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HABU music app on App Review

Music is the international language that we can’t imagine of anyone who doesn’t like even one song. Oh my, that person must really be antisocial to hate music. But for many of us, we even try to make our own playlists of our current and all-time favorites.. and listening to them over and over again.

And so, Gravity Mobile recognized this and came up with the HABU music app.. An application that organizes your music library according to mood which number 25 categories, and about 100 assumed moods.

How does it go about?


First, it is to load your library. Then it’d analyze and differentiate the songs through their emotion tags which would then take the form of yellow-green bubbles.

The size of the bubbles would depend, obviously, on the number of songs in that particular mood category. And to play the songs, simply click on the bubble.. though unfortunately, you couldn’t really select the type of mood you want to play, or even know it until you click that bubble.

Then again, music is the international language where we could all express ourselves, and so through HABU, we could also share and compare our moods at Facebook.


Hmm… it would have been more interesting if not only for that bubble information issue, eh?

In the end, though the app seems too simple, like, it’s just basically about filing.. this app would prove to be significant what with all the information.. and songs we try to store these days.

Gaming Review: Pac-Man Championship Edition

While there has been requests for Nintendo to make their classic games available in Android, Namco Bandai Games has already brought to that platform an 80s classic many of us love in Pacman.. and this time naming it Pac-Man Championship Edition.


Actually, Namco has about 10 Pacman variations in Google Play; and the one that we are featuring has over 5 million downloads with some good feedbacks from gamers.

Nonetheless, with the same basic objective of eating those pellets while avoiding or eating (once you get the power pellet) ’em ghosts.. what’s noticeable in this upgrade (from joysticks to finger-sliding) by Pacman’s original designer himself, Toru Iwatani.. is not simply the waving of the screen whenever you eat a power pellet but that the maze is no longer filled with pellets that you have to finish.

Unlike the original, it’s no longer level-based but timed where eating a fruit is more than an incentive for points – but the key to “refreshing” the maze for another power pellet. That’s actually a good innovation by Iwatani.. it makes the game more exciting as you got to earn your keep.


Then again, though the Android game also comes in 6 modes, controls or navigation would be an issue. For one, if you’re especially new to the game, your finger or hand could block your vision of the maze. And this experience could go either way – challenge the gamer to master finger sliding, or simply give up in frustration.

In the end, if you like “escaping from stalkers” and getting back at them as well.. then Pacman will give you a different kind of satisfaction.

App Review: Tinder dating site

With over 5 million downloads at Google Play, Tinder is among the hottest applications being downloaded today.

Tinder is actually a matchmaker of an application. And just like other dating sites, it mainly bases its search according to gender, age and location among others.


However, unlike other apps, Tinder is a bit more appealing with all those swiping as even athletes from the ongoing Sochi Winter Olympics uses the site to find dates, and especially last Valentines day.

Still, it was not all a “bed of roses” for its users as a flaw was recently discovered from the dating app. And what was it?

A user’s actual location could actually be pinpointed (by just using some high school math) when as we believe should be anonymous, right?


For one, this could be dangerous especially if one unknowingly encounters a “scheming” individual. The consequences.. oh, you could just imagine.

Sure, Tinder has promptly acted on it, but they better make sure that it’s really fixed and no other hacking would happen.

Gaming Review: Flappy Bird – R.I.P.(?)

It’s been several days now since the phenomenal Flappy Bird was removed from Apple and Google Play.. and what do you know?


The bird is still alive not just in millions of phones and tablets but in the heads of many as well.

Hmm… pretty amazing, huh? When you think about it, the game is just too simple to get addicted to yet how come many has even gone to extremes as a reaction to the pull out from Apple and Google store?

For one, you could have the game’s installer through Bluetooth, right? So why threaten or even buy mobiles with preinstalled Flappy Birds? Relax.

Well anyway, when one tries playing it.. clearly, a steady hand or finger is the key – what with a single missed tap and the game’s over?! And this is what, in fact,  makes it challenging. After 3 “game overs” or so, you just find yourself pushing harder to overcome those pipes. Oh?!wpid-FlappyBird.jpg

And so, despite the potential income for the Vietnamese game developer, we understand the decision of Nguyen Ha Dong to delete his creation.

Still, aren’t video games naturally addictive? It’s just a matter of appeal that the game has – graphics, challenges or what – that connects it with those hungry gamers.

For now, it’s game over for Flappy Bird.. and may you bring peace to your fans the world over.

App Review: Magic Sleep

This application is not a newbie but has actually been around for a while, and we’re talking about no other than – Magic Sleep. And since it’s very useful, by all means, we got to feature it in our site, right?

Hmm… MagicSleep is an app that could actually put you to sleep. Oh, yes, even though our video is not in English – we just plucked it out simply as a demo on how to use the app. As you can see, very simple really.

Anyway, as per its Google Play description, Magic Sleep recreates the sounds inside the womb using the most advanced psychoacoustic sound sources, convolution reverb processing, and digital signal processing. To which the effect is… yes, you really fall asleep.


Obviously, since it’s based on the “sounds of the womb”, the app was first designed for babies and toddlers but soon found out that it could also be effective for adults. Well, that’s nice! Especially for those with insomnia.

Nonetheless, though the app is effective in itself, questions arise.

Radiation. The phone is beside you when you sleep, clearly, you would be exposed to radiation which is not good for your health either. What, insomnia or radiation? Thus, better have the CD format instead.

Battery. Using MagicSleep would definitely use up a lot of your phone’s battery. Think it could withstand daily use? Again, better a CD.

CD. Now, if you buy the CD, what would happen? Wouldn’t it still be the same? Like, the CD would be on the whole time you or your baby sleeps, right? If you are ready to pay the bill, just make sure your player and “wirings” are good.

Lastly, the free version which is Magic Sleep Lite is not working. And issues about having to repurchase the full version after having problems with the OS and the reinstallation of other applications should be cleared. It would be a waste if Mango Media doesn’t attend to these.