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To give money t…

To give money to a woman – and here I must speak as a man – is to deny her special quality, her irreplaceability, and reduce her unique amiability to a commodity. Money takes away her name, while transforming her lover into a nameless customer of a market of appetites. – James Buchan

Many could be upset with this quote of James Buchan; but then, as a more “matured” individual, come to think of it.. It makes sense, right?

Money should not dictate a relationship but love.

Of course, unless the couple is attached by marriage or commitment, only then should money come into fore.. after all, you need to feed your family and meet their other needs.

It does seem to…

It does seem to be true that the more you get the more you spend. It is rather like being on a golden treadmill. – Charles Allsop

Hmm… indeed. This is called “insatiability.”

It’s simply human nature to keep wanting more, so, an increase in income doesn’t necessarily mean an astounding increase in savings – well, unless one is disciplined.

Nevertheless, given that you’ll save or spend more with an increase in revenues, shouldn’t you also help more especially those in need?

That’s a conscientious consumer.

Consumer Photos 34

Choco spreads
Choco spreads

Chocolate spreads have invaded supermarkets. Indeed, chocolate is tempting but personally, it’s much enjoyable to eat it plainly something like dessert – say, even half-a-spoon after lunch and dinner?

Sausages, hotdogs, burger patties.. the list just goes on and on...
Sausages, hotdogs, burger patties.. the list just goes on and on…

Though there’re many sandwich spreads to choose from, those in jars have always faced stiff competition from hams, bacons and alike. After all, many really loves the taste of meat. Just not too much of processed food, okay?

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Simple salad made of coconut and tidbits of fruits
Simple salad made from coconuts and tidbits of fruits

Do you know how to cook?

Hmm… actually, that’s sort of a follow-up question to some joke where it originated from. You wanna know how it started? Okay, here…

Cassava cake
Cassava cake

If you like apples then plant apples.. if you like carrots then plant carrots.. if you like cakes then go bake.. and so on. Thus, if you LIKE something, you learn to either plant or cook. Funny?? Ahh, forget it..

Now, what does that have to do with these photos?

Oh, if you notice, these are simple yet tasty homemade products that you could enjoy.. and earn from, that’s if only you delight in cooking or preparing food, and are not shy of distributing it.

You could start it out as a hobby and make some money while satisfying your palate. Nice!

M&M has a Birthday Cake flavor?

M&M has a Birthday Cake flavor?

birthday cake m&m
It’s not about candy toppings but cake-flavored candy…

It may long have been reported but there’s still a long way to go before it’s finally realized.

Well, I’m talking about none other than the planned birthday cake flavored M&M. Yes, you heard me right – that’s “cake in a candy” coming this May 2014. Whew, still a long time, huh? But I guess, M&M is using publicity as some additional survey – whether if it would be a seasonal thing or a permanent one.

Now, the answer lies in you, in us.

Anyway, can you imagine it, do you like the thought? I mean, we’ve heard of such flavor in yogurts, popcorns and even tea among others … and this perhaps gave the candy-maker the idea to venture into such, which I’m sure they really studied.

Then okay, so how’s the sales doing in those products? Inspiring? Thinking further, M&M is different from them. It has already established its brand as a fine chocolate bite-sized candy. And for it to go into birthday cake flavor is quite interesting.

Yes, we want things to be special, we wish everyday was our birthday if only for the good things that go with it – but the candy should not simply smell like waxed candle, or just taste like icing for that matter. Otherwise, what’s the use? The venture would just be a one-time kind of thing, or seasonal at most. Still, as long as there’s that good ol’ flavored chocolate – it could be something worth waiting for.

Let’s see.

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Basic appliances such as refrigerators has evolved through the years.. and it’s not just a simple question of size or color but “make”; as in some old favorites like having a “built-in like water dispenser” among others.

And though a simple convenience of having double doors may save you electricity by helping you focus on what you really intend to get fast – what’s the “use” of such if most of what you have inside your fridge is junk or processed food?

To live healthy, eat healthy.


Ah, as far as freezers are concerned, most who acquires such have some sort of food business – like ice cream or yeah, processed food. Do you know how to choose a good one?