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My Home: Decorating Ideas for Renters

Ah, if you are still renting.. Well, one of those tough things to do when in this situation is how do you actually decorate a place that’s not yours — hey, you can’t really move or remodel something significantly without express permission, right?

More so, if you’d finally be having a house of your own, how are you gonna remove those ‘sentimental’ things you may have ‘firmly’ attached to the walls or any part of the apartment?

Okay, here now are a bunch of decor ideas for renters out there..

Hmm… did you get them all? Oh, just too many. Hah! But you know what, obviously decors should be movable if big and removable if small. Then, if wheels could be integrated to whatever stuff or storage ‘fixture’ you have then so much the better.

Next. If you could creatively use color, unconventional things or used materials to beautify your place — well and good. That would not only save you money buying new items, but would also lessen the burden of actually bringing everything with you in case you transfer.

In the end, it pays to always be reminded that you would still be moving to a better place. Your own place.

Ready? Then CLICK HERE.. Or Here!

Gift Ideas: 5 Intangibles for Her this Valentine’s 2016

So, have you already bought or even thought of a gift for your special someone? Hey, it’s barely 2 days to go before Valentine’s day! Well anyway, don’t sweat it too much. As long as you are aware and you have prepared something, that’s more than enough. Really.

Okay, many women doesn’t really like ‘surprises’, but sometimes, it ends up as the most memorable one especially if it leans more on the intangibles. Here are some ideas that could make her heart flutter..

Photo: atlantichomerepairs

Gift her with a free home repair or house cleaning. Whether your loved one is a home-body or not, she would surely appreciate your help in fixing the house — repairing or cleaning.

Photo: studio244

Treat her to a spa or let her have a beauty treatment (hair, facial, manicure and pedicure). If you are not really good at home maintenance, then pampering your woman would be a better choice.

Photo: orbitz

Dine at a 5-Star hotel or a real classy restaurant. It is always nice to experience dining at luxurious places; after all, it is not always that we get to be served and dine with such lavishness.

Photo: abta

Bring her out-of-town and explore. Being a traveler myself, getting out of your locale brings a new level of understanding to the world we are in. A different kind of experience that when shared with our loved one would bring us even closer together.

Photo: youqueen

Give her your undivided time. What are presents when you do not even see ‘eye-to-eye’? What’s a relationship when it’s all ‘physicality’? Though we need them, love is more than these. It’s about sharing a meal, an umbrella and doing things together. It’s about having a walk and sharing concerns. It’s about fixing and dreaming together..

And quality time reinforces that bond.

Home Ideas: Small Japanese House

This small Japanese house has been featured before at CNN, still, wouldn’t it be nice for us to digest it from a different perspective?

Okay then, let’s have a look at its every corner..

Hmm… so, this is how it feels like inside a “Toblerone” candy bar – compact yet so enticing! Hah!

Just love its triangular dimension!

But as the great debate goes, “Can you live inside a house this small?”

Why, certainly!

It’s not only a matter of keeping things simple but it shows one’s disciplined lifestyle; otherwise, it encourages one to be disciplined and focused – just a few keys to achieving “bigger” things in life.

Interesting Ideas: Spoon Chandelier

We all have that gift of creativity in us, although on varying degrees. Yet if we only learn to cultivate it, we could produce amazing things we only thought others could do..

What’s even nicer with creativity is not only it could save you money, but you could even earn some decent bucks from your produce.

As simple as this spoon chandelier, many possibilities abound.. From using it at your own home to improving on it for commercial purposes. Hmm…

Wonderful, isn’t it? All we need to do is try.. There are many other things we could recycle and make out of it.

Just try.

Interesting Ideas: Kids’ Toys & Entertainment

How about some variety in children’s toys? Like lesser gadgets and something more that they could “physically get into”..

Hmm… the pocket bike’s cool and something kids would truly love – but how about safety? You may make them wear all those helmets and stuff, still, don’t forget those reminders..

And mind you, it’s not safe for very young children.

Wow! With just plain AAA battery, a small magnet and a bended wire – your kids would surely be entertained! And perhaps be able to think of other positive things they could do with it.

Very clever!

Oh, don’t you think babies would get kinda dizzy? Or what, cross-eyed?? Hah! Yup, it’s hypnotic but too much of such things could harm the baby, don’t you think so?

It’s good for the guardians though – they get their breaks.



Home Makeover: Bathroom

What, or where’s your favorite spot in your house? Your bedroom? Kitchen? How about the ‘bathroom’?

Tell you, that’s one nice place to relax. Soaking in the tub, drinking your favorite wine while listening to some cool music..

But what if you’ve “outgrown” it or something? Oh, then let’s just check out this Bathroom Makeover video by House & Home..

Hmm… Plants. That’s nice to have really but sometimes, it’s just overlooked by many. And wow, what doesn’t IKEA have? Pretty cabinets.. And that sink is just great with those drawers – nice idea, very useful!

Anyway, while the floor tiles look anti-slip, it also seems a bit hard to clean – it’s just compact.

Still, it’s good that space had been addressed; while the choice and repositioning of the mirrors was just fantastic.

The shower curtains? Neat. A good reflection of the bathroom indeed.

Home Makeover: Budget Garden – DIY

For this week, let’s see how recycling plays an important part in creating or recreating your garden, your budget garden..

Hmm… notice how those used drums were utilized? Pretty neat, eh?!

By effectively calculating space and understanding what could grow nicely within it, you could remake your garden to your heart’s desire..

Still, cool as it is, weather should be given consideration when you think of putting such things like candles. And your budget? Well, if you’re already happy with just an under $2,000 garden makeover – then you could pretty much fix your area as how Jason did..

Otherwise, don’t be scared of playing with your imagination!