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Real Estate: South Cebu City Properties

For this feature, our listing is made of three highly accessible properties toward south of Cebu City..

And one of them is even a prime lot at a bargain! Wow, let’s see!

The path towards the property
The path towards the property


Property on the right
Property on the right

Property #1: 312 sqm Lot. This Bulacao property is just about 400 meters from Cebu South Road — and priced for ONLY P3.12 million!


The Property
The Property


Property #2: House and Lot at Basak. Located around 300 meters off Cebu South Road and where jeepneys pass by. Lot Area 294 sqm. Floor Area 110 sqm. 4 Bedrooms. 2 TB. Price: ONLY P5 million.


The Property


Property #3: 407 sqm Lot. Obviously, this property is the prime lot we’re talking about. Situated along a major thoroughfare in Cebu City, t’is a commercial site you just can’t miss! And it’s ONLY priced at P4.8 million — now that’s a real bargainSOLD!

So, pick up your phone and Invest now — Contact +63 943 5247120.

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Real Estate: Talisay City, Cebu Properties

If you’re seeking a good investment and you’ve ran out of real estate in Cebu City — then Talisay City would prove to be a great alternative. It offers good buys especially in terms of bare land or lots that’s understandably cheaper compared to Cebu City.

And you need not worry if your address would no longer be Cebu City ’cause a good number of these properties are so near the provincial capital — perhaps even just 10, 15 minutes away!

Besides, if you love the beach, waterfalls or mountain climbing — hey, you’d be first to get there since you’re already in South Road!

1 biasong
Near and along the road

2 biasong

Just about 6 meters off the seashore
Just about 6 meters off the seashore

Property #1: ‘2-Storey’ House & Lot. Lot Area 196 sqm. Floor Area 110 sqm. 2-3 Bedrooms. 1 Toilet and Bath. Price: ONLY P1.9M.

aa1 aa2 aa3

Property #2: 1,200 sqm LOT. Near a resort. Price: P7,000 per sqm.


The whole basketball court to its ends IS the property for sale
Not only is it near a resort but along the road as well

Property #3: 1,000 sqm LOT. Near a resort. Price: P6,000 per sqm.

Obviously along the road
Obviously along the road
Part of the lot is a damaged structure ready to be demolished
Part of the lot is a damaged structure ready to be demolished (left)
That damaged structure is just to the right of your screen
Back end of the property
Back end of the property

Property #4: 327 sqm LOT. Near SRP. Price: ONLY P2.9M.

Don’t you think these properties are like give-aways?!! Accessible. Affordable. Near a resort. Along the road — even near SRP! Wow!

For those who wants to get their money’s worth — these are great investments! Yet we got more in this area, so subscribe and follow us to keep tabs on our property updates — as some might have already been sold, or we could have added more to our listings.

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Real Estate: Pag-IBIG or Bank Financing Cebu Properties

Okay, for those who wants to have their dream house in a more affordable way, there’s the Pag-IBIG loan or Bank financing which if you have not really heard of — you could simply inquire about it at your bank.

These dream houses are normally that of subdivisions, condos or properties that are ‘cultivated’ by developers especially for you. Yup, you don’t necessarily have to pay in full — though it’d certainly help if you want to ease your mind of mortgages. Still, with the low interest rates and payment schemes that are being offered, it would be a ‘no-brainer’ to take advantage of such offers for your family’s security.

Let’s check out our playlist and see which one may suit you..

Oh, while some properties may sound far, fact is, they really aren’t since they are accessible through our highways which are mostly just an hours travel. Bet you must have already known of many urban stories on the troubles of traffic, eh?!?

So, in this case, whether you’re in the metropolis, in the suburbs or even in towns — distance would be similar, yes, ’cause of the traffic!

Besides, the outskirts are getting pretty active in terms of economic activity — which means there’d be more and better schools, business opportunities, medical care, institutions — and even malls!

a thumbnail
Azalea Place – Lahug, Cebu City

If only for distance.

Nonetheless, for those who wishes a more upscale kinda lifestyle — obviously, owning a condo unit fulfills that prestigious feeling.

