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My Home: A Home Makeover from Houzz & Ellen DeGeneres

What happens when Ellen DeGeneres and Houzz, an application that could help you in your home renovation needs, join hands?

Fun! And a better home design, let’s see..

Like what Ellen said, Houzz, does 3 things: aids you in browsing design images that would inspire you, helps you shop for the things you want, and assists you in hiring the best professionals who could install those things you bought for your house.

Clearly, the key here in this redecorating are the photos that gives you those ideas on what’s needed and how it’d probably look like. Otherwise, without those photos, you could just buy whatever your impulse suggests and end up in a bad mix of furnishing.

Consider the size, space and shape of your house then look over those designs. See which ones comes near, or what you could tinker to be unique yet still have a beautiful interior design..

And don’t forget to work on your budget!