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Summertime: Your Snorkeling Essentials

Ready to dip?? Wait. Got to prepare yourself first for the adventure to have more fun and protection in the experience. And t’is ’bout investing in equipments.

Okay, you could borrow; then again, more than the possibility of not having that ‘perfect fit’ — you could also risk damaging ’em, and t’is somethin’ that’s not yours?! So, here now are  snorkeling essentials that you would or could be needing. Just Click the Images.


Okay we need a swimwear, and if our chosen attire is other than the full wetsuit then we would especially need a sunscreen.

SNORKEL MASK: Good for beginners to advanced swimmers
DIVING MASK: Ideal for competent swimmers

For the mask, it is important to note the kinds of masks there is since it would be your aid to seeing and breathing underwater.


And remember, more than just fun, keep safe with a vest.


Then of course, what is fun without memories — don’t forget your underwater camera! GoPro or more affordable ones will do.


Now if you don’t have a snorkeling belt to tag along your camera (and your kitchen sink hehe) underwater then bring a bag.


For your footwear, you could either have flippers to speed up your swimming, or just shoes to protect your feet. Your choice.


Finally, it’s paramount to know time — even during ’em fun times and especially underwater — lest before you know it, it’s already dark.


Well, worry not though if you got a diving flashlight with you.

Oh so much to explore, so little time! Till next time!

Consumer Video: 10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets – Part 1

The kitchen is always where the action is — no matter what — after all, we all need to eat. And so, wouldn’t it be great to get whatever help we could to make life a bit easier for us in the most crucial part of our home? Yeah, like kitchen gadgets!

So now, the first of our series.. Well, and a never-ending one, really.

Hmm… Not all 10 gadgets shown in this video is actually cool. In fact, only 3 of them are. Com’ on, let’s then classify them all..

Poor. The dipr. This product is pretty OA. Do you actually need a special product just for dipping cookies?? Sad to say but it’s not that important at all. Another simple (and unfortunately, unnecessary) kitchen gadgets is the drop, a kitchen scale and app for baking and stuff. The porthole which allows people to create cocktails, oils, teas, drinks, dressings, sauces — like mixing them in one container is almost ‘useless’. It’s just an expense that would clutter your kitchen! Meanwhile, the neo is quite similar to the ‘drop’ — for measuring food but this one is a jar, so??

COOL: The Tweak
COOL: The Tweak

Average. The pizza scissors looks cool but the cut it does is kinda small, so unless you are in a diet or you don’t like pizza that much then you might rate this tool real high. Next is the 6-way opener. Yeah, it opens cans, bottles and alike but I personally find it a poor ‘imitation’ of a multi-functional tool. Looking closely, this product is not urgent as finding tools is simply a matter of being organized. Then we have the meld knob. Okay, the temperature controlling feature is good — for precise cooking and safety. But hey, we could live without it since we could monitor the oven on our own.

COOL: The Trongs
COOL: The Trongs

Cool. Almost always, we can’t just avoid holding or cutting food — and many times, without getting our fingers greasy. So, having a gadget like the trongs is quite a relief. Next, whether you have experienced or have just seen some leftovers or morsels on the sink’s strainer — the tweak would only show how necessary it is. Being easy to hold and utilize, you can now easily say goodbye to your strained filthy food scraps. *Sigh..

COOL: The RMDLO colander
COOL: The RMDLO colander

And finally, here’s one really amazing kitchen gadget — the RMDLO colander! Talk about its uses and how easily we could store this colander, wow! It’ll just blow our minds off! Really!

Our only concern here would be its blades. Like when you fold ’em or use it.. What are the chances of us getting cut? Huh?

Consumer Video: Camping Gadgets put to the Test

It’s just about the weekend and could be a nice time for another adventure for many of us — like camping! Yet again, understand that you’re not going to some fashion show or ‘luxurious’ event, so make sure you have just the ‘right’ gadgets with you.

Let us see what’s kinda “trending” in camping gadgets..

