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Food Review: Gelato (Italian)

Often compared to ice cream, the Gelato actually has less fat and this is why it doesn’t melt away as how ice cream does.


Considered the 17th most delicious food in the world, Italy’s Gelato uses less air when churned (at a much slower speed) during the freezing process.. uses more milk than cream, and uses fewer to no egg yolks compared to ice cream – this is why there’s much lesser fat.

Yet the third factor is the key: the serving temperature. While ice cream is best served at about 10°F.. the Gelato is as good as it gets at a warmer temperature.


If set at a lower temperature, the Gelato would turn into something as hard as a brick, but at a warmer one – it’s soft but not soupy.

Still, though the Gelato is low in fat, it’s high in sugar which makes it not really healthy – but totally addictive!

Food Review: Ice Cream (American)

At number 15 on the world’s most delicious food is the United States’ first entry, the Ice Cream. And yet with the many flavors that has evolved, vanilla and chocolate continue to remain at the top of the surveys.

Hmm… In all our previous food reviews, we at least showed you how to go about with the recipe, but then..

Strawberry has always blended well with chocolate

Here, it is ice cream. And unless one is actually in the business of manufacturing and selling ice cream, nobody would really be that interested in making ice cream than buying it.

Banana split, one of the all-time favorites

For one, it’s not just like the Philippine halo-halo or the Vietnamese che where you basically mix your ingredients with crushed ice..

It’s ice cream done from liquefied nitrogen. So?

Just buy one and enjoy!

Consumer Photos 30


Basic appliances such as refrigerators has evolved through the years.. and it’s not just a simple question of size or color but “make”; as in some old favorites like having a “built-in like water dispenser” among others.

And though a simple convenience of having double doors may save you electricity by helping you focus on what you really intend to get fast – what’s the “use” of such if most of what you have inside your fridge is junk or processed food?

To live healthy, eat healthy.


Ah, as far as freezers are concerned, most who acquires such have some sort of food business – like ice cream or yeah, processed food. Do you know how to choose a good one?

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The grocer at a distance ...
Grocery shoppers at a distance…

Is there a difference between men and women at the grocery? Not much really. Truth is, since we are humans, we all basically eat eggs, drink water, use soap, and things like that. Necessities, you know. What probably makes the difference is the brand preference and of course, there are a few products that are really gender-focused. That’s where sellers try to do their magic.

Ice cream - an all-time favorite
Ice cream – an all-time favorite

And unless, you are allergic, sick or under medication – obviously, there are things you can’t do and stuff you can’t eat. So, don’t waste your health care, make sure you get a regular check-up. When you are good to go, you know that ice cream is always a treat.