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Food Review: Ice Cream (American)

At number 15 on the world’s most delicious food is the United States’ first entry, the Ice Cream. And yet with the many flavors that has evolved, vanilla and chocolate continue to remain at the top of the surveys.

Hmm… In all our previous food reviews, we at least showed you how to go about with the recipe, but then..

Strawberry has always blended well with chocolate

Here, it is ice cream. And unless one is actually in the business of manufacturing and selling ice cream, nobody would really be that interested in making ice cream than buying it.

Banana split, one of the all-time favorites

For one, it’s not just like the Philippine halo-halo or the Vietnamese che where you basically mix your ingredients with crushed ice..

It’s ice cream done from liquefied nitrogen. So?

Just buy one and enjoy!

YouTube Review: How Frozen Should Have Ended

For those of you who still has this hangover on award-winning animated film Frozen, here’s a YouTube video you’d somehow enjoy..

How Frozen Should Have Ended. With over 10 million views, our featured video for the week has certainly caught some attention especially from its patrons.

Well, isn’t it interesting? We mean the supposed solution to Elsa’s dilemma – as in placing her in Professor X’s institution. While there are those who questions the time both parties are in to be possible. An obvious answer of using time-travelling mutants would do the trick.

So, do you like the idea? For one, Elsa’s parents wouldn’t worry of her still uncontrollable powers. As for being a “bad” parent for sending Elsa away, hey, don’t you think they’re “responsible” humans instead? They’re thinking of others’ welfare as well; besides, they could visit her every now and then.

Still, since the video was in cartoon form, the delivery was somehow funny.. and cute, eh?!

Factors that make a “Classic” Animated Film

Just recently in the 86th Academy Awards, Walt Disney’s Frozen ran away with the Best Animated Feature Film award. Actually, the movie was real good that it also previously took the same award in various award-giving bodies like the Golden Globes, BAFTA, Annie, and the Critics’ Choice awards.


Then again, as in any critical analysis for greatness.. how good were its competition anyway? The question is not to have Elsa extend the harsh winter season amongst us but to truly understand what constitutes greatness in an animated film.

So, what makes an animated film a “classic”?

Is it the awards that it wins?  Sometimes, that can’t be the basis as this would depend on the film’s batch or competition. In this case, awards only help in a film’s recall.

Is it the box office? Revenue is time-based. What do I mean by that? Say, a kilo of meat could cost many times more in this generation than it did 50 years ago. This means, to give a more accurate analysis of popularity.. simply divide the total revenue with the actual number of “kilos.” Got the point?

Oh, then what?


Moral Lesson. Or values. Okay, most any animated film tries to work on this one but not all of them succeeds.. this is why not all animation are classics. The story is the foundation, you’re only supposed to creatively incorporate those values.

If you already got a good story to work on, this still doesn’t mean it’d be a classic unless you nicely bring it to life, for one.

Additional keys then would be the blend of character voices used.. the theme song.. the type of animation.. and the emotional attachment created in the film.

Frozen, undoubtedly, had a strong impact…