Guess what — while some of the gadgets are sort of ‘luxurious’ and close to useless, there are still a few that’s quite handy and a must have especially when staying out. What ya’ think?

Hmm… the ‘airpad’? It might be easy to put away but you’d have to blow your lungs out just to use it! Ah, never mind that it could turn into a seat — you’re camping anyway, you could sit on the ground!

Yeah, same goes with the ‘air couch’ or whatever you call it. Seems like the material is just too thin that it could easily blow up or succumb to pricking. Hey, what’s wrong with these gadgets using ‘air’ nowadays?? They’re just a waste of money.

Pocket Chainsaw: Questionable handle
Pocket Chainsaw: Questionable handle

And the ‘pocket chainsaw’?? Wow, while it has its use, it could also be dangerous! Yes, on the handle. Those chains are pretty sharp and there’s no ‘real’ secure spot to hold it while cutting stuff. Huh, I’d rather not bring such..

How about the ‘camping shower’? *Sigh.. This is camping. You’re supposed to experience the wilderness — why bring a shower with you? The cellphone is out of the question, of course. And so, you do need a ‘solar charger’ for that; but the one we have on the video is not really something new — so that shouldn’t really be in the video. Yup, it’s a given that campers should definitely bring with them.

Camping Shower: What happened to 'experiencing' the wilderness?
Shower?? What happened to ‘experiencing’ the wilderness?

The water bottle..? Oh, if only for not taking up space..

3 Gadgets that stood out though. One, the ‘hat with a flashlight’ could help a lot as you wouldn’t need to hold your torch; instead, use your hands for other camping duties. The only issue is probably ‘cleaning’. See, the light should be removable so as to be able to wash the cap — otherwise, you’ll just stink and feel itchy on the head.

Hat with flashlight
Hat with flashlight

Two. The ‘spork’. Spoon and fork in one utensil plus a little knife. This way you wouldn’t need to bring additional stuff but just one. The only question is its durability. The metal looks too thin to really handle tough meat, et cetera.

Finally, the ‘dry sock’. That water-proof pouch, you know. This is especially useful since you could slip and get dirty in the wilderness — the pouch then protects your stuff from getting wet and messy. Now, that’s more like it!

Consumer Video: 7 not 8 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test

Hot Dogs. One of our All-time favorite street food is again the center of attention, and this time, in our feature. Hmm… Is there a way to make life easier and more fun in preparing hot dogs?

Of course, there is. In fact, there’s 7 hot dog gadgets that we’ll just about be putting to a test now. So, let’s begin..

Okay, while there are a couple of helpful hot dog ‘tools’ that we’ve witnessed, most actually have issues that places a cloud in their value. First, the ‘spotless’..

SLOT DOG. Have you ever wondered why hot dogs are actually sliced before they are cooked? Basically, so that the hot dog won’t pop or ‘explode’ ’cause of expanding water while it’s being cooked. So, in comes the ‘slot dog’. Not only does it slice but it creates multiple, symmetrical openings for faster cooking and to make it easier to put your favorite garnishings.

HOT DOG STUFFER. Oh, this gadget has almost the same purpose as the ‘slot dog’ — though it’s a little tougher to use since you have to push out the hot dog ‘meat’ just so you could stuff it with garnishings. So, we’d rather prefer the ‘slot dog’.

HOT DOG HOLDER.. Yes, having this gadget would make your fridge neater and organized as not removing it from the plastic makes it watery making the fridge a bit messy. But, what about hot dog size? Is there a model for larger ones? Besides, remember the dangers of using plastic? So..

HOT DOG GRILLER. This gadget seems unnecessary; then again, its benefits could be well appreciated in camping where unlike others — you won’t require pans and oil. Thing here is, just don’t forget to use a cloth holder as the griller is all metal and could sort of scald your hands should you overlook it.

HOT DOG TOASTER. This is one cool gadget. More than the usefulness of the tong, ‘everything’ gets toasted — yeah, not just the hotdogs but the buns, too — and in less than 5 minutes. Our only concern here is, how cooked could the hot dog be?

