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2016 NBA Finals: G1 – Warriors 104, Cavaliers 89

So, the 2016 NBA Finals is underway and the first game has just been completed with a Golden State victory against the ‘healthy and complete’ Cleveland squad, 104-89. Although the Cavs had more free throws — the Warriors had more field goals that despite the Cavs having 6 more offensive rebounds. Yeah, they may have tried to narrow the gap but ended up being outplayed.

Could it be due to home court? That helps. But remember, Golden State got back from a 1-3 deficit against OKC and one of those wins was on the road. So while playing at your home floor helps, to be a champion you got to learn to win on the road, too.

Then one big reason must also be the assists. Warriors 29. Cavs 17. This shows teamwork. And another would be the turnovers. Cavs 15, Warriors¬†9 which shows their system’s effectiveness.

Okay, t’is just the first game yet it could be a bad sign. For the Cavs.

Cavaliers' Big 3
Cavaliers’ Big 3

Hey, the Warriors won with Curry and Thompson not really doing well from the field (8-27). Meanwhile, the Cavs got beaten with their ‘Big 3’ mainly on the floor.. That, after ‘boasting’ they’re a much different animal with its complete lineup — and even as others say ‘3-point shooting run’ in the PlayOffs.

Wait. We should then be reminded that the Eastern conference is weak. This is why the Cavs easily made the Finals regardless of their ‘Big 3’. And speaking of their ‘Big 3’.. They may have added Frye to the lineup but they would be using Kevin Love more. They may have Jefferson but they’d be using LeBron James more, of course. They may have Dellavedova but they’d be using Kyrie Irving more. So, it doesn’t really matter who they have. Makes sense?

Photo: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Photo: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This is unlike the Warriors that’s gotta bench which is more cohesive and utilized — that even with a ‘cold’ Curry to begin with — somebody would step up so long as Steph’s not in the inactive list, after all, this is the Finals. Better put, the mere presence of the Splash Brothers being ready to play would be enough to give the Warriors’ bench more confidence to do their thing — yep, until Chef Curry returns to ‘fryE’ the Cavs. Well, maybe in their next game.¬†Hmm… Same opponent, same outcome.

Wait. This is just the first game, and anything could still happen..