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YouTube Review: 4 Biggest Viral Hoaxes

Has it ever crossed your mind that one of those internet videos you’re watching, and even though produced by “known” individuals or groups could just be a hoax?

Hmm… Interesting.

So then, let’s take a look at some of Good Mythical Morning’s collection in the 4 Biggest Viral Hoaxes..

Hey, the videos were obviously a hoax! The shot of the Aussie screaming makes the video clearly a fake. I mean, of course you’d most likely shout when terrified; but “shouting while running” not while taking a video of yourself screaming!??

Next, can goats and pigs actually swim? Really? Did the guy run faster than, say a speeding bullet so as not to sink in water?

While the internet is a nest for communication and information – not everything in it is true – many are just marketing stunts, for the money, so use your reasoning..


Product Review: Nokia 215

Although Microsoft’s Nokia 215 is in the CES 2015, the phone is not really about innovation but more on affordability with internet capability.. image

Yes, that’s right. It’s touted as the cheapest internet phone. Basically because it has a pre-installed Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter, Bing Search and the Opera Mini browser.

Other than those, it’s pretty basic. Like regular phones, it could make and take calls as well as text. Got some music features, too. And altho its got bluetooth but since it’s not an Android – you can’t really download apps.

Then again, that’s okay. For one, the phone was especially designed for the developing world and the budget-conscious. So, as long as it does its job – well and good.

Besides, it has a camera and a 2.4 inch screen – that’s already quite good for a 2G smartphone. More so, just take a look at its casing – sleek and cool colors – stylish, eh?!

Not bad for just $29.

Product Review: Tattoo Pocket WiFi Update

After a little over a month of use, we would now like to give you an update of Globe’s Tattoo Pocket WiFi..

Power Button

To turn on the power and off for that matter, one needs to press it long enough. This kind of design is a bit precarious as one could over press and damage the unit.

Besides that, there should also be a better indicator of how much “battery life” is left, instead of it’s current indicator just turning red in the middle of one’s usage.

Charge the unit while in use? You wish. What if the battery’s already hot?


As previously said, the battery really heats up after 1.5h of use; and so the need to turn it off. Would one try to gamble and test the unit’s durability by using it to the fullest?

From a consumer’s standpoint, of course not. It would be a waste of money to buy another unit if it gets damaged.

Warranty? A waste of time especially for busy people. This is why products should be truly durable, otherwise, they would either lose customers or get a backlash.

WiFi Signal

Well, the WiFi signal is actually dependent on the provider’s reach. While it’s good in this area, fluctuations and slowdowns still happen. Imagine if the place is already filled with Tattoo Pocket WiFi users?!

So far, that’s our latest observations..

Let’s just see in the future.

Gadget Review: Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

There are those that when they first hear this kind of product, they’d say.. “What? An internet connected toothbrush? How could that be? Why, what for?”

Obviously, toothbrushes are for cleaning our teeth and helping maintain its health, but how do you know that you are doing it correctly? That’s when the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush comes in.

Kolibree was developed to help monitor and improve the way we brush and care for our teeth. All we need to do is download the free mobile app and connect via Bluetooth then all brushing are recorded. The data then syncs with your smartphone and informs you on how effective you brushed your teeth, like if you reached hard to clean areas and if you brushed long enough. Good right?

This innovation sells from $99 to $200 each depending on the model. Would you want one?

Well, the good thing here is that the toothbrushes’ head are switchable, so this means you could buy one with several extra heads and the whole family benefits from this unique technology. Of course, it’s better not to switch heads to avoid hassle and stuff..

So, how about Kolibree lowering its price?

Innovation Watch: pCell

Did you know that Artemis Networks has come up with a technological advancement that would make mobile data connectivity (like video streaming) run seamless and.. faster than it is today?

Steve Perlman

Well, yes.. Steve Perlman has developed what he calls pCell or “personal cell” technology. And this network equipment could actually draw a signal that is unique in itself for devices that connects to the transmitter, and thus, taking full advantage of the bandwidth.

See, one major problem with our connections (shared mobile bandwidth) today is that when there are so many users – congestion makes connectivity jam up. But with this technology, we could now experience faster and uninterrupted mobile data – even with a ton of users as these pWave radios are small enough to be placed just about anywhere. So.. is it goodbye dead spots as well?


Oh, just think of what Perlman told the Business Week, “…it’s like the wireless equivalent of fiber-optic cables. ”


At any rate, exciting as it may seem, the question would now be.. when would this pCell technology be available for the rest of the world, and “without technical problems” at that? Yes, it’d be set out in the U.S. before the year ends; but sadly, many countries (especially in their provinces) are just left too far behind.. even for as simple as the 3G.

App Review: Tinder dating site

With over 5 million downloads at Google Play, Tinder is among the hottest applications being downloaded today.

Tinder is actually a matchmaker of an application. And just like other dating sites, it mainly bases its search according to gender, age and location among others.


However, unlike other apps, Tinder is a bit more appealing with all those swiping as even athletes from the ongoing Sochi Winter Olympics uses the site to find dates, and especially last Valentines day.

Still, it was not all a “bed of roses” for its users as a flaw was recently discovered from the dating app. And what was it?

A user’s actual location could actually be pinpointed (by just using some high school math) when as we believe should be anonymous, right?


For one, this could be dangerous especially if one unknowingly encounters a “scheming” individual. The consequences.. oh, you could just imagine.

Sure, Tinder has promptly acted on it, but they better make sure that it’s really fixed and no other hacking would happen.

Gaming Review: Flappy Bird – R.I.P.(?)

It’s been several days now since the phenomenal Flappy Bird was removed from Apple and Google Play.. and what do you know?


The bird is still alive not just in millions of phones and tablets but in the heads of many as well.

Hmm… pretty amazing, huh? When you think about it, the game is just too simple to get addicted to yet how come many has even gone to extremes as a reaction to the pull out from Apple and Google store?

For one, you could have the game’s installer through Bluetooth, right? So why threaten or even buy mobiles with preinstalled Flappy Birds? Relax.

Well anyway, when one tries playing it.. clearly, a steady hand or finger is the key – what with a single missed tap and the game’s over?! And this is what, in fact,  makes it challenging. After 3 “game overs” or so, you just find yourself pushing harder to overcome those pipes. Oh?!wpid-FlappyBird.jpg

And so, despite the potential income for the Vietnamese game developer, we understand the decision of Nguyen Ha Dong to delete his creation.

Still, aren’t video games naturally addictive? It’s just a matter of appeal that the game has – graphics, challenges or what – that connects it with those hungry gamers.

For now, it’s game over for Flappy Bird.. and may you bring peace to your fans the world over.