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Gadget Review: Sway Lithium PLUS

What was first a concept back in around 2011, the Sway Electric Bike has now even completed its 2015 production for its second model –the Sway Lithium PLUS electric three-wheeler, an urban creative capable of reaching speeds of up to 60-70 mph.

Funded by Shark Tank, this creation by Joe Wilcox makes you feel like you’re skiing more than riding a motorbike as it allows riders to lean into turns, yup, just like a motorbike but with — I say — ‘lesser’ risk of falling. Check out one of its earliest videos in 2011..

Hmm… if a 79-year-old did ride without issues or even a girl who never rode a motorbike before felt at ease with this one then we could ride without fear as well. But I say, be cautious and try to get used to the handles first before being more adventurous..

Okay, although the trike has stability since it’s three-wheeled, its ‘control’ is a little concern. Yes, it’s agile but since you could turn while leaning as well as swerving the handles, doesn’t it make the handles a bit ‘slippery’ otherwise kinda hard? Know what I mean?

Sway Electric Bike

See, regular motorbikes do turn on leaning but it’s normally done on high speed — unlike the Sway Lithium which makes our imagination a little more active. Just look at how it was on snow and perhaps on slippery or wet roads too. Braking would be quite like ‘horse playing’ even if it has 50% more braking capacity.

Oh, in case you were wondering what’s the difference between the Sway Lithium and the Sway Lithium PLUS.. the PLUS has a 50% more battery capacity for highway speeds and longer range.

In the end, it would boil down to affordability. The first model costs $7,999 while the second one costs $10,999. Yeah, it’s worth more than some models of Harley Davidson but it has its PLUSes.

Innovation Watch: Lit Motors’ C1

Imagine the comfort of a car and the thrill of a motorbike put into one.. And what do we have? A car-bike?? No. Well, sort of. And it’s called the C1 or Concept 1 by Lit Motors.

As we can see in the featured image alone, it’s fully enclosed with thick, wide wheels especially on the rear. Oh, is that responsible for the vehicle’s balance then?

Let’s see..

So, it’s the gyroscopes (those 2 large top-like metals under the flooring) that creates stability. And it doesn’t run on gasoline but on an 8 kWh battery pack that’s said to be good for 220 miles per charge. Wow, can you believe that?!

And mind you, a charge just cost a dollar to fill. That’s like, what, a liter of gasoline good for at least 200 miles?? Can’t be, right? Got to try it somehow..

Anyway, what’s even nice about C1 is that it has answered our safety concerns. It’s got air bags, seatbelts, side impact protection and so on. That’s good.

Not only that, you could also take in an extra passenger, just like the regular motorbike. Cool! But since it’s enclosed, you could also bring instead your carry-on suitcase, your dog or 4 grocery bags.

Then again, nice as it is, looks like we need more than one person to position C1 for driving, right? Hmm… There must be some technique to do it on our own. Otherwise, imagine the trouble especially on rush hours..

Well at least, C1 could be our answer to traffic. Not bad for $19K but for $24K, why can’t they make up their mind? Just make sure to add a windscreen wiper in case of rains, and a roof attachment for the sun..

Innovation Watch: 60-Second Phone Charger

If there’s anything else you’d want your smartphone could do, what would it be? Download actual food? Cough out real money?


How about having a battery that charges in just about 60 seconds?

While the drawback is that aluminum battery produces just half of the voltage of a lithium-ion battery – remember, this is still the initial stage of the discovery. And definitely, more improvements are to follow.

As they say, just ‘count your blessings’!

It’s bendable. Nonflammable. Eco-friendly. And compared to the average lithium-ion battery which only lasts 1,000 cycles, this aluminum battery lasts 7,500 charge cycles without losing any capacity.

Cool, right?!

So, hopefully, its only drawback would be corrected sooner than we think.

Innovation Watch: Mercedes Benz F 015

While many of us imagine the car of the future as “flying” like drones, or one that’s like in Back To The Future – well, that’s actually not impossible. Then again, would that really be the next step?

How about something like a “smart” car first? You know what I mean. As Mercedes said, the interior would serve like a luxurious, digital living space. Here, have a look..

Hmm… Futuristic? Sorry to say this but from the outside, the car kinda looks like a “laundry scrub”! Hahh!

Then again, the design is obviously for 2 reasons among others: To create more space, and to fit sensors and stuff – like the LED displays at the front and rear, and the F-Cell Plug-In Hybrid drive system..