HOT DOG MAKER. Uhm, this one is like a steamer and it’s said to cook up to 6 hot dogs. Well, don’t really like it. Why? Electricity. Clearly, it’ll be costly.

CONED-A-DOG. Guess this gadget is a bit too much. Hey, the cuts are just too deep that it could ruin the hot dog! Better go with the ‘slot dog’ instead.

So, there you have it.. And obviously our choices are the Slot Dog, Hot Dog Griller, and Hot Dog Toaster — for the coolest Hot Dog gadgets!

Product Review: CINCH Pop-up Tent with Solar Power and LED

Camping is always fun. Always an adventure to look forward to. Yep, anywhere in the world. And so, how about going through one interesting tent? The Cinch pop-up tent with solar power and LED.

Yeah, you heard us right — it’s got solar power! Something campers everywhere would truly appreciate, and what’s more, it’s a pop-up.. Meaning, it almost practically sets up on its own. Cool, eh?!

Looking at a ‘new’ owner of the Cinch, Mark Boehnlein, you know that the tent is kinda ‘bulky’ in some way — nah, not thick but wide. And a 4-man tent practically weighs 9 kgs at that, oh, quite heavy!

Cinch 4-man tent
Cinch 4-man tent

Then again, it maybe wide but it’s easy to set up though as it only takes less than than a minute to do so. Okay, it may seem ‘vulnerable’ but it could actually withstand rain and wind. Thanks to those pegs and strings that’s holding it down.

Oh, good LED pegs, very helpful. Well, the kit is basically equipped with what you’d need like 2 LED lanterns, of course, not to mention the solar power pack among others.

Cinch features
Cinch features

Yet, what’s nice is the porch area — it makes you ‘feel at home’. Hah! Tho with a noticeably good ventilation in having all those ‘windows’ and two entrances, the question now would be ‘durability’. Tearing?

So, here is the part where you’d need some practice — taking down the tent. If you remember how you took it when it was set up, then obviously you have an idea on wrapping it up. Hmm… with practice, it’s just as easy. Sure.

The tents come in 3 sizes: 2-man, 3-man and 4-man tent. And priced at $219… $248… $278 respectively, but excluding the ‘solar power pack’ that’s pegged at $131 as it’s optional. Reasonable?

Still, the ‘solar power pack’ is what really made this tent interesting, so it’d be a given that one would want to have it as well — 7W solar panel, extended data wires, water proof junction box, 4000 mAh power bank, and a cable lock.

Now, this is what you call ‘home away from home’!

Gadget Review: Onewheel

Now one of those intriguing products we’ve noticed at the CES 2016 has been the Onewheel. What is it? In layman’s terms, it is a board with one wheel — a hoverboard kinda thing. Sounds fun? Yep!

When we first saw it though, some concerns popped up. Like for one it looks tough to balance, so dangerous! Hey, it’s only got ‘one’ wheel and a big one that even looks heavy or hard to control in some ways!

Second. Oh, what are the chances of ’em tires getting flat? And when it ‘suddenly’ does, what would happen especially while speeding?

Okay, it is said to be ‘self-balancing’. What? If it is then every person who tries it would get it on their first crack, got it? It is still you who controls it, after all; so ‘self-balancing’ is sort of an overstatement.

Next. It’s got ‘intuitive control’; meaning, just lean forward to drive forward, or lean back to stop while press your heels or toes to turn. See? That’s what we’re sayin’! Especially since it only got ‘one’ wheel, the control and the balancing is really on us.

0323 onewheel-1-930x613

Then, it’s got a hub motor and batteries for an extended ride. And it only charges for under an hour. Wow, that’s good, more fun!

Finally, it’s app connected. As it says, it is ‘much like a surfboard is shaped for a particular rider and conditions, Onewheel can adjust to meet your needs and ability’. Well, how useful is it really?

iPhone app is said to be available in the Apple App Store already
iPhone app is now said to be available at the Apple App Store

Anyway, let’s check out specs you’d be interested in..

