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In Pictures: Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon (Liloan, Cebu)

There’s really no such thing as all-in-one per se in terms of adventure since earth is not only a division of land and water but land itself has caves, mountains and plains. Thus, in most cases, the nearest thing to an all-in-one could be beach activities (parasailing, jetskiing, and alike) plus camping..

Or swimming and land activities (zipline, wall climbing, and alike); otherwise, you just have to hike to link all ’em activities you like.

And Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon is one that includes a mix of water and land activities without the camping among others.

Horseback Riding: P75 for 15 minutes
Fishing: P100 per fishing rod
400m Zipline: P200 two-way (800m)
Wall Climbing: P100 per 3 attempts
Hanging Bridge: P50 one way
600m Jungle Obstacle: P150 one way
Wakeboarding: P500 per hour
Paddle Boat: P200 per half hour
Swimming Pool: P100 per head

Papa Kit’s is just 20 kilometers north of Cebu City — this is in Liloan, near the municipal hall and just a stone’s throw away from the sports complex. Everyone there knows the place, so just ask if you feel lost.

Rooms are available in 2 rates: Overnight and Day Use

Once you are inside this 93 hectare property, the sights could induce you to spend a night or two — and what a spot?! The rooms are even facing the wakeboarding site! By the way, the entrance fee is P100 per head but it is consumable — so enjoy!

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In Pictures: Cebu Wetland Resort (Bacalso, Cebu City)

If you want to enjoy swimming while having a get-together yet you don’t feel like traveling far from the city then today’s feature could be your destination — Cebu Wetland Resort. It’s the only inland resort in Cebu City and where you not only get to swim but do boating and fishing as well.

To Get Here: Ride the #11 jeep at Colon. That’s it. Yes, this time you do not really need a cab unless you got a lot to bring and simply want to have a more comfortable trip to the resort; after all, you want to relax and re-energize. Right.

Entrance to the 'actual' resort
Entrance to the ‘actual’ resort
Accommodation and some parking
More parking space at the other side

The resort is owned by an engineer, so when you actually get to the place itself you’d be surprised by the construction materials and heavy equipments that would greet you — that you may not have even noticed its site at once. Don’t get discouraged though..

2 3

10 11

Once you see the pond. The huts. The boats. And of course, the pools. You’d feel a lot more engaged. By the way, boating only costs P50 while fishing.. P20 for the rod and also P20 for the bait.


13 14


Oh yes, the entrance fee costs P150 for adults and P120 for kids 2-8 years old. Kinda steep, huh? But that also includes the cottage. Altho you would have to pay corkage for drinks and lechon if ever, you’d probably won’t mind with all the fun you’re bound to get..

Fishing time
Fishing time



Even if you have to pay P180 per kilo on the fish you caught. Hah! Otherwise, just remove the hook and return the fish to the pond.


And if you haven’t had enough, hey, you could sleep here. Sshhh..

Interesting Ideas: Something About Strings

Almost any item (even the minutest of it) could be used if not improved; otherwise, recreated for another purpose – and that’s our feature for the day – other interesting things we could do with strings..

Well, of course a real drum sounds better than what the guitar produces – a drum is a drum, a guitar is a guitar. Yet, if only to have that drum effect, this guitar with that lid is a great leap forward – something that could be used one way or another. Really.

Hmm… fishing with a bow and arrow? It’s not a new idea. And many in fact does it especially for the fun of it. At least it’s more efficient than a spear, right?

Then again, this is all about interesting ideas. Whatever we could do to find alternatives or better an existing item for possible use should be considered..

We are consumers!