So, as we did see, the car runs on autonomous driving or simply said, it’s driverless. Guess if all of us are on such cars – we’d have much less to no accidents at all. For if programmed well, technology is much stable than human emotion especially on a bad day..

And being battery-powered, the F 015 is zero emission – meaning, environment-friendly and healthy.

Problem is – I don’t think all of us could afford such a car.

Innovation Watch: Rice & Road Technology

Technology is not just limited to the technology many refers to – gadgets, computers, tablets, wearables, smartphones, and all those other “smart” things we hear and know about.

In this feature, we will see a different kind of technology; something that would really be helpful to man – the basics..

Wow, that’s something! Rice planting made easy! Asians being the most populous in the world would surely benefit from this tech.

Hmm… interesting how railways and roads are now built – just like house panels! Remember Lego?! Cool stuff!

Innovation Watch: Intel’s RealSense Technology

If you recall Iron Man, who wouldn’t, you’d notice a striking similarity in its technology and our feature today – RealSense Technology by Intel.

Really. See the video..

It’s hologram!  This means, it recognizes hand gestures allowing users to navigate the computer without really touching it. RealSense enables PC sensors to see objects in 3D; and as Intel says, soon this would be a fixture in laptops and tablets.

Hmm… Cool!

More so, on the gaming side, you could now have that real game experience – like, you could actually put yourself inside of games.

Just wished we could also have that real “anything” experience. Like, how about getting “full” without physically eating?! Hahh!! Know what I mean?

Innovation Watch: Yotaphone 2

Here’s one smartphone that would really be nice to have – the Yotaphone 2.

It’s the world’s first double-screen smartphone. This means, it does not only have the regular front screen that we know – it also has back screen, or what is called the e-ink display..

What you can do on the main screen, you can also do at the back – from checking emails to using social media to getting bar codes in apps scanned to what have you.

What’s more is that the phone’s back display can stay on all the time – there’s no such thing as “low batt.”

Cool, right?!

That would be great for emergencies! Two things though – how protected really is the back from scratches and stuff? Also, how long is long? The “power all the time” thing, I mean.. Hopefully, til the necessary support arrives.

Innovation Watch: Nixie – Flying Wearable Camera

Although Nixie is still in its development stage, surely we can say that this wearable is an amazing one.

Nixie is something like that of a drone that could take pictures or a video where it flies on command and returns to you like a.. boomerang.

Cool stuff, eh?! See the video..

Hmm… it’s a cross between a watch and a bracelet that just transforms into a palm-sized drone..

And so when thrown up in the air, Nixie can tell where you are and come back to you after you make it take a picture or video.

Well, perhaps the only thing negative here so far is that it’s bulky and it really looks more like a plastic toy than a serious wearable..

Hopefully a more appealing one is part of its development.

Innovation Watch: Emiota Belty

Did you ever wish to have a belt that would follow your shape and movements? I mean, it would just adjust “automatically” to whenever you sit or stand up.

Well, that’s exactly what French company Emiota  has developed, the Emiota Belty..


By tracking tension through sensors throughout the belt, the Emiota Belty loosens when you sit and tightens whenever you stand up. Cool, eh?! Now, you won’t worry of your pants falling off – if ever!

Then again, more than just the tightening stuff – the belt serves as some warning to your health. Like, it checks your inactivity by notifying you if you’ve been sitting too long. Also, it monitors your waistline as well as your steps since Belty is in sync with an app..

Obviously, even as the photo shows – this product is especially for men. Though this would only be available by the end of the year, it’s definitely good for you guys – so watch out for it!

Innovation Watch: Wocket Smart Wallet

The Wocket Smart Wallet is one of those innovative products at the recent CES 2015 that you would probably want to have. Why? Because now, you could do away with all your other credit cards for one wocket; and yes, without worrying about your card data as it’s stored locally instead of the cloud.

Hmm… that’s nice.

So, for $150.. you get a tiny card reader and wallet-sized writer from Wocket. To store your data? All you do is swipe your credit cards and get them saved into the reader. Naturally, when you need one of them, you just use the card writer and program the Wocket to your “preferred card” for its details – and your “one-card-has-it-all” is ready for use.


Still, though your actual wallet would become thinner, when would you in fact suggest having a Wocket Smart Wallet anyway? When you got at least 5, 10 different cards? Well, while $150 is worth it considering the data it carries and all..

Maybe its “your cards” that need real trimming.