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Want to live long?

Want to live long?

Well, who doesn’t want to live long? And healthy, of course! Yet, what is exactly the secret of a long and healthy life?

123-year-old Bolivian farmer Carmelo Flores
Bolivian farmer Carmelo Flores

At 123 years of age, the oldest man alive, Carmelo Flores, says that his Andean diet of Quinoa grains, mushrooms and coca leaves has kept him this long and kicking.

Hmm… as we know, food has a lot to do with our health – thus, don’t just pick up anything from the grocery but check the label. Hey, you don’t pressingly have to keep eating the same food over and over again but go slow on preservatives, on salt, on unhealthy oil, and sweets. This is no joke.

Nowadays, people just rely on tablets or supplements to keep themselves healthy – how about having some regular exercise, too? See, Flores is a farmer, and don’t you notice? Farmers normally live long. Why? Exercise. They may not intentionally try to keep walking and lift weights, but their work is making them do so. Naah, you don’t necessarily have to be a farmer – just fix your lifestyle.

And one more thing – avoid polluting our environment in whatever way. We are all consumers of air as well as consumers of fish, cattle and poultry that their habitat are just adulterated by many. Oh my, do you really want to live long? Take care of planet earth!

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Caring for man's best friend ... err, friends!
Caring for man’s best friend… err, friends!

While it’s great to have a dog — the benefits of having one naturally goes with some corresponding responsibilities. Are you ready, or are you doing it already? Then good.

Dog food and supplies
Dog supplies

So, what can we do for one that gives us unconditional love and protection like our pet dog? What else but give ’em all the care and supplies that she needs..

Latest on the Fonterra Milk Scare

Latest on the Fonterra Milk Scare

What makes this scary? Hmm… as the leading exporter of milk, New Zealand is known to be clean and green but then, “botulism” is now staining it.

Fonterra_LogoAnd what is botulism? It’s a type of food poisoning: a serious form of food poisoning caused by eating preserved food that has been contaminated with ‘botulinum’ organisms. The toxin affects the central nervous system and causes progressive muscular paralysis.

Oh my, careful…