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Consumer Info: The Confirmed Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

From honey to lemon to green tea to baking soda.. Another one of ’em vital health drinks is the Apple Cider Vinegar.

Of course, even apple by-products are healthy; so, then let’s check out ACV’s proven facts..

Skin. Digestion. Nutrient absorption. Well, even without science, you’d already have an idea about ’em. Like since it’s made of apple, a lovelier skin would be a given in its consumption. And with its sourness, better digestion and nutrient absorption would be like common sense.

Not all ACV's are the same. Choose organic.

As for weight loss, personally, I never really felt that ‘fullness’. Fact is, I became ‘hungrier’, after all, it did aid my digestion. Right? But ‘clean energy’, hmm, probably. Not sure if it’s really Apple Cider Vinegar or regular exercise that made me tire out even longer. Perhaps both.

The supposed benefits and uses of ACV

Finally, like what the video rather the research revealed, ACV can kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Hey, that’s like a ‘wow’! Seriously? If so then that’s an extra line of defense for us..

Just don’t abuse your body!

Consumer Info: The Health Benefits of Drinking Baking Soda

Many would have thought that ‘baking soda’ is just for, well, cooking; altho some may have heard of its cleaning properties. Then again, did you know that it could actually be drunk plain with water? And for health benefits that is.

Yes, you heard us right. Baking soda is another ‘miracle’ drink that you can count on.

Hmm… It’s important to take note, however, that while baking soda could restore our kidneys’ functions while normalizing blood pH levels among others — baking soda is not really good for those with high blood pressure since it’s got an ample amount of sodium.

So, don’t just take in something just because you heard ‘health benefits’. Check it out.. And Follow Us too.

Hey, t’is actually good news! I mean, the water! It’s not hot water as in coffee or tea, so there’s no need to boil water just to drink baking soda! Lesser hassle, right?!


One. With its cleaning properties, baking soda is a good ‘substitute’ and an ’emergency’ option when you run out of toothpaste.

Two. One reason for ‘arthritis’ is the kidneys’ failure to manufacture sodium bicarbonate — this happens when you eat fatty foods.

Preventing cramps and fatigue? Not only bananas but baking soda

Three. Note that the lactic acid released during physical activity results in stiffness and fatigue — and that the consumption of baking soda can be used to increase and maintain physical performance.

In all, key here is self-discipline towards a healthy lifestyle; yet when the worst just gets crossed, remember the dosage to your ‘baking soda therapy’.

Food Review: Pongko Pongko (Visayas)

Pongko Pongko is actually not a food but a kind of eatery, one that is setup just about anywhere especially on sidewalks where you sit on stools and dine at low tables. And yeah, the Visayan region is the one who most probably started it.

Why do we say so? Because of the ‘hanging rice’, or puso in the vernacular. Thus with puso being a Visayan creation, it’s the Visayans who sort of came up with ‘pongko pongko’. Makes sense.

Eating at sidewalks is sometimes like a picnic
Puso, or 'hanging rice'

See, puso is very convenient to bring just about anywhere you go and so, you could also have your meal just about anywhere you want to. Hehe.

And since it’s ‘just about anywhere’ then those who are in this kind of business normally serves ‘fried food’ to go along with the puso. Yep, from different cuts of chicken to thin slices of pork; to barbeque to hotdogs and lumpia, and even to fried eggs and meat loaves.

Hey, they’re even much, much more affordable than the ‘Chicken Joy’ — without really much difference in taste except for the sauces! Seriously!

Some of the fried food that goes well with 'puso'

Chicken Joy uses gravy while the ‘pongko pongko’ fried chicken generally uses a mixture of: vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and chili. Now obviously, because of it’s affordability — and ‘addicting’ blend, what with also the cold soda giving that extra kick — the ‘pongko pongko’ market has seen a huge surge!

Even saucers or little bowls for sauces are wrapped in cellophanes

Still, if ever there’s a negative side to this kind of eatery — it’s not really ’em dishwashing issues. Ey, plates are wrapped in cellophanes! Same goes with spoons and forks, I mean, they’re not used here; instead, you use your hands to eat — which is also covered with cellophane, of course!

