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Of Dogs and Refs

We’ve seen dogs do plenty of tricks. Yes, we know how trainable they are and amusing especially when taught well. But have you seen this kind of act by a dog? I mean, just check out this video..

Wow! Is this a trick? Oh, trick or not, how smart can a dog be!?! And to think the dog’s not really trained for the movies! Calling Disney!

Well, the act maybe short with just one “trick” but this is just one of those videos where there’s really no need for explanations. You’re jaws are simply gonna drop in awe and amusement..

After all, a dog is also a consumer. Hah!

Consumer Photos 30


Basic appliances such as refrigerators has evolved through the years.. and it’s not just a simple question of size or color but “make”; as in some old favorites like having a “built-in like water dispenser” among others.

And though a simple convenience of having double doors may save you electricity by helping you focus on what you really intend to get fast – what’s the “use” of such if most of what you have inside your fridge is junk or processed food?

To live healthy, eat healthy.


Ah, as far as freezers are concerned, most who acquires such have some sort of food business – like ice cream or yeah, processed food. Do you know how to choose a good one?