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Food Review: Gelato (Italian)

Often compared to ice cream, the Gelato actually has less fat and this is why it doesn’t melt away as how ice cream does.


Considered the 17th most delicious food in the world, Italy’s Gelato uses less air when churned (at a much slower speed) during the freezing process.. uses more milk than cream, and uses fewer to no egg yolks compared to ice cream – this is why there’s much lesser fat.

Yet the third factor is the key: the serving temperature. While ice cream is best served at about 10°F.. the Gelato is as good as it gets at a warmer temperature.


If set at a lower temperature, the Gelato would turn into something as hard as a brick, but at a warmer one – it’s soft but not soupy.

Still, though the Gelato is low in fat, it’s high in sugar which makes it not really healthy – but totally addictive!