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Top Fruits in the Philippines during Summer

While most all kinds of fruits are available anywhere in the globe, these are likely imported — for there is this thing called ‘seasonal’ availability in fruits. And here in PI, while bananas, papayas and coconuts are available all year round, it’s good to take advantage of seasonal fruits during the summer..

Of course it’s cheaper, at least in many areas, and we need them to fight off colds while quenching our thirst! So, here.

Watermelon or ‘pakwan’ in the vernacular

WATERMELON. What is more thirst-quenching than the succulent ‘pakwan’! And during summer, it’s been neck-and-neck in popularity versus the mango as you don’t even need to make a juice out of it!

Mango, probably the sweetest is in Guimaras

MANGO. The national fruit. Summer or not, ripe or not — it’s just always sought after in the country! Young or old.

Melon is the Filipino term for this type of cantaloupe

CANTALOUPE. While you could eat ‘melon’ upon slicing  them, it is especially delicious when juiced. Yeah, ice-cold and with some milk!

Pineapple, got a plantation over at South Cotabato

PINEAPPLE. Either in juice or not, at the beach or at home — the pineapple has proven to be a favorite among Filipinos!

Bananas are just everywhere and all year round

BANANA. Probably one of the cheapest fruit anywhere — and as a bonus, it’s healthy and  satiates your hunger even if it ain’t summer!

Chico, sometimes you’re like eating sand but it tastes good and sweet

Meanwhile, other popular summer fruits include avocado, star apple (kaimito), jackfruit (langka), Spanish plum (sineguelas), cottonfruit (santol), Java plum (duhat), and the ‘chico’.

Food & How To: Dried Mangoes

In the Philippines, the home of dried mangoes is Cebu province. It’s just one of those delicacies that the province is known for, so as the belief goes, wherever you go — don’t miss out on its delicacy!

Understandably though, we sometimes come to love that delicacy that we want to make it ourselves so even when we go back home — we won’t be missing it too much. And so, for this issue, how are dried mangoes actually made?

Dehydration. That’s the key to making dried mangoes. And to do that, all you need is a ‘dehydrator’ otherwise, if you don’t have one — your oven will do. Same procedure.

Peel the mango. Slice it. Put them in a tray. Then in an oven at 105F. After about 3-4 hours, it’s done and ready to eat! However, bear in mind that since this has no preservatives, it could only last a couple of days. Hence, if you want it longer — a procedure with some water, refined sugar and sodium metabisulfite (preservative) are needed for a mixture where you could soak the mangoes for 6 hours after being heated.

Great for snacking or home business! Wow!

Health & Wealth Opportunity: Buah Merah Mix

We all know that health is wealth; yeah, ‘without good health, riches is in fact useless’ — for how can you enjoy life then? Think about it. Your money would just only be used to buy medicine and if ever, for hiring a nurse, too. Right.

Still, more than just enjoying life, good health is needed for us to be fully functional — either at home, work or school, or in our very own communities as a whole. See?

burah merah pouring
Just 1-2 bottle caps of Buah Merah Mix a day

Unfortunately, many has either one or the other, I mean good health or a good bank account. Otherwise, some may have both but not really on an optimum level, so this makes them prone to even the slightest nudge of life. That’s a fact. So, is that still good?

But then, what if there’s an opportunity to have ‘better’ health while building your wealth? Hmm… Now, that sounds real good! Yes, and that’s when Buah Merah Mix comes in.


Buah Merah literally means ‘red fruit’; and it was first discovered to contain beta-cryptoxanthin (one of the carotenoids in Buah Merah) by a Japanese doctor named Nishigaki in Papua New Guinea. From then on, it was found out that the fruit could help people with even the most ‘scary’ of ailments, such as AIDS, cancer and diabetes.

Wait. Mind you, this powerful red juice is not just for the sick but for those who wants optimum health. It’s for those wants more out of life. For those who wants to enjoy their families and friends longer..

The Synergy of 6 Natural Super Anti-Oxidants

And with Buah Merah’s synergy with 5 other natural super antioxidants in Mangosteen, Barley, Moringa, Guyabano (Soursop or Custard Apple) and Wheatgrass — this organic and non-toxic mix now serves as our primary booster to our body’s natural healing ability.

Among its health benefits..

  • Gives extra energy and improves stamina
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Fights cancer cells
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Normalizes blood sugar levels
  • Detoxifies your body of toxins


Okay, how much is a bottle of a Buah Merah Mix again? P350? But that 30 gram bottle should last for at least a week, you know.

Expensive? If it’s effective, it’s worth it. Besides, how much are the medicines of the ill? How about the vitamins and supplements of the ‘healthy’? They’re at least worth thousands on a monthly basis!

Proof of being safe and effective

So, if you would consume 2-4 bottles a month then you would still get value for your money at P1,400 max. Right.

However, you could get a 46% discount on every repeat purchase if you’d avail of the Dealer Promo Package worth P8,480. Included in this package are: 30 bottles of Buah Merah Mix, 5 Red Mint All Natural Pain Reliever Cream, a Marketing Brochure and Flyer among others.