Motor: 500W transverse flux hub
Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) 48V. Weight: 25 lbs.
Tire: 11.5×6.5-6 Vega
Max lean angle: >30°  Top speed: 15 MPH.  Typical range: 6-7 miles. Recharge time: 20 mins (ultra charger). Dimensions: 9×11.5×30 (in)

Now, the question. It maybe ‘unstable’ at first sight but it’s definitely fun! Then again, how many could afford it for $1,499 each?


Gadget Review: Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Our featured gadget is one that has actually been around for decades, yes, in Japan. Really. But understandably, one could say “How come we haven’t really heard of it?” .. Really? Can’t be.

Anyway, this could also be because of practices as in every place has their own; like, the use of toilet paper is more of Western, you know. So for us, it’s really a choice between paper and water. And the product we’re talking about is the Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat..


Yes, it’s basically placed on a bowl but that in fact would help you clean your bottoms. How? First, it warms your bottoms then it cleans it by using warm water as in warm-water spraying – which is the fundamental feature of the gadget..


Hmm… so obviously, water cleans better than paper – which is what many parts of the world are now starting to realize and accept, save for a large portion of Asians..

Water has been a cleaning fixture. So, adding an electronic bidet to their lives won’t really be a problem. The only issue here, of course, would be its $250 price. Wow!

Gift Ideas: Boom Swimmer Speaker

Many guys are music lovers and your man could be among them too, so why not give him something unique to show your appreciation this Valentine’s or any day you wish? The Boom Swimmer Speaker.

So, one of the nice things about this gadget is that – you could use it even while showering.  Yes, it’s waterproof and those splashes won’t really matter as it could even be submerged up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. Cool, huh?!

What’s more is that its battery could last for around 8 hours – just enough for a long, sunny day at the beach. And in case of recharging, it does come with those USB cables where you could stick on the speaker’s back to power up.


Still, good as it is, there are some concerns here. Like, is it also shock proof? Say, it drops from where you were hanging it – would it still work well? Or, how about if it were submerged, would it still be okay after the third or fourth time? Better check your warranty.

Anyway, to use it, the Boom Swimmer Speaker is controlled through Bluetooth – just activate and pair, and you’re good to go – even while biking. Yup, for only $60, this is still a good buy.

Innovation Watch: Wocket Smart Wallet

The Wocket Smart Wallet is one of those innovative products at the recent CES 2015 that you would probably want to have. Why? Because now, you could do away with all your other credit cards for one wocket; and yes, without worrying about your card data as it’s stored locally instead of the cloud.

Hmm… that’s nice.

So, for $150.. you get a tiny card reader and wallet-sized writer from Wocket. To store your data? All you do is swipe your credit cards and get them saved into the reader. Naturally, when you need one of them, you just use the card writer and program the Wocket to your “preferred card” for its details – and your “one-card-has-it-all” is ready for use.


Still, though your actual wallet would become thinner, when would you in fact suggest having a Wocket Smart Wallet anyway? When you got at least 5, 10 different cards? Well, while $150 is worth it considering the data it carries and all..

Maybe its “your cards” that need real trimming.

Product Review: Sony Walkman NW ZX2

Though the Consumer Electronics Show is all about “new” products or innovations, not all are really that new or innovative. And for this year 2015, one of them is the Sony Walkman NW ZX2..


Okay, it’s an updated version of the old walkman of the late 70s and 80s. It no longer operates on those regular cassette tapes we know and the sound is understandably more crisp and clear; then again, would you buy such that costs over $1,000 for just a portable music player? Wouldn’t it be better to just use your smartphone instead?


Certainly, it made its mark in technology. The Walkman is a classic. Back in the day, it was the lord of our subconscious; but in today’s world, it needs to balance its use with its price.

If it was only a bit cheaper then perhaps it’d survive this generation. But if all you want is music at whatever cost – it’s your call.