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Review: Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale

What if we tell you that there’s a pocket kitchen scale, you’d be curious, right? Perhaps even delighted if you’re a constant in the kitchen. After all, who doesn’t like eating?!

More so, who wouldn’t want all the conveniences when preparing food?? Well, you’re in luck as we bring you Showpin’s Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale.

imageIt’s real handy that it only measures almost 5 square inches, and just about 6.4 ounces. Even lighter than your favorite soda! Wow, this means, you could even bring it to just about anywhere you want to!imageYet understandably so, the scale has its limits.. And that is 500 grams. So, don’t try weighing too heavy items.

Still, what’s nice about this is not only its portability, but it has different scales, too. Thus, you don’t have to worry of measuring only in grams, ’cause it could also measure in ounces, carats and so on. Cool!

imageSome reminders though.

One. Use only the cleaning cloth that’s included in the package; otherwise, use a real fine cloth for cleaning your scale to avoid scratches that could also affect its ‘beauty’.

Two. Don’t forget to remove the plastic cover before using your scale, or else it would not work.

Three. Understand that the scale uses AAA batteries. So, don’t try to use those with dents or something, else it could affect your scale’s performance.

Remember, this is a high quality product. Don’t abuse it.

Review: Cucol Bamboo Wooden Watch

Light and stylish yet affordable. That’s normally the comments with regards to our featured gift idea that you could buy at Amazon, the Cucol Bamboo Wooden Watch with Brown Cowhide Leather Strap.

Yep, it’s only $20.60 folks!

Click the Image and Buy Now!

Well, what can you say?! There’s hardly any negatives with this bamboo watch. The subtle brown color that goes along with a simple design has such an impact that brings elegance to a new level. And thanks to the soft cowhide leather strap, you won’t really worry about extended use but still look classy with the bamboo’s natural essence.

But wait. Extended use? Now comes a little concern, could the product actually handle ‘sweating’? Of course not if immersed in water like swimming or bathing since it’s made of wood — but sweating? How would it fare? Molds? Allergies? Deformation?


Another question would be its said ‘unisex flavor’. Hmm… While it’s being promoted as such, we don’t really think it would go well in a female’s wrist. Yup, even if the face may not be oversized, hey, it’s still large!

Anyway, whether it’s battery-powered or automatic doesn’t really matter. It’s got that Japanese quartz movement, so time accuracy is guaranteed all the time!


In all, the concerns are not really that great as adjustments are pretty easy to do. Plus with its cool finish and being smooth to touch, the natural grain of wood in its design simply proves that bamboo is tops!

Gift Ideas: 5 Intangibles for Her this Valentine’s 2016

So, have you already bought or even thought of a gift for your special someone? Hey, it’s barely 2 days to go before Valentine’s day! Well anyway, don’t sweat it too much. As long as you are aware and you have prepared something, that’s more than enough. Really.

Okay, many women doesn’t really like ‘surprises’, but sometimes, it ends up as the most memorable one especially if it leans more on the intangibles. Here are some ideas that could make her heart flutter..

Photo: atlantichomerepairs

Gift her with a free home repair or house cleaning. Whether your loved one is a home-body or not, she would surely appreciate your help in fixing the house — repairing or cleaning.

Photo: studio244

Treat her to a spa or let her have a beauty treatment (hair, facial, manicure and pedicure). If you are not really good at home maintenance, then pampering your woman would be a better choice.

Photo: orbitz

Dine at a 5-Star hotel or a real classy restaurant. It is always nice to experience dining at luxurious places; after all, it is not always that we get to be served and dine with such lavishness.

Photo: abta

Bring her out-of-town and explore. Being a traveler myself, getting out of your locale brings a new level of understanding to the world we are in. A different kind of experience that when shared with our loved one would bring us even closer together.

Photo: youqueen

Give her your undivided time. What are presents when you do not even see ‘eye-to-eye’? What’s a relationship when it’s all ‘physicality’? Though we need them, love is more than these. It’s about sharing a meal, an umbrella and doing things together. It’s about having a walk and sharing concerns. It’s about fixing and dreaming together..

And quality time reinforces that bond.

Gift Ideas: Cute Valentine’s Gifts for 2016

In a little over a week, we once again celebrate love. A feeling that’s at the center of it all. The one emotion that actually keeps us going. Hmm… and so, we got Valentine’s day. Yet for those with partners or a special someone, don’t force yourself on expensive gifts; but just somethin’ thoughtful, somethin’ that could bring in a smile.

Here are some suggestions that you could even find alternatives to..

0203 Key-Ring-Set

Key Ring Set. A key has always been symbolic of ‘good tidings’. Make its holders special with something like this set — the Yours, Mine, Ours Leather Key Rings ($19 at westelm).

0203 Fingerless-Gloves

Fingerless Gloves. I tell you, Valentine’s gloves doesn’t necessarily have to be just for those feeling chilly, or for decorative purposes only but it should be helpful in things like chores as well — like the Beyazdukkan Fingerless Heart Gloves ($20 at etsy), it’s cool but should be multipurpose too, yep, like how a ‘real’ partner should be.

0203 Hand-Towels

Hand Towels. Probably one of the cutest gifts you could ever give your special someone, the Star Wars Han and Leia Hand Towels ($25 at thinkgeek) or somethin’ like this towel. The print just explains it all!

0203 Wine-Glasses

Wine Glasses. Simply cool is the Susquehanna Glass Co. Rough Day Stemless Wine Glasses ($35 for four, originally $50). Imagine the grin it could bring to the drinker, its receiver?! Rough day no more! Hah!

0203 Pajama-Set

Pajama Set. Wouldn’t it be nice for you to be the last person your loved one is thinking of before sleeping? Then a pajama set like the Forever 21 Heart Print PJ Set ($23) would fit the bill. Right.

