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Innovation Nudge: NBA bigger court, 4-pt shot?

There has been recent talks in the NBA of increasing the size of the current 94 x 50 basketball court as well as adding a 4-point shot.. and, this is all because of the players’ increasing size and athleticism.

So, do you think this would be good for the sport?

Actually, this is a no-brainer. Okay, the nearest seats in the arena are too close to the court and expensive as we know.. but what does a bigger court have to do with addressing higher fees?


See.. whether the NBA adds more seats (lengthwise or what) or not, if its location is at courtside, it would still be expensive. This means the court’s size has nothing to do with the fee except add more revenue after reconstructing not just the court but the arena, too.

If the NBA really wants to serve its patrons better then why not make the seating area safer for them? Like, moving ’em one line back to lessen the fans’ chances of being rolled over by the players. Also, reduce ticket prices to anyone who watches live games and not just give discounts to regular ticket holders.

Understandably, the NBA is an entertainment business.. thus, if you reduce ticket prices, how would it earn? Well, gate receipts are nothing compared to what the league could get from sponsors, so, increase their “sponsorship” fees instead. Have no fear, with the game’s popularity, the NBA would never run out of sponsors.


Now, yes, the players are getting bigger and more athletic but have you really thought of how a bigger court could affect them?

Because of greater fatigue, players would be lucky to still play by 34.. more so at a high level. This also means more injuries because of greater strain – not just running up and down the court, but more so, in shooting 4-point shots.

Not only that.. with a bigger court, there would be lesser excitement because offensive players would be less challenged as defensive formations would be wider – meaning, more open space to penetrate or hit jumpers.

Yes, more players are athletic now but skills is what really makes one good. Yes, more players are becoming bigger nowadays but they’re still human.. and prolonging their All-Star careers equates to prolonging the NBA’s business.

Gaming Review: Pac-Man Championship Edition

While there has been requests for Nintendo to make their classic games available in Android, Namco Bandai Games has already brought to that platform an 80s classic many of us love in Pacman.. and this time naming it Pac-Man Championship Edition.


Actually, Namco has about 10 Pacman variations in Google Play; and the one that we are featuring has over 5 million downloads with some good feedbacks from gamers.

Nonetheless, with the same basic objective of eating those pellets while avoiding or eating (once you get the power pellet) ’em ghosts.. what’s noticeable in this upgrade (from joysticks to finger-sliding) by Pacman’s original designer himself, Toru Iwatani.. is not simply the waving of the screen whenever you eat a power pellet but that the maze is no longer filled with pellets that you have to finish.

Unlike the original, it’s no longer level-based but timed where eating a fruit is more than an incentive for points – but the key to “refreshing” the maze for another power pellet. That’s actually a good innovation by Iwatani.. it makes the game more exciting as you got to earn your keep.


Then again, though the Android game also comes in 6 modes, controls or navigation would be an issue. For one, if you’re especially new to the game, your finger or hand could block your vision of the maze. And this experience could go either way – challenge the gamer to master finger sliding, or simply give up in frustration.

In the end, if you like “escaping from stalkers” and getting back at them as well.. then Pacman will give you a different kind of satisfaction.

Star Watch: Kevin Grow, The 76er

Have you heard of Kevin Grow, the recent signee of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers?

Well, you’ll love this kid.


Grow is actually an 18-year-old student of Bensalem High School whose basketball prowess was displayed when he subbed in a game last February 8 – scoring 14 fourth quarter points against Neshaminy.

And what’s amazing is that Grow is a lovable and determined young man despite having down syndrome. This we witnessed in the highlights of his game which saw its way from YouTube with more than 600,000 views then (over 1M now)…


…to being featured at ESPN’s SportsCenter.. and onto his way to being given a ceremonial 2-day contract with Philly. And here, his legend just grew.. from striking a conversation with four 76ers’ to having his own locker.. to attending the team’s practice session to standing side-by-side with his Philly teammates during the national anthem before their game.

Yes, Kevin Grow may not have ended as a full-fledged, long-term member of the Sixers but the inspiration he gave many was worthy of a Star.

Gaming Review: Flappy Bird – R.I.P.(?)

It’s been several days now since the phenomenal Flappy Bird was removed from Apple and Google Play.. and what do you know?


The bird is still alive not just in millions of phones and tablets but in the heads of many as well.

Hmm… pretty amazing, huh? When you think about it, the game is just too simple to get addicted to yet how come many has even gone to extremes as a reaction to the pull out from Apple and Google store?

For one, you could have the game’s installer through Bluetooth, right? So why threaten or even buy mobiles with preinstalled Flappy Birds? Relax.

Well anyway, when one tries playing it.. clearly, a steady hand or finger is the key – what with a single missed tap and the game’s over?! And this is what, in fact,  makes it challenging. After 3 “game overs” or so, you just find yourself pushing harder to overcome those pipes. Oh?!wpid-FlappyBird.jpg

And so, despite the potential income for the Vietnamese game developer, we understand the decision of Nguyen Ha Dong to delete his creation.

Still, aren’t video games naturally addictive? It’s just a matter of appeal that the game has – graphics, challenges or what – that connects it with those hungry gamers.

For now, it’s game over for Flappy Bird.. and may you bring peace to your fans the world over.

TV Review: BTV (Basketball TV)

BTVWhile it’s good that there’s sort of a dedicated channel for those who love basketball.. like Basketball TV. BTV, as how viewers know it, actually has some shortcomings to fix.

One. Not all on their NBA scheduled games are aired. This would not be good especially for the network’s thinking viewers as they would just seek alternatives then, at the very least.

Two. When there’s a “live” game being shown, there would be a sudden “KFC Ad” that disturbs on-going games.. and it’s not even a time-out or a long deadball situation.

Three. BTV often repeats or replays the airing of many of their programs.. like “Inside the NBA”, “Inside Stuff”, and even some “long-played” NBA games — not just once but til you get tired.

Four. There are times when their 1-week or 10-day airing schedule involves just one particular team. Sure that team may have scheduled games, but to only air them (almost everyday) instead of another game becomes boring. Of course, there’s no favoritism but this only sort of shows BTV’s inability to negotiate the games they could air.

Okay, they got a good side too, especially their “Hardwood Classics” and of course – some of their programs. Other than that, wake up!

NBA Christmas 2013: Clippers versus Warriors…

The recent NBA Christmas game in Oakland saw some altercations in different occasions with the likes of Andrew Bogut, Blake Griffin, Green, Jordan, and Barnes among others.

Clippers in blue, Warriors in yellow
Clippers in blue, Warriors in yellow

The game started normally.. sinking or missing baskets, going on fastbreaks, playing defense and all. But the competitive spirit and court “space” that these players hold was too much to handle – and so resulted in sporadic “hard” shoves and retaliations.

Many would call on “sportsmanship” in such incidents. Of course. But then, it’s the heat of the moment and the “sportmanship” most every competitive “person” understands is actually only seen after the end of the game. Know what I mean?

When the clock ticks zero – only then would there be handshaking and hugs.

Just some Christmas cheers…?

Players play hard during the game. Even getting hot under the collar. Some spewing trash talks while others getting physical. It’s part of the game. Anyhow, it’s important to note that a “clenched” fist should NEVER be used – which didn’t really happen in that game.

As for the penalties..

Ejections were justified. Two technicals result in such penalty. A flagrant 2 merits the same result. That’s the rule of the game.

However, as for suspensions..

Well, there was “no clenched” fist, or did you see one? And nobody really tried to ruin another player – t’was more of shoving. So, no need.

In the end, it was a nice game.. something fans would love to see again.