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Hostel Review: Harolds Mansion (Dumaguete City)

Wonder where to stay when in Dumaguete City? Well, there are actually a lot of places to get booked; but it all really depends not just on your budget but your personal preference, you know.

Like cleanliness, staff courtesy, and of course, the room’s view as well as the hotel’s accessibility to spots you want to explore. Oh yes, standard amenities are standard; so we only sort of complain if this standard becomes sub-standard or, missing.

In my case, the choice this time was based on ‘popularity’ for both backpackers and tourists seeking a cheap yet good accommodation. And so, I tried Harolds Mansion which is kinda isolated from more expensive hotels but is actually near Silliman University and the famous Dumaguete boardwalk. Yup, just walking distance.

The staircase
The staircase
Hallway to some rooms and a view of the outside
Hallway to some rooms and a view of the outside
Hallway just near the staircase
Hallway just near the staircase
Main hallway to most of the rooms
Main hallway to most of the rooms

Harolds is 4-storeys high with 36 rooms basically on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The fourth floor is the rooftop while the ground floor is the lobby. There’s no elevator and so you get to exercise through the staircase especially from the ground to the second floor.

Lockers inside the room, male dorm
Lockers inside the dorm room
Single desk and mirror to the right (hidden from photo)
Single desk and mirror to the right (partially hidden from the photo)
4 double decks in one room
4 Double decks in a dorm room

Harolds got several types of rooms actually — from suites which just cost P1,300 down to dorm rooms that you see in the above photo that’s only P250 per head. It’s even air-conditioned with hot and cold shower, and is WiFi ready. Besides, housekeeping is really at it in terms of regular cleaning and being helpful.

If there’s anything lacking, it’d be the towel which they don’t provide and if you just checked in, you’d have a longer time WiFi connecting.

The roofdeck
The roofdeck

zzz10 rooftop 2

Now one of the nice things with Harolds is that all accommodations include free breakfast, free coffee and tea as well as lockers (though you have to provide for your own padlocks) and safety deposit box.

Just make sure you’re at the rooftop between 6:30 to 10am for your breakfast and so you could also enjoy pool and making friends..

They got scuba too!
Within the building: You could inquire on their world class diving and PADI certification course

Speaking of making friends, Harolds’ got tours and scuba, too! Not to mention, it’s got some karaoke at night at the rooftop as well.

My Home: Will Smith’s $2.5M Motor Home

While there are those who’d like to have a cabin in the woods, there are also those who like mobile homes — whether in a yacht or a large trailer. Today, we bring you Will Smith’s $2.5 million motor home..

Cool! Well, this would be the way to go if you’re an entertainer or one who needs to be (meet or work) on various on-site locations while enjoying the privacy and luxury he desires. Airplanes, hotels.. in this case, they’re just not enough. For one, you’d still need to walk through the hotel lobby, get on that elevator and even try to locate your room if you are drunk. Wow!

Then this kind of home is ideal for bachelors! Really.

Otherwise, here are some of the things you’d miss if you would have a chance to own a motor home — gardening, real home decorating, and especially sending your children to school.

Your address? Ah, never mind.. We live in a ‘virtual’ world now.

Hotel Review: Hotel Sogo (Avenida)

With a ‘So clean.. So good’ slogan, Hotel Sogo must be worth a try — I thought — whether for travelers like me, or those just seeking for a nice place to stay; and so, I checked out the place in Avenida, Manila..


Hmm… Another interesting policy. Their staff would bow to greet you at the lobby that if they fail to do so — they’d give you ‘half-fried chicken’ for free!


The hallways are many, short and narrow.. Obviously, they tried to maximize space — oh, typical of motels.


First thing you’d see upon entering your room.. A ‘movable table’ for room service orders. And there’s two doors actually before getting to your bed — for more privacy.

Well, pretty small room but.. Just enough for one or two people.


Yup, the bathroom is clean with hot and cold water. No tub though.

The bed

And of course the bed.. Linen may not be classy but it’s clean just the same.

TV, aircon and what's left of space

So, there’s your cable TV equipped with the channels you’d want.. But one thing I like about the place is the free international calls they give, and that’s up to 100 countries.

And with reasonable prices based on your ‘hours’ of stay (ex. 3, 6, 9, 12h or daily rate).. It’s ‘value for your money’.

Simple Experiences: Eurotel Makati

What do you want in a hotel, whether for an overnight stay, or a week or so? Food? Accommodation? What?

Well, what is a hotel for anyway? Food? Oh, that’s just secondary – we got restaurants all over the town! Then accommodation?? Precisely! eurotel2_Edited

Amenities and other stuff? They are just to entice you to their hotel so you won’t look for another hotel. Hmm…

Got this recent experience in Eurotel Makati. The location was not bad unless you feel disturbed by the flyover. The food was standard. And the room was just okay..

