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Innovation Watch: End of Smartphones?

Is it the end of the line for smartphones? I mean in terms of innovation?

Oh, you may say “I see but then why? What’s wrong with phones nowadays anyway?”

Well, many has actually began to notice that these smartphone innovations have just been focused on screen size, camera quality, design, and battery life. Yea, we also know about the huge increase in camera pixels, volume and even water and dust resistant features of smartphones as well – which is of course good but..

Apple's iPhone 5s
Apple’s iPhone 5s

The fact that, when we noticed that Apple and Samsung just kept coming out (since their second model) with upgraded versions of their previous model – what we see are just “bit by bit adjustments” that I even joked a comrade to just wait for their 8th upgrade before replacing his smartphone to see a unique or bigger improvement on their mobiles.

Look. Constant upgrades only gives many consumers a problem; and obviously, it’s “having more cellphones than one would actually need.”

Hmm… okay, there are these trade-ins and things like that, but hey – you’d still be coughing out some money. And if you think of just selling them, who’d buy? The naive? The poor?


Good for you, and sadly, that’s just how business is. But how about your buyers? Certainly, they’d soon catch up with advancement and would be insatiable as many..

..this brings us to a bigger problem which is eventual “environmental” issues – again, which is really the result of a dilemma in cellphone disposal.

See? While advancement is good, the price to pay is heavy. So, if manufacturers could only do minute improvements to a newer model – then why not wait or save all (multiple not just one) your ideas for a greater jump in innovation?

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5

Well, that’s if only manufacturers could agree.. and we, consumers, could also contribute on what we really want. Yes, forget those simple camera or music improvements. Instead, don’t be afraid to imagine. Ask for the moon.

In the end, while you may not see your exact wish come true, the devices that would come out in the future are far greater than just upgrades to existing models.