Popular with yuppies as well as getting to be a must for expats — and even for foreigners who wishes to establish their business roots in the country and eventually, their recreational haven — don’t you think it’s already a good time to invest?? So, how ’bout today?!

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Real Estate: San Carlos Heights, Quiot, Cebu City Properties

Now here’s another set of Cebu City properties, and this time within San Carlos Heights, Quiot. Yes, it is very near to Quiot Pardo Road otherwise known as Sabellano Street which connects to F. Llamas Street; and just less than a kilometer off Cebu South Road.

The area’s major landmarks include: Gaisano Super Metro (F. Llamas corner Cebu South Road), ShopWise, and USJ-R Basak. It’s also just 9 minutes away from SM Seaside City Cebu being just 3.5 kms off.


0629 mely 1 0629 mely 2 0629 mely 3

Property #1: House and Lot. Lot Area 244 sqm. Floor Area 100 sqm. 4 Bedrooms. 1 Toilet and Bath. With Quarters & CR. Only P4.7M.

Property #2: 3-Storey House and Lot. Details are in the video.

Just like our other properties, whatever your concerns are could be talked over a cup of coffee. Hah! To serious buyers, of course. Also, keep tabs on our property updates — as some might have already been sold, or we could have added more to our listings. Lastly, again it would be better for you to schedule a visit to see the place yourself rather than just judge these properties subjectively.

Okay, what are you waiting for?! Contact +63 943 5247120.

Real Estate: Basak, Pardo, Cebu City Properties

Guess what?! We got 4 properties within the Basak, Pardo, Cebu City area that is being offered to the right buyers. Yeah, just about 200 meters off Cebu South Road; and on the street where passenger jeepneys pass by. Very accessible, indeed!

See, many times, more than the structure itself — it’s the location that what really matters. After all, you can renovate or build your house any way you want to — but you can’t affect its location!

0625 leklek 1 0625 leklek 2 0625 leklek 3

Property #1: House and Lot (2-Storey Duplex). Lot Area 258 sqm. Floor Area 110 sqm. 6 Bedrooms. 4 TB.  Price P3.8MSOLD!

0625 paul 1 0625 paul 2 0625 paul 3 0625 paul 4 0625 paul 5

Property #2: 2-Storey House and Lot. Lot Area 220 sqm. Floor Area 110 sqm. 5 Bedrooms. 3 Toilet and Bath. Price P4.3M.

0625 peter 1 0625 peter 2 0625 peter 3

Property #3: 176 sqm LOT. Residential or Commercial use. P2.7M.

0625 susie 1 0625 susie 2 0625 susie 3

Property #4: House and Lot. Lot Area 287 sqm. Floor Area 100 sqm. 4 Bedrooms. 1 Toilet and Bath. Price P26,000 per square meter.

Before we go, understand that these prices are not carved on stone for serious buyers. And that it’d be better for you to schedule a visit to see the place yourself rather than just judge subjectively.

So, what are you waiting for?! Contact +63 943 5247120.

Consumer Video: Building your Shipping Container house

While the Japanese are having a ‘micro’ apartment boom, the West and others have also been busy with their ‘shipping container’ homes. Yep, all these in the name of being practical and for spending our precious earnings not just to survive but to enjoy life.

You may say, “Oh, enjoy life? In a ‘shipping container’ home??”

Why, yes! It ain’t so bad! Fact is — it’s not bad at all! It’s just a matter of being creative and you’ll then have something of a dream house actually. Here’s how to make one..

Hmm… Know what actually came to mind when the main material to be used for a home was a ‘shipping container’? Rust. Rain. Leaks. Especially for an older container.

Then again, those could be addressed. Let’s see how..

So, it’s basically about cleaning the rust and repainting it with a rust converter; however for ‘holes’, obviously, you gotta patch ’em with steel or some GI sheet. Better yet, for insurance and a nicer looking house, you could also purchase metal sheets normally used for regular roofing and affix it on your ‘shipping container’ home..

Then after all the hard work, you can finally enjoy your new home!