Notice the cooking oil? It's already dark!

So first, negativity here could be the ‘use of cooking oil’ as they use such until it’s real dark already. That’ll be unhealthy. But so is gravy and the saturated oil in Chicken Joy! Second would be the question of food ‘cleanliness’. You know, you’re eating at sidewalks — where air pollution abound! Smoke. Dust. And what have you.

Then again, how many actually got sick?? Hardly anyone. Unless there was something else that was cooked. There you go!

Till next time.. Enjoy!

Consumer Info: Clearing Clogged Arteries Naturally through Food

There was a time when strokes or heart attacks for that matter were basically experienced by the middle-aged and especially senior citizens; however, times have changed. Circulation and heart problems have also become health issues among those in their 30’s, and to some extent — even those in their 20’s. Why is this?

Poor eating habits. Lack of exercise. Unhealthy lifestyle. Plus. Plus. Plus.

Result? A blockage as a result of an accumulation of plaque where one’s blood flows. Thus, a stroke or a heart attack that could cut short one’s life. Change has to happen — alongside the consumption of foods that could ‘clear’ clogged arteries, naturally.

Well, looking closely, none of the foods we saw really ‘clears’ clogged arteries. Otherwise, you just have to consume it for a looong time for it to take effect. After all, plaque is hard, and it’s already been stuck in the blood vessel for quite a while; so..

Once it’s blocked, it’s blocked. And the only way to actually clear it is through ‘angioplasty’, or the surgical repair or recanalization of a blood vessel. So, what gives? What then are these food for?


As we know, prevention is better than cure. And like many information and videos that we actually get on food that are said to ‘clear’ clogged arteries, it’s in fact only for prevention.


Now, it’s a matter of knowing what’s available at the market; yet worry not, it doesn’t really have to be all of them! You just have to understand how to mix and match (for maximum benefits) — even three or so of these foods in your daily meals.

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food!

Consumer Video: Foods You Should Not Really Eat

A week ago, we had this feature on the healthiest vegetables in the world; now, we bring you the opposite. Well. Foods that are actually not so good for consumption. Yet we like ’em. No. Love ’em!

Let’s watch this compilation before having another bite, if ever you are eating right now.. Okay?

Know what? This is like saying don’t eat anymore. Hah! See, some of these foods are actually staples. Like rice, for one. So to say that it’s something that should be avoided is like pushing us to the brink. Then again, we’ve known the fact that rice indeed is not good especially for those with diabetes.

Rice: A staple of Asians
Rice: A staple of Asians

But while some types may lack ‘nutritional’ value — it’s just some. Not all. So choose your rice well. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

On the other hand, foods like muesli (a dry cereal made from toasted whole oats among others) and energy bars (supplemental bars containing cereals and other high energy foods ) are not that common here — so, it doesn’t really matter unless you are one of those consuming it. If you are, then maybe it’s time to think about it especially if you are weight conscious. After all, weight not only affects beauty but health, too.

Microwaved popcorn
Microwaved popcorn

For the rest, let’s go through them briefly.

Popcorn. Once again, it’s the chemical diacetyl that makes it ‘toxic’. If you don’t use butter with it, well.. how’d you know if it doesn’t have such in the first place? Best would be to avoid butter. But really, could you??

White bread
White bread

White Bread. For the simple fact that it contains a lot of sugar makes it unhealthy. Again, not good for those with diabetes especially; but even for those in weight control actually. Best would be to control your intake. Otherwise, try to wash it away with regular exercise and tea.

Fried Food. How many could actually avoid fried food? This would be close to impossible. Then the next best thing would be to choose the oil you fry with. Go for olive oil or canola oil.

Frozen dinner (Photo: Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post)
Frozen dinner (Photo: Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post)

Frozen Dinner. Argh! This just for lazy people. Sorry. But it can’t be for people in the rush. Why? They still got control of themselves. Without even watching the video, one should already realize the preservatives in these frozen dinners. Yeah, the sugar, salt and fat. Not good.