Now, if we are to compute these products, it’d amount to P12,250 then less the initial investment of P8,480 — you get P3,770 in earnings, that’s if you do sell them all. Not bad. And not to mention the ‘perpetual passive income’ you could get through referrals and binary commissions. And that’s just the start.. As investors are also welcome to the Buah Merah Mix family.

The road to health and wealth is now open. For Orders, Inquiries or other Investor details — Please Contact 0943-5247120.

YouTube Review: Skinning a Watermelon

Uploaded just last August 31 and it already has 22 million YouTube views, wow! And this video is even just a prank that’s entitled ‘Skin a Watermelon party trick’! Let’s check it out..

Hah! Mark didn’t really skin the watermelon! I mean, he actually used 2 watermelons for this trick.. guess, if it were an actual party with no such video uploaded then people wouldn’t really suspect, right?

Yet only the quick-eyed would notice that the rind already has a cut.

Think it’s cool? Well, you could still try it out.. who knows?!

Mangosteen: Southeast Asia’s Queen of Fruits

If the durian is Southeast Asia’s King of Fruits, mangosteen is the region’s “Queen of Fruits.”

Hmm… King.. Queen.. Is this a joke? Of course not. They got their reasons for being monickered as such. And for the mangosteen, it’s mainly because of its said medicinal properties.

Well, this is not to say that the fruit sucks. In fact, if only for its smell and appearance, the mangosteen is far more better than the durian and many other fruits for that matter – how much more its taste? image

If you haven’t tried one, the mangosteen is a seasonal fruit and is normally available during the summer in Southeast Asia. The fruit is purple on the outside with a hard yet easy to crack rind. The edible part, however, is the 5-7 white and succulent seeds that’s sweet enough to make you keep coming back for more.

Now for its medicinal properties..

You must have seen many supplement nowadays that are made from mangosteen. Why, yes, because it’s high concentration of xanthones are deemed to be super antioxidants that is far higher than any other source you may know.


Not only that, that rind which is the key to all these healing properties is also said to have from antibacterial effects to antifungal activities to the prevention of high cholesterol and treatment of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

More so, mangosteen is also traditionally used to treat skin and gastrointestinal problems, allergies, inflammation, wounds, and even fever. Then again, although it’s good in reducing the risk of cancer, still there’s this lack of evidence that the mangosteen actually treats cancer.

Hey, still not bad for a delicious summer fruit!

Durian: Southeast Asia’s King of Fruits

This fruit maybe smelly but that’s what made durian popular.. Of course, it’s not simply smelly otherwise why would Southeast Asians regard it as their King of Fruits?

So obviously, because it’s an exotic fruit that leaves your tongue wanting for more.

Okay, though durian smells like rotten onions, it actually has a lot of sugar in it. Plus, it’s packed with a good source of Vitamin B and C as well as potassium – making it definitely worth trying.

But be careful though, tradition has it that pregnant women and those with high blood pressure should not eat it. More so, durian should not be consumed with coffee or alcoholic beverages as it’ll just cause indigestion or bad breath.

Still, what makes durian a good fruit to have is because of its many culinary uses.. From consuming it as a ripe fruit to using it to flavor candies, cakes and shakes to even using the unripe fruit as a vegetable.

Just remember, durian is ready to be eaten if its husk begins to crack. Slice it to its “core”, and enjoy!

Cleansing Diet Instructionals

Although most of us already has an idea of the value of fruits and vegetables for our bodies, especially in “dieting” for good figures – not many are fully aware of diets that could “detoxify” our bodies.

Here’s one of those “cleansing” diets that could keep our organs in top shape, and this, was actually formulated by the late Ernie Barron.


For 14 days, these are the fruits and vegetables that you are to eat:

1. Cucumber – it’s high in insulin which as we know is a hormone produced in the pancreas that regulates the level of glucose in the blood.

Intake:  1 kilo a day

2. Coconut Juice/Water – its alkali content neutralizes acids in our bodies.

Intake:  No limit

3. Orange – it has natural iodine which plays a role in metabolic functions; besides, the fruit is also good for blood cleansing.

Intake:  No limit

4. Bitter Gourd – it’s excellent for its blood cleansing properties.

Intake:  1/2 kilo a day

NOTE: You could also add apples (good for your lungs) and bananas (helps you have a better sleep) to your diet, however, in this case, it would be consumed only during snack times.

The above food combination has the ability to melt “bad” acids in our bodies as well as kidney stones, abscesses, and blood clotting.

Important Reminders:

1. For 14 days, you should not eat cooked, or packed food other than the above.

2. Do not add any sort of enhancer (sugar, salt, artificial flavoring, milk, etc.) to the food you are to eat.

3. After 14 days, do not immediately eat solid food; instead…

4. …just have “soft” meals (ex. porridge) or soup (ex. potato soup or sour broth) for 1 week.

5. After 1 week of soup diet, only then could you eat solid food again.

LASTLY, as our word of precaution… If you have any medical condition or you are taking medication, consult your doctor first. This is a “cleansing” diet and you may need other nutrients to support your condition.