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YouTube Review: Foreign Worker Saves Baby in Singapore

Our featured YouTube video of the week shows the heroic act by a Bangladeshi in Singapore as he saves a crying baby whose head got stuck in the railings..

Hmm… The dangers of the situation could have been more emphasized if the video kinda showed the building and its area – even in a browsing motion.

Though still, one can’t help but think – what happened? Why did the baby end up in such a precarious situation? Where was the guardian anyway?

Now, the second part of the video is actually the scene before the foreign worker went to the rescue. Oh, hope you could just try to understand the sequence.

In all, this brave act and thousands more happening all across the globe only confirms that many foreign workers, no matter how lowly their occupation, is more than worthy of their pay..

So treat them fairly and reward them well. One day, it’s your life that might need some saving.