Good bed. Enough room for 2 people. The aircon works. It’s got the standard cable TV and free WiFi access. Though the bath was I guess a bit below par; for one, the tiles look old and hard to clean. And their towels were a bit dirty white, not that they were dirty. It’s white but just not that white – know what I mean?

eurotel1_EditedStill, what was even more intriguing though was the gate it had beside the front desk. I mean, guests couldn’t just freely get in and out to take the elevator – somehow, you still had to call for assistance just to help you open that gate. Certainly, that’s something they got to fix.

Anyhow, at least the staff were helpful – though I would not mind trying another hotel for that matter.

The Coolest Hotel Amenities

Free WiFi is one of those hotel amenities that has become so common nowadays that when you hear of some still charging for WiFi use – we say, “What?” – geez, management must be living under a rock to do that.

Now, hotels have come up with even more creative ways of attracting and pleasing their customers; to name a few, they have fragrance butlers.. recording studios.. sleep concierges.. and even pet psychologists.

Still, in all these, many actually do not apply to most customers.. Or they would not really care if hotels don’t offer things like pet psychologists.

And so we have come up with our choice for the coolest hotel amenities, and those would be..

Royal Chariot at The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin

At The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin.. a ride on their carriage is part of their wedding package. However, for those who just seeks the experience, the hotel offers a 30-minute ride for $8100.

Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin, 167 Dagubei Road, Helping District, Tianjin, China. T# +86 22 5857 8888

Owls who delivers rings at Ashford Castle

Now, this kind of amenity should have been paired with that of the Royal Chariot – Owls that delivers engagement rings.

At Ashford Castle, what do you expect? Dingle, the owl, just coming in with some drama.

Location: Ashford Castle, Cong, County Mayo, Ireland. T# 353 94 954 6003

Eat all you can Chocolate at Soneva Kiri

So who doesn’t want this kind of offer? Chocolates that you can eat to your hearts delight. And Soneva Kiri has certainly done well in making this idea a reality.

Location: Soneva Kiri, 110 Moo 4, Koh Kood Sub district, Trat 23000, Thailand. T# +66 3961 9800

From kidnap to picnic at Namale Resort and Spa

As for those who love surprises, Namale Resort and Spa came up with 4-course picnic within the resort for guests they randomly choose..

..and kidnap.

Location: Namale Resort & Spa, Hibiscus Hawaii, Savusavu, Fiji. T# +1 858 381 5177

Sunshine Butler Chris Barsan at Club Hotel and Spa

Finally, if you want to be pampered in another way, The Club Hotel & Spa has recently introduced what they call the “Sunshine Butler.”

This is the guy by the pool area who helps you apply sun creams.. give ice towels and watermelons.. And even polishes your sunglasses.

Location: The Club Hotel & Spa, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. T# +1 1534 876 500

Flying “hotel”, heard of it?

Flying “hotel”, heard of it?

A319 on the outside ...
A319 on the outside…

Well, this news has been reported almost 3 weeks ago – Emirates has transformed it’s A319 commercial plane into a private jet. Yet most everybody loves flying so in case you have missed it, here are some details.. and of course, that consumer’s perspective.

The type of aircraft, as I just mentioned, is an A319 plane; it’s capable of seating 124 passengers, however, since it was converted – it’s now only good for 19 indulging individuals. The plane’s sections, there are actually 2: the lounge area and the relaxing area which holds 10 private suites. Wow!

As far as features and amenities are concerned – well, it’s like you are in a “flying hotel.” Really! And that speaks of having just about everything that you’d wish for except, of course, a 50-meter pool.

A319 on the inside ...
A319 on the inside …

Still, the nice thing about luxury planes is that — you could really use it to the hilt. I mean, you could really enjoy all its niceties — just like in a luxury ship, you know.

Then again, the only problem with planes is that — it gets you to your destination fast. So, this means, you only got less than a day to enjoy your flight. If you say you’re in a business trip then why not just take the business class accommodation of a regular plane? If you want real privacy; well, planes would get you to your destination fast, remember? Patience is what brought you riches, patience is what would bring you to point X.

In the end, it would simply boil down to having cellphone and wifi access for business travelers.. as well as all the in-flight “pampering” that all of us would love and which is what the Emirates A319 has.

Anyway, we know that only those with lots of “extra” cash and those who are sponsored could afford taking such a plane. But having something of this luxury featured in our site could encourage you to work harder in achieving the financial success that you deserve, so..

Aim high! Fly high!