Santa Cruz shipping home
Santa Cruz shipping home

Okay, we know what you’re thinking of.. Shameful? Hey, what’s so embarrassing of living in a shipping container?? It’s unique — that you should even be proud of! And a used ‘shipping container’ is only less than P70,000 each. See? Cheap but nice.

Now, time to find a lot! Just contact +63943 5247120.

My Home: Decorating Ideas for Renters

Ah, if you are still renting.. Well, one of those tough things to do when in this situation is how do you actually decorate a place that’s not yours — hey, you can’t really move or remodel something significantly without express permission, right?

More so, if you’d finally be having a house of your own, how are you gonna remove those ‘sentimental’ things you may have ‘firmly’ attached to the walls or any part of the apartment?

Okay, here now are a bunch of decor ideas for renters out there..

Hmm… did you get them all? Oh, just too many. Hah! But you know what, obviously decors should be movable if big and removable if small. Then, if wheels could be integrated to whatever stuff or storage ‘fixture’ you have then so much the better.

Next. If you could creatively use color, unconventional things or used materials to beautify your place — well and good. That would not only save you money buying new items, but would also lessen the burden of actually bringing everything with you in case you transfer.

In the end, it pays to always be reminded that you would still be moving to a better place. Your own place.

Ready? Then CLICK HERE.. Or Here!

Consumer Video: Building a Wooden Cottage.. Yourself!

Today, we would like to give you another practical way to build your own house.. Or a wooden cottage for that matter. So, sit back and first watch how this could be completed, well, in just 4 hours!

Okay, many may not like the idea of just living in some kinda ‘box’ as how this cottage was just built. Then again, interior decorating is all on you. You hold the key on how a finished ‘box’ could be beautified. So, don’t worry. If you build it — it will come. Hah!

Hmm… More than anything else, presentations such as this gives us ‘ideas’ on how we could go about things in, say, a limited budget — in as little time. Therefore, take note of some keys.

One. Notice, wall panels are already in place beforehand. So, the thing here is accurate measurements so you could just prepare those walls and everything else — then assemble them like blocks.

Next. Simplicity. Since the house is like an ‘all-in-one’ room, you don’t really have to over-decorate it. A simple divider instead of designs of differing lengths will do. What matters is to simply stick with the basics, or what’s really needed to live and survive!

My Home: 5 Cheap DIY Home Repairs

Especially if your house has been up for years, eventually, there would be something to repair — it’s wear and tear. And so, it’s better to understand how things work around your ‘castle’ before they crack your walls and really puncture your pockets. Let’s see..

For those that doesn’t have airconditioners, better to regularly clean your coolers and fans. That would not only ‘blow’ you more air but ‘reduce’ the energy needed to make it work. Less energy, less costs.

Now, leaking faucets and running toilets is a gimme. Leaks only lead to more water needed for whatever your use and that’s more money going to the water supplier than water going to you!

Obviously, it’d be more cost efficient to patch your ‘tub walls’ than to put up a new ‘fixture’ — just like patching your roof instead of buying a new GI sheet. Thus, always check them before the rainy season.

Hmm… While using a candle to run through cracks and leaks is good, just be careful that nothing would burn while inspecting.

As for electrical outlets, try not to procrastinate on them — a short circuit could cause you problems especially during the summer..


My Home: Simple Tiny House Design

Yes, we’ve already seen a number of compact houses but still, the perspectives are different. Like clothing, technology or just about anything — other than price, things do boil down to design and features.

So, let’s have a look at this ‘Simple Tiny House Design’ by Alex Pino..

Cute? Hah, and cost efficient! Hmm… But did we hear of adding a patio? That would be nice but we’d need more than 150 square feet of land then. If ever there’s home improvements or something like that — here, we just have to do it within the limits of what we have.

While fixing a spot for a TV or sound system could be considered, it’s not really necessary for simple living, so don’t worry so much about it. On the other hand, a fridge (even a small one) and making sure there’s enough storage for kitchen items and clothes is a ‘must’.

As for the dining, it should be able to be folded just like the ladder for the loft. Meanwhile, the sofa in the living area would be cooler if it could turn into a sleeping place as well — like having a ‘sofa bed’ instead of a regular sofa. Makes sense?

One last thing, how about another door other than the entrance?