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Cocktail: How to Make a Planter’s Punch

Well, let’s start off the month with another summer cocktail — the Planter’s Punch! With the sweetness in Grenadine syrup plus the tartness of citrus in fruit juices and lime, hey, this is like drinking some mixed fruit shake at a mall, huh?!

But of course, there’s more to this cocktail than just fruits — that’s why it’s listed as a cocktail — so let’s first see how it’s done.

Oh, don’t be overwhelmed by the speed of the bartender in making this drink. You could go over the video, anyway. And also, if you are wondering why some Planter’s Punches are reddish or what, this is because of the dark rum — otherwise, it’s in its variations.

Basic Ingredients

Interesting here would be the stirring. I mean, if only for the drink to be immediately cold upon serving, bartenders put ice even before the rum and juices are mixed. Then again, this also dilutes the cocktail beforehand that’s why, and so..

Planter’s Punch

You got a perfect summer drink. A sweet and tarty punch!


Cocktail: How to Make a Screwdriver

So, wanna try another cocktail drink for this week? How ’bout the Screwdriver?! Not the tool, of course, but the drink that would make you go ‘nuts’! Haha! Oh well..

Check out how simple it is made then.

Well, well.. Very simple, eh! Just Vodka and orange juice, put them together, and you got a ‘Screwdriver’!

Hmm… Guess the bartender just put too much ice in the video. That would obviously water down the cocktail and reduce its taste. Hey, two or three pieces of ice would have been enough.


Anyway, here are the variations of the Screwdriver even as listed in Wiki..

Slow (Sloe) Screw. Two parts Sloe Gin, and filled with orange juice.

Slow Comfortable Screw. Two parts Sloe Gin, one part Southern Comfort, and filled with orange juice.

Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall. One part Sloe Gin, one part Southern Comfort, one part Galliano, and filled with orange juice.

Harvey Wallbanger. Two parts Vodka, four parts orange juice, and one part Galliano.

Sonic Screwdriver. Equal parts of Vanilla Vodka and Blue Curacao topped with lemon-lime soda.

Muddled Screwdriver

Okay, if cocktails are this simple, don’t you think we could experiment on our own, too? If you notice, bar drinks is just a matter of whatever liquor plus a fruit juice; so.. Perhaps you could also invent something many may have overlooked.

Till next time.. Ciao!