So have you made your choice?

Gift Ideas: Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts 2016

Okay, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but are you ready? What are you thinkin’ of buyin’ for your special someone? Flowers? Chocolates, cologne, underwear, gadget? Hmm… Well, it’s getting pretty common you know, like year in, year out you see ’em..

So, how ’bout getting creative? Like a ‘do-it-yourself’ gift this time?

0127 clothes pin
Clothespin (Pinterest)

Instead of giving out an underwear — how about a ‘clothespin’? Yep, a wooden clothespin with a loving message..

Cutting board
Cutting board (nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com)

Or a ‘cutting board’ with an etching of their favorite recipe instead of a cold gadget? Sounds cool, right?!

Complimentary Jar
Complimentary Jar (thewowstyle.com)

While a cologne makes one smell good, why not a ‘complimentary jar’ with short messages or memories of you both that would make ’em feel good — good idea, don’t you think?

Bananas (gloryboonblog.com)

Even gifting something as simple as a couple of bananas — but with a heart-warming message written across its skin. Yeah! That would be cute rather than the traditional chocolate.

Bacon Rose Bouquet
Bacon Rose Bouquet (Popsugar)

Otherwise, give ’em a ‘bacon rose bouquet’ in place of flowers! Most everyone loves bacon, surely, this would also be appreciated! Right..

Obviously cheaper yet wonderfully unique gifts that you should try!

Gift Ideas: Best Toy Gifts for Christmas 2015

2015 is about to wrap up but that does not mean we are done with wrapping for the year. No, no. Still got gifts for our children. Whoa, again?! Well, are you sure they’re happy with what they got?

Anyway, if you still have the budget then these toys would surely break ’em children into a wide grin. Yup. Just look at these..

Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic for $204.99 + 8.49 Shipping Fee at Amazon.com
Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic for $204.99 + 8.49 Shipping Fee at Amazon

Well, who wouldn’t like robots, huh, especially a Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic? And what’s nice about this is that its remote control could do over 1,000 action combinations using its ten-button program; its got exciting sound effects with coordinating head movements as well as walking and spinning actions, too.

Plus it could move forward, backward, left and right, and turns — not to mention it could even project a 16 inch (height) image of Princess Leia on the wall. Hah! How cute?!

Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter for $599 at Amazon.com
Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter for $599 at Amazon

Still, how about a ‘strolling’ toy or even a ‘traveling’ companion?Hmm… the Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter would certainly fit the bill. It features silent, dual hub motors with gyro sensor technology for a super smooth, hoverboard-like ride which reaches speeds of up to 6 mph on a run time of 115 minutes of continuous use. Cool, that would be lots of fun!

Yet although its got an anti-slip foot platform, it’s only ideal for those aged 13 and up with a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs..

Jedi Master Lightsaber for $54.99 at Kmart
Jedi Master Lightsaber for $54.99 at Kmart

Can’t have enough of Star Wars? Then this toy would be the closest thing to being part of the movie, the Jedi Master Lightsaber.

The Bladebuilders system includes numerous components that are compatible with the Jedi Master Lightsaber toy that your child could create over a hundred different and unique Lightsabers with their own imagination. This popular Jedi Master toy comes with a main Lightsaber that features both light and sound effects. It also has two Lightdaggers that are independently-lit, an expansion hilt, two elbow connectors, and a dual and cross connector.

And don’t forget, this set requires 9 AAA batteries: that’s 3 for the Lightsaber and 3 for each Lightdagger. Can you dig it?

Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled for $80 at Amazon
Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled for $80 at Amazon

Now here’s one for the slopes, the Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled. It features sleek wide-track skis, steering wheel and brakes. Kids and even adults would now love navigating downhill even more!

But, but, but be careful. Yes, it may have a foot brake and a strong tubular-steel frame with a retractable pull rope on its 11-pound 56 1/4 x 24 x 17 1/4″ makeup but — you’re still going downhill, so too much fun might make you forget about the dangers a sled poses..

Just a reminder.

Gift Ideas: Unique yet Affordable Gifts for Him

If not gadgets, watches or sports items then what would you give your man? Well, something unique and portable. Something very useful and multi-tooled. Something like that of MacGyver’s stuff — yeah, something like the 2008 version of the Swiss Army Knife!

But since its popularity, such has become a bit common (though not everyone has it of course) that many would shy away from it also because of its price. So, how about some unique yet affordable items for him?

Dart Coat Hooks for $34.50 at GentSupply
Dart Coat Hooks for $34.50 at GentSupply

These chromed steel Dart Coat Hooks (each dart is 6.7″ long and comes in a pack of 3) with screw-in wall fixing looks real cool you may not want to cover them when hanging your coats! Really. Just wish we could stick them wherever we go without reprimands.

Shot Flask for $9.45 at eBay
Shot Flask for $9.45 at eBay

Well actually, shot flasks are slowly catching up in popularity like that of Swiss Army Knives yet t’is still something too cool to pass off.

This Black wrap SS Flask is a 6.8 oz. Stainless Steal Flask with Built-In shot glass that features a faux leather black wrap; polished finish top and bottom; and a screw-down cap. The flask measures 3 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ x 1″ while the shot glass stands 2 1/4″ tall and 2″ in diameter.

Just real handy you would dare not have.

Key Bottle Opener for $9.75 at GentSupply
Key Bottle Opener for $9.75 at GentSupply

This key bottle opener is made of stainless steel and measures 3″ x 1″. And yup, you could say it’s a modern design classic. So much so, if you really want to impress your mates when drinking al fresco, watch their amazed faces as you open your beer with your keys!

If only to catch attention — not bad for the price of $9.75.