.8M YouTube viewers strong in this, so..


The Location game…

Location (including structural design) is crucial in the food business and especially if you are still a new player..

The store known here as "McDo"
The store known here as “McDo”

Though consumers will find wherever their store is, popular fast foods still try to go for that edge – that “busy corner” location.

Max's Restaurant
Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant, known for their chicken recipe, did a good job in its lighting particularly with its entrance and selected “dimming” within.

Mang Tinapay
Mang Tinapay

Mang Tinapay, a new corner bakeshop has its visibility blocked by fruit stands and a mini-terminal – but “newness” attracts, so?

Okay, being near a terminal is good however if your store is just too close to vehicles then it could affect “the brand it wants to establish.”

Nonetheless, in the end, it all depends on the “location” – this time it means the locality or region where your store is; and on how tolerant the culture is to such.

Consumer Photos 41

Interesting policies from the Top 2 fastfood chains in the country. Anyway, what would you prefer?

McDonald's BQ branch
McDonald’s BQ branch

A 3-hour lunch break on free WI-FI usage at McDonald’s (at least for its BQ branch, a ploy to seat more customers to their store), or…

Inside of Jollibee Marcela branch
Inside of Jollibee Marcela branch

No break on free WI-FI but customers would have to pay for use of electrical outlets..? This is true for their Alturas branch as well. But for this photo, notice that lamp “shell”? Well… that’s just one of those outlets.

Obviously, both are revenue generating policies; however, the latter’s regulation just “seems uncaring.”