0901 high fructose corn syrup grocery-store-mercuryHigh Fructose Corn Syrup. Wow, it’s found in sodas, processed food, baked goods, and pasta sauces. How could you avoid it?? One way or another, we are going to consume at least one of those foods! Again best would be ‘control’ — at least, it just causes weight gain. So?

Crispy banana chips we love
Crispy banana chips we love

Banana Chips. Here’s another food that’s quite common here. And true enough, many in fact believes it to be healthy since it’s ‘banana’. But then, the oil. The cooking oil that was used is most likely not olive or canola — worse, it’s been re-used for several times! Oh-uh..


Tuna Sushi. Now who would think that sushi is not good for humans? After all, it’s fish. Tuna. And not even fried! Still, only a few would’ve heard that sushi does contain excessive mercury. Yet again, tho we are one of those who knew about that mercury thing, we still do keep coming back for sushi. Why? Look at the Japanese. They got one of the world’s highest life expectancies!

Home-made peanut butter is best
Home-made peanut butter is best

Peanut Butter. Ahhh.. Why not make your own peanut butter?? You  know peanut butter from supermarkets are processed! For one, they contain preservatives and coloring agents — not to mention the natural fats that were replaced in processing.

Home cooking is always good. Just watch your salt, fat and sugar!

The Healthiest Vegetables in the World

Here’s one area where many are actually ‘confused’ with its facts. Food. Remember coffee, or even poor eggplants? One day, scientists said it’s consumption is not good for this and that — then the next morning, it’s in fact good for here and there. Then again, after a while — it’s really not recommended for those after maximizing.. ahhrrggg!! Yet that’s how science is.

But ‘worse’, it’s made even more complicated by various write ups. You know, everyone then seemed to have their own choices; yes of course, they have facts to back it up but this one is more on one’s ‘favorite’ vegetable kinda fact. See?

Let’s look at some of the lists..

0826 The-Best-Vegetables-Infographic
Best Vegetables from NaturalON
Healthiest Vegetables from Happy House and Garden
Healthiest Vegetables from Happy House and Garden
Fruits and Vegetables Ranked by Nutrition by The Daily Meal
Fruits and Vegetables Ranked by Nutrition by The Daily Meal
Healthy Vegetables by Common Sense Health
Healthy Vegetables (sample) by Common Sense Health

Well, the one by Common Sense Health is a slide actually, that’s why you only see vegetable number 2 which is carrots. Then again, even without really getting full facts, a guideline of ‘green leafy and bright or deep-colored vegetables’ should be enough to tell you that it is..

Healthy. That if it has consistently made the list, it is ‘healthy’.

While there are indeed some vegetables that are more nutritious than others, if there’s a key fact here — it should be ‘availability’.

Like in the Philippines, it’s horseradish, or malunggay! Okay..

More so, these vegetables should not be pervaded by pesticides or fertilizers. Nor should there be any hint of GMO. Then and only then could we really say that the veggie is healthy. Is there such today??

Hopefully.. In our backyards.

Consumer Video: Healthy Late Night Snack Ideas

Okay, it’s getting a little too late again and some of you might still be awake.. So, is there a battle inside your tummy? Hah! Perhaps many of those awake are feelin’ this. Then again, should we just munch on anything we set our sights on? Uh no.. More than just watching your weight, watch your health!

And so we checked out one of the more popular videos on ‘healthy’ late night snack ideas, and here goes..

Ow, are eggs ‘at night’ healthy?? Never heard of such especially with using butter to cook. Ugh, imagine the cholesterol! The clogging of your arteries! Absolutely not good.

Well, at least that’s probably the only questionable ‘healthy’ late night snack idea on this one..


A couple others like salsa and pickles are basically known as like one ingredient are quite good. Pickles are from cucumber while Salsa is from tomatoes. So can’t go wrong with those.

Granola with Olive milk and berries on top

But especially loved the two other ideas. Guacamole. And the Granola. Real healthy indeed — even if only for knowing that it IS healthy since not everyone has all those ingredients inside their fridge at this very moment. Ohh, so back to fried eggs??

How ’bout goin’ to sleep? That’s healthier. Work on ’